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One of the funniest films of 2008 about two hit men and their adventure in the city of Bruges, Belgium. Another hit man arrives and you know it’ll result to a riot.

The movie worked well due to the very clever and witty script of Martin McDonagh. One might consider that the first part was slow but I actually think he’s just setting the right mood for the viewers to jump in with what’s happening. The lines were so damn funny you wouldn’t stop laughing at the edge of your seats. It is also UNPREDICTABLE. Just when you’re supposed to believe that this will happen now, McDonagh will show you another angle, and then lead you to another one without making the movie complicated.

Also, the chemistry between the three characters [Ray, Harry, and Ken and probably the midget] was so visible all through out the movie.

This has been Colin Farell’s best performance to date. He was funny, smart, thoughtful, and heartbreaking all in one. Brendan Gleeson perfectly played the role of Ken, and was the perfect complement to Farell’s Ray. Ralph Fiennes was hysterical to say the least, and showed a great range from all the movies he did last year [The Duchess, The Reader] Through this movie, it has once again proven that great ensembles do not need a large cast to be considered one.

I recommend this film to everyone. Not only will you appreciate the wonderful city of Bruges, but more so, you’ll be entertained by this hilarious effort, but it will also make you contemplate on life itself. 😀


Posted July 9, 2011 by Nicol Latayan in Reviews

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