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DISCLAIMER: This is a hate post a.k.a one big rant.

I’m not a fan of remakes.

Just like sequels, this is probably because I know that they seldom give justice to the original material that they copied. Instead, we get second rate versions that will just taint the image of the first one. Of course there are the exceptions but for every Ocean’s Eleven there’s The Stepford Wives, and Planet of the Apes. For every 3:10 to Yuma, there’s Around the World in 80 Days and Poseidon.

Even local entertainment is very much guilty with this. Just look at primetime shows of major networks. ABS-CBN has just remaked Mula sa Puso, and GMA did a remake of Darna which they did just five years ago, and Captain Barbell, four years ago.

So as much as it pains me to say this, I am angered by the fact that there is a Temptation Island remake. First and foremost, this is my favorite local comedy of all time. I have seen this film for more than twenty times already and their schtick doesn’t get old. Joey Gosengfiao has a cult hit in his hands, and I think that classics like this should remain untouchable.

It pains me more that Chris Martinez is handling this one. I’ve been a fan of his Here Comes the Bride and even saw it twice on the big screen last year. So while I know that there is a chance that he’ll do a fair job on this one, fair will never be enough. The new remake stars Marian Rivera, Lovi Poe, Solenn Heussaff, anf Heart Evangelista playing the iconic roles of Azenith Briones, Jennifer Cortez, Bambi Arambulo, and Dina Bonnevie respectively. Rufa Mae Quinto and John Lapuz will be reprising the roles of Deborah Sun and Jonas Sebastian while starlets Aljur Abrenica, and Mikael Diaz, and Tom Rodriguez will be the hunk eye candies. That is a boring, and uninspired casting.

From what I’ve heard, they’ll be replacing some of the things from the original movie. From beauty pageant contestants, they will be models. And instead of a giant ice cream, we’ll see a giant chicken (as shown in the photo). A FUCKING GIANT CHICKEN. If these are any indications, this project is oh so going to the dogs. I’ve always learned never to judge a project without seeing the end results, but I can’t contain my disappointment over this one. This remake is a mess, and should have been shelved instead. Argh. I hate it.


Posted May 12, 2011 by Nicol Latayan in Films

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3 responses to “Fighting Temptation

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  1. YOU. ARE. FUCKIN. NOT. ALONE. tara shot na. let’s curse the movie to the depths of hell.

  2. Tama! Hindi na dapat to ginalaw! Nakakaimbey ng todo! Mas ayos pa ata kung SOC ang naghandle nito eh. Hahaha.

  3. paslangin si mother. shet. corny ng atake. putangena. pang TV lang ang acting ng mga puta.

    eisen genuino monteverde

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