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So yeah, as I wait for live updates on the MTV Movie Awards which is now more known as the MTV Twilight Awards, it makes me wonder why the hell are these stupid kids even voting for this shit!?!??! I know this is the MTV MOVIE AWARDS for christ sake. So this is not like the Oscars and this is supposed to be the fun, hip, awards that cater to the youth. But the last three years has been full of crap. It’s generation gap maybe but I didn’t even expect they’ll go this low. And I mean way way way low.

Anyway, let me rant some more about this Twilight series. I can actually live with it getting nominated. This is no Academy Awards after all. So some wins are pretty much set in stone. As of this writing, the whole saga already won 15 awards and all the losses are everytime Lautner and Pattinson are up against each other and Pattinson wins. I can even actually accept it winning some of the golden popcorns but what bugs me the most is Kristen Stewart winning a third consecutive Best Female Performance trophy when she shouldn’t have won even once. Let’s look at the competition.

In 2009, she’s up against four Oscar nominees (all nominated that year) and they chose her. Granted both Jolie and Hathaway weren’t nominated for their Oscar recognized roles, but do you seriously think that Stewart will emerge as the winner!?!??! In 2010, she was up against Sandra Bullock (that was even her year!) and Avatar’s Zoe Saldana. Then this year, she beat Natalie Portman and Emma Stone!?!??! GEEZ.

I know it might be a bit trivial that I’m using the Twilight-MTV Awards connection to prove my argument but if this is what skews to the taste of the youth right now, then Whitney spoke too soon when she sang “I believe the children are our future.” If that’s the case then we’re all gonna be werewolves and vampires, and all girls will be whores with weird lovelife choices. Good Lord!


Posted June 6, 2011 by Nicol Latayan in Films, Personal

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  1. love it. lol

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