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So this post was done because I have just seen Glee‘s prom episode, and boy does that bring back happy memories. You see, JS prom was a big deal way back in high school. This is probably the perfect moment to travel back to my own prom experiences.

The first one, will always be special I guess because of the obvious reasons: first time to invite a date, wear a tux, and fancy the moment where all my classmates are dressed to kill. I have this thing of enjoying special moments like proms, and debuts, as the closest I’ll ever experience a Golden Globe or Oscar moment so I always anticipate events like that. LELZ.

Anyway, prom day itself was pretty hectic. I actually need to be there earliest because I’m hosting the first part of the program. No, not the red carpet you morons. I’m no Ryan Seacrest, I don’t host the pre-show; I do main show. Haha! But since I’m the emcee, I’m forced to miss the part where each pair will be introduced and they will meet in the middle and the cameras will flash ala Oscar red carpet. You know why? Because I’m the one who will be calling them one by one. Sucks for me though. It did not help that my prom date whose name is Micole (Imagine all Nicole-Micole puns that night) did not like the dress that was made for her so she went into a sudden gown hunting hours before the event. The last time we talked was before I left to go to the venue and we settled for a blue motif. Haha.

The prom part was actually fun, and the venue was just majestic. There’s a big dance floor in the middle, and it was a big air-conditioned place. The food service quite sucked because by the moment we’re done hosting, we’re literally at the end of the buffet line. In a surprising turn of events, the color of my partner’s gown perfectly matched the color of the long sleeves I’m wearing.  The bad part though was that I lost all copies of prom pictures I had during my junior year. I guess there was one left but I used it in my scrapbook for my Psychology 1 class. LOL.

The senior year prom was more relaxed I’d say. The fuzz of being prom newbies is already over, and the atmosphere was more of us, being too sentimental since there’s only less than two months left before we all go our separate ways for college. My prom partner for this year was Bianca, and our motif was pink. I finally had the experience of the “paparazzi” taking you photos while at the middle of the venue, and it made me wonder how overrated that was. Hahaha!

                                                                                                   Me and my bestfriend, Senior Prom

The tradition of class prophecy was read and we’re the one who’ll choose what profession did we like to be shown for prom presentation. Being the typical ambitious attention whore that I am, I chose to be the one from our class who’ll be an Oscar winner someday. They even showed a picture of my head on Sean Penn’s body with him clutching his Oscar.  I’m sorry but that will never ever happen. Who am I kidding? Hahaha! Next part was the reading of the Class Will and Testament which I read together with Monique. I even have a copy of the file in my laptop. The rest of the night was just pure dance floor fun with us dancing as if there’s no tomorrow. When the last song was played, half of the class were already hungry and half were sentimental. I’ll consider myself as half hungry, and half sentimental. Prom King and Queen were announced and the overplayed King and Queen of Hearts was played once last time.


                                                                      Dance floor fun! 🙂                                                                Can you try to find me? Haha. 

Yeah, I didn’t win Prom Prince or Prom King, nor did it have so much drama like the one I’ve seen on Glee. Prom only happens twice in a lifetime, and some doesn’t even have their own prom experience. That’s why I totally get it when people are hyping it up, because it definitely is a cherry on top of many wonderful high school memories. Prom is the highlight of our patweetums years, and will always be magical for me.

So you, what’s your prom experience? 🙂


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  1. “Prom is the highlight of our ptweetums years” Ha ha so true! My date won ‘Gentleman of the night’ cos we performed, I sang and he accompanied me with a piano (Make Me Whole). When he was called to the stage, he almost left me at our table. LOL.

  2. Hahaha. That was funny! Wow you performed! 🙂 Nakakamiss din no?

  3. Wala akong prom. 😦 Damn those nuns!

  4. Don’t despite the nuns! Para ka ng si Regina!

  5. Wala kaming JS Prom noong time ko kasi nagkakabuntisan daw the past years LOL

    I admit though it was not a big deal for me back then na wala kasi gastos lang yan and our school will definitely overcharge us haha

    In hindsight, nanghihinayang din ako na wala akong Prom experience but it’s OK HS was really “blah” time for me, mas nag enjoy ako sa college

  6. Grabe yung nagkabuntisan. Ewan ko kung matatawa ako o ano. Hahahaha. Aww sayang pero tama, not the be all end all ang prom. 🙂

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