30 Day Film Challenge: Day 18   4 comments

DAY 18: Your Favorite Comedy Film – Election (Alexander Payne, 1999)

Based on Tom Perotta’s novel of the same title, Election is a humorous look in the crazy world of.. yupyougotitright elections! The school’s student council is open for nominations and some students signed up for the role of president. Whatever their motives differs from one’s perspective. We have Tracy Flick, the best student in school though best probably means most studious. Then you’ve got sports jock Paul running as a huge contradiction to Flick, with history teacher Jim McAllister on his back.

The dark humorous approach Payne did in this film is what makes this film weird, albeit memorable. The cliche moments were over the top yet it blends well with the overall atmosphere of the film. Reese Witherspoon’s Tracy Flick (probably one of my all time personal heroes) is the original, and strongly written version of Glee’s Rachel Berry. One of the film’s stronger aspects is its screenplay, creatively written by Payne together with Jim Taylor.

This is probably one of my favorite films ever as it gives us a glimpse of the dirty world of politics. I’ve used this as an inspiration when I wrote the script for my Hum2 class in college when we dealt with Arts and Politics. Election gets to mix humor and reality, something that rarely happens in the field of comedy. This won’t probably appeal to every one, but to those who did well then, congratulations! 🙂

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4 responses to “30 Day Film Challenge: Day 18

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  1. One of my favorite films ever. Galing lang ng story. I watched this sa VCD, randomly rented it sa Video city and was pleasantly surprised how good it was

  2. Yep. I actually think Reese was Oscar worthy in this film. Way way better than her Oscar winning performance in Walk the Line.

  3. Bitter ako sa win nya, mas magaling si Felicity by a mile

  4. Wag ka mag-alala, di ka nagiisa. She should have been nominated for this or Legally Blonde (yes I said it. Hahaha). Felicity should have won!

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