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Monsters, calm down!

Lady Gaga’s official sophomore effort Born This Way on stores this Monday proved why the musician is one of the most popular and influential mainstream artists these days. Her efforts are clearly seen, and very much appreciated. She obviously knows her thing, and the musicality of her material is commendable.

She starts the whole album with the words “I’m gonna marry the night..” and you know you’re in for something dark but edgy. This is a smorgasbord of different beats tackling different themes from religion, politics, and sexuality. Each song is supported by the next one, so it’s like one whole novel slowly unwrapping in front of you as each chapter passes. In one album, she managed to give tribute to Madonna, Whitney, Springsteen, Ace of Base, ABBA, and the whole 80s and 90s stuff, and that is admirable.

However, as her intention is clearly recognized,  I cannot wholly say she succeeded in doing such. Most of the songs are overproduced, and you can’t even understand what Gaga is singing on most of the records. This album tried so hard to reach all new levels of awesomeness and while there are those that worked, there are those who failed to deliver as well.

This is a very divisive album. There are songs that others will love but others won’t and vice versa. Strong and cohesive album but not the masterpiece fantards are proclaiming it was. If anything, I appreciate Gaga’s passion for the music and clearly, it is very evident here. You know the lady is here to stay. And yes, despite the strength of this album, that cover still shits.

Top Tracks: Government Hooker, Americano, Scheiße, Yoü and I, The Edge of Glory

Final Grade: B+


Posted May 19, 2011 by Nicol Latayan in Music, Reviews

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