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Hey everyone? What’s up? I noticed that I haven’t done any list as of lately. I’m preoccupied with doing reviews, and my 30 Day Film Challenge. So I decided to start doing a list of my favorite music videos per artist. I’ll start with probably One of my most favorite pop artists of all time, Christina Aguilera.

As people close to me know, I’m a big fan of Aguilera herself. I have all her albums, and have supported her since her Genie in a Bottle days up until the panned Bionic (which I still give a spin to every now and then.) Anyway, here are my ten favorite Christina Aguilera music videos:

10. PERO ME ACUERDO DE TI (Director: Kevin G.Bray)

Probably one of Christina’s videos where in she looked the prettiest, this cut off her Grammy winning album Mi Reflejo is the only videi of hers that’s not dubbed with the English music video. She only gets to sit, stand, for four minutes yet you’ll still be amazed by how stunning she looked in this video.

9. BEAUTIFUL (Director: Jonas Akerlund)

It is very difficult to top this powerhouse anthem with a video but Aguilera’s self inspiring song which tackled situations involving same sex relationships, insecurities, and bullying did the trick. I love the fact that Christina looked “raw” int he video and thus gives a more humanized take on the song. And yes, this pretty much inspired Katy Perry’s “Firework” video.

8. SAVE ME FROM MYSELF (Directors: Christina Aguilera and Linda Perry)

For a diva like Christina Aguilera, it is always a big deal when she tones it down. And such is what you can see when you watch the Save Me From Myself video. She just stands (with minimal make up), and just sings in front of you. This video proved nonetheless that she has THE VOICE and bonus points goes with how ethereal she looks even after giving birth!

7. COME ON OVER (ALL I WANT IS YOU) (Director: Paul Hunter)

I particularly like this video because it features the playful, and sensual Christina with the hair colors, and the revolving sets, and the dance moves. Her acting at the start is pretty wooden, but the colorful and positive atmosphere the video exudes a very youthful Christina back then.

6. AIN’T NO OTHER MAN (Director: Bryan Barber)

Her only MTV VOTY nomination as a solo artist, Christina’s 2006 lead single is a perfect throwback to the 20s with the set, and the costumes, and the dance steps. Definitely, it’s one of her best videos to date.

5. CANDYMAN (Director: Matthew Rolston, Christina Aguilera)

As Carson Daly monotonously blurted out, “IT’S FLAAAAGGG DAY!” Christina continues to bring i the 20s theme with not only one, but three Christinas on set! Very colorful art costumes, awesome art direction and choreography, and impressive editing, Christina can get any candyman she wants with this video.

4. LADY MARMALADE (Director: Paul Hunter)

The first video where she gave us a hint of a Sextina, Christina danced in her undies, put on heavy make up, and collaborated with Lil Kim, Mya, and Pink in a divafest that will never ever be forgotten. This is Moulin Rouge’s promotional soundtrack, and a winner of MTV Video Music Awards’s Video of the Year in 2001. As Christina even said in their speech, “the big hair paid off!” Of course honey, it did! 🙂

3. DIRRTY (Director: David LaChappelle)

If Christina just gave us a hint in Lady Marmalade, she let everything hang loose in Dirrty. She gets to do boxing, crawl and shower with girlfriends, and arrive in a motorbike. As controversial as it may seem, this paid off for her, and I still believe that this remains as her sexiest music video ever.

2. HURT (Directors: Floria Sigismondi, Christina Aguilera)

Christina’s father story was put into a clear visual in this circus themed music video that depicts a story of a girl that lost contact with her father. This is a very effective and emotional video that has A+ direction, and production, and one of her most underrated videos ever.

1. FIGHTER (Director: Floria Sigismondi)

Floria Sigismondi gave us Christina’s most interesting video ever. Throughout the video, they keep on showing us the metamorphosis of Christina’s character. The best thing about it is that Christina was game as hell with everything int his video, thus yielding to a very creative and impressive music video.

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite Christina Aguilera music videos and why? 🙂 Also, who are the other artists you want to be featured here? 🙂


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  1. In the immortal words of Lola Techie: Like! 😀

    Similarly, Fighter is my most favorite Christina Aguilera music video ever, and if I were to list my most favorite videos of all time (any artists), Fighter would certainly be in the top 5. I likewise loooove Candyman, Come on Over, What a Girl Wants, Nobody Wants to be Lonely (w Ricky Martin) and Express (from Burlesque, though not an official video)! Great job for this post, Nicol! 🙂 Keep ’em coming!

  2. Inisip ko mandaya Ate Eloise at isingit yung Express kaso gagawa ako ng panibagong row na mag-isa siya! Hahaha! I like your Top 5. What A Girl Wants ata ako talaga naging fan ni Christina. Though gusto ko din ang Genie in a Bottle! Itatag ko dapat kayo ni Ate Weng kaso nakalimutan ko! Hahaha! Thaaaaanks Ate Eloise! 🙂

  3. For some reason, gusto ko din siya. Beneath that make up and (sometimes horrible) getup, maganda talaga ang boses niya.

  4. Hay nako bisora, kahit kaming fans gusto namin magtone down siya sa clown make up especially the uber thick red lipstick! And her fashion is really hit or miss. When she hits, she really does, and when she miss, she really misses as well. Pero tigil ang mundo sa ganda ng boses naman! 🙂

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