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Hey everyone! How are you? Hope you’re all doing perfectly fine. As for me, it has been a pretty busy week . I’m in the middle of finding (securing?) a job for myself as it may have occurred to you that I just finished college. Yay!

Time flies so fast eh? We’re already on the second half of the year! Next thing you know, Christmas is fast approaching already! Anyway before we get any farther, since it’s already July, that pretty means one thing: IT’S FHM’S SEXIEST WOMEN LIST MONTH! I used to get excited with the results (and sometimes I still do), until I realized that there are lots of factors that play before compiling up the list. I know sexiness is something subjective but some patterns I saw were: FHM cover girls of the past year gets major advantage, Starstruck girls gets automatic inclusion, and they’ll try to include at most three foreign women every year.

So before, I share to you the list for this year (top 20 with pictures included), let me share to you what I saw while browsing this morning.

That’s supposed to be Sheree. Oh god, I still can’t stop laughing. I ‘m no master of photoshop but I feel that there’s something wrong with the picture. Yeah, it’s the hydro-cephalic head of hers. If you actually look at the comments section where this photo was posted, you’ll find comments like..

bkit prang nilagay lng un muka ni sheree ???,” “may butas yan tapos isinuot lang yung ulo nya. hahaha,” bakla yan.,” and “ano to comedy???”

In her defense, she instantly reminded me of this:

That’s a clip from the Michel Gondry music video Let Forever Be (by The Chemical Brothers). There you go, you’ve finally found your next career path, Sheree! 🙂

Enough about that, here’s this year’s top 20 list of FHM Sexiest Women for 2011:

Very very happy for Bianca Manalo, and Regine Angeles! This will probably be their highest ranking on the list. Anne Curtis deserves to be in the top ten for what it’s worth. Even her daily actions scream SEXY! Rhian is probablyone of the Kapuso stars I like so it’s pretty sad she’s on the lower tiers. As for Iya, I really like her but I don’t think she has found the perfect footing to maintain success status.

Aside from Angelica Panganiban, not liking this batch at all. I think that Valerie Concepcion is a good mom though. 🙂

I am digigng Ellen Adarna much and I’m happy to see her here. I’m no fan of Jackie Rice but she always exudes this sexiness every time I see her on the cover of any magazine, and this is no exception. Iwa Moto must feel frustrated yet again, as she failed to grab the title of Philippines’ Finest. You know she’s itching to have that one. Jennylyn is the definition of a MILF, and yay for her rankings! Ditch Luis Manzano, and maybe you’ll rank higher in my books! LOL. Katrina? Meh. She should be somewhere in the mid 60s.

Now I’m okay with these top five, though I’d re-arrange the rankings. Solenn is hot by any means but I’m feeling that her overexposure lessens her hotness factor. Cristine and Angel will still be my top two no matter what. LOL. Marian’s okay, I find her overrated. Sam Pinto does not deserve the title but anyone who’ll bump Marian off the top spot is fine by me. I feel she lacks in the “ooh” department, though she can still work on that.

Here’s the rest of the list:

21. Bianca King
22. Kim Chiu
23. Diana Zubiri
24. Heart Evangelista
25. Michelle Madrigal
26. Mariel Rodriguez
27. Kris Bernal
28. Priscilla Meirelles
29. Toni Gonzaga
30. Ornusa Cadness
31. KC Concepcion
32. Misa Campo
33. Carla Humphries
34. Aubrey Miles
35. Bea Alonzo
36. Maja Salvador
37. Sarah Geronimo
38. Erich Gonzales
39. Rich Asuncion
40. Pauleen Luna
41. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
42. Gwen Zamora
43. Georgina Wilson
44. Daiana Menezes
45. Iza Calzado
46. Eula Valdez
47. Janna Dominguez
48. Jef Gaitan
49. Kristel Moreno
50. Carla Abellana
51. Niña Jose
52. Paloma
53. Wendy Valdez
54. Jacq Yu
55. Megan Fox
56. Rachel Donaire
57. Jean Garcia
58. Karylle
59. Paulene So
60. LJ Reyes
61. Shaina Magdayao
62. Stef Prescott
63. Regine Velasquez
64. Maureen Larrazabal
65. Jennica Garcia
66. Rachel Ann go
67. Andi Eigenmann
68. Jahziel Manabat
69. Isabelle Daza
70. Aze Sasaki
71. RR Enriquez
72. Julia Clarete
73. Paw Diaz
74. Alessandra De Rossi
75. Abby Poblador
76. Alyssa Alano
77. Bella Padilla
78. Maria Ozawa
79. Jinri Park
80. Sheena Halili
81. Maegan Young
82. Sheree
83. EB Babes
84. Jen Rosendahl
85. Jessie Mendiola
86. Rufa Mae Quinto
87. Saicy Aguila
88. Alodia Gosiengfiao
89. Kitty Girls
90. Kylie Padilla
91. Alex Gonzaga
92. Jamilla Obispo
93. Maui Taylor
94. Chariz Solomon
95. Ryza Cenon
96. Nadine Samonte
97. Mocha Uson
98. Gwyenth Ceridwen
99. Jem Milton
100. Mercedes Cabral
 Who deserves to be there? Who doesn't? And more so, who's your personal pick? :)

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11 responses to “Sexy Chick

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  1. Haha I still don’ t get why Sam Pinto is FHM’s Sexiest. She’s pretty pero wala syang dating sakin. o_O

  2. Wow cool! gusto ko si bianca manalo, regine angeles and marian rivera.

  3. tawang tawa ko dun sa intro! haha

  4. Where did you get the pics. May mga itsurang 80s!!!! hulaan kung sino.

  5. Bisora, si Sheree? HAHAHAHA. Joke.

    Ginoogle ko individually yung pics tas tinabi-tabi ko na lang. Mukhang 80s sina Valerie, Iwa, Ehra, at Katrina. Hahaha. Nakuha ko ba? 🙂

  6. May dalawa kang hindi na-mention. :))

  7. Hindi ba counted as two na yung ulo ni Sheree? Hahaha.

    Ay shet challenging ito. Syempre si Marian tsaka si Rhian ba yan na parang naiiyak sa photo? Hahaha.

  8. Baka may umaway sa kin sa commenters mo. >:)

  9. Ako bahala. Hahahaha! Shet.

  10. Basta text/online voting safe bet si Pinto, sa MYX VJ Search pa lang eh, kahit sa PBB din (malalakas lang talag batch na yun but if weaker batch yun naku big 4 yan)

    Ang nangyari kasi sa FHM Sexiest naging fanwars na nila Marian and Angel and I doubt mga straight na lalaki galing ang bulk ng votes lol

    Buti mababa na si Regine V sa Top 10, it was ridiculous na nasa top 10 sya last year, parang insult sa kanya sa totoo lang na ihilera sya as sex object

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