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I’ve always been a fan of Cathy Garcia Molina’s work and that’s enough initiative for me to push my ass up and watch this film.

If you saw the trailers for this film, I think you already know what will happen, and you’ll probably think of surprising twists that’ll probably make this movie somewhat interesting , but I’ll save you the agony of thinking and say it already, it is as predictable as it gets. Nothing that will make your jaw drop.

The biggest surprise you’ll probably have is that despite everything (all the predictabiliy et al.), the movie is surprisingly good. I mean not Oscar level good, but for what it’s worth, it stayed beyond what the material asked, and did not attempt to be something extraordinary. The best part? It worked.

Much credit goes to director Cathy Garcia-Molina. Her scenes were actually very pleasing to the eye. The zip line scenes and the hamster ball, in particular, were my favorites in the earlier part of the movie. No wigs, no rain scenes, and no cameo appearances in this movie as well. Though I noticed a new pattern with the way she directs her last two films: she makes the most out of it in the earlier parts of the film by putting all the “fun” scenes in there (Imagine the John Lloyd-Toni flashback romance in My Amnesia Girl). This time though, it’s the wonderful scenery and activities in Cagayan including the breathtaking shot of the crystal clear waterfalls.

KC Concepcion gave a very controlled performance here, probably her best to date. You can see her struggle on the first few scenes in the movie but halfway, she finally found the right footing, and she took off from then on. Sam Milby is consistent, and though his Tagalog isn’t pitch perfect, it didn’t affect the outcome of his performance. Supporting characters were limited but effective, and is it just me or Dante Rivero is Star Cinema’s favorite supporting actor? He’s the go-to-guy in all of their movies, though his presence is undeniably felt.

All in all, it was a good film. Its weakness is that it can be forgettable. I don’t think this is the type of movie that will be remembered years, and decades from now. But it is very relatable, especially to those who fell in love, and got left (by any means).

Grade: B-


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3 responses to “REVIEW: Forever and a Day

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  1. Sobrang agree ako don sa the movie’s good pero forgettable. Actually, I’m glad na hindi sila naglagay ng twist like si Sam pala ang mamamatay ganyan. Haha! Ang ayoko lang is, parang minadali ‘yung climax ng movie. Parang climax then boom, ending na. Not like yung sa All My Life na talagang humahagulgol ako til the end. LOL. Good review, Nicol! 😀

  2. Thanks Belay! Actualyl may kumakalat nga na mamamatay din si Sam kaya malungkot daw chever. Haha. Okay naman ang film no? Nalampasan niya ang anti-KC movement. Haha.

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