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Hey everyone! It’s been a tiring day for me once again. I think I still wasn’t able to retrieve all the sleep that I needed after the continuous activities the past few days. Anyway, I just want to say a big THANK YOU first to everyone for reading my Emmy predictions in the drama (https://backtothefryingpan.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/63rd-primetime-emmy-awards-nomination-predictions-drama/) and comedy (https://backtothefryingpan.wordpress.com/2011/07/12/63rd-primetime-emmy-awards-nomination-predictions-comedy/) genres. I am seriously floored with the good numbers that I have seen in my page count the past few days so I hope you have a good time reading this little blog of mine.

Now, this is my last of the three part predictions that I did just in time for the Emmy nomination announcement later (evening here in the Philippines). Take note though that I’m not that well-informed in the following genres so I’m basing this one on buzz, Emmy history, and personal judgment as how I came up with these predictions.


• Carlos (Sundance Channel)
• Cinema Verite (HBO)
• Downton Abbey (PBS)
• Mildred Pierce (HBO)
• Too Big To Fail (HBO)
• Upstairs, Downstairs (PBS)

One good thing that has happened here is that they finally combined the usually crowded TV movie with the underpopulated miniseries, thus it will save 3-5 minutes of airtime at the Emmy ceremony. Haha! This year, as always, is about HBO as we see them take three of the six spots with their outputs this year such as Cinema Verita starring Diane Lane, Too Big To Fail which details the timely issues US has today, and of course the Oscar winning movie Mildred Pierce with Kate Winslet on the front. The other three will include the critical hit movie that’s also Golden Globe’s winner for TV move this year, Carlos, and two PBS costume dramas that will surely make a showing in this category on Thursday: Downton Abbey  and the remake of Emmy’s once loved classic Upstairs, Downstairs.


• Idris Elba, “Luther”
• Laurence Fishburne, “Thurgood”
• Samuel Jackson, “The Sunset Limited”
• Tommy Lee Jones, “The Sunset Limited”
• Edgar Ramirez, “Carlos”

This seems to be a logical line up composed of three movie stars(Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel Jackson, Laurence Fishburne) all having outputs done by HBO. Then we have critics favorites Edgar Ramirez  who grabbed Globe and SAG nods already for playing the iconic character of Carlos the Jackal. The last spot will probably be between a respected movie star and Oscar winner vs. an established character actor. While William Hurt can easily get in the Best Actor list, I give the fifth spot to Idris Elba whose work on Luther has been the focal point of the show and of critics raves.


• Hayley Atwell “Pillars of the Earth”
• Diane Lane, “Cinema Verite”
• Jean Marsh, “Upstairs Downstairs”
• Elizabeth McGovern, “Downton Abbey”
• Kate Winslet, “Mildred Pierce”

There’s no point in discussing this one actually as this is Kate Winslet’s too lose. Diane Lane’s name power + HBO producing the film will lead her to a nomination. Three women from different period dramas will make it as Emmys surely love their period pieces. Jean Marsh and Elizabeth McGovern will hear their names being called while I expect Golden Globe nominee Hayley Atwell to finish the line up and as representative of the Pillars of the Earth nomination. The only spoiler I see in Taraji P. Henson in her Lifetime moment because Emmy voters will definitely nominate famous actresses even if the output is not nomination-worthy (Chandra Wilson, Mary Louise Parker).


• James Gandolfini, “Cinema Verite”
• Guy Pearce, “Mildred Pierce”
• Tim Robbins, “Cinema Verite”
• Tom Wilkinson, “The Kennedys”
• James Woods, “Too Big To Fail”

This will be a line up that is based on star power above anything else. Guy Pearce and James Woods will ride the success of their respective TV movies on a way to a nomination. Emmy winner Tom Wilkinson is too popular a name to overcome the negativity of The Kennedys as a series. Cinema Verite has Emmy favorite James Gandolfini and Tim Robbins on its side. The possible spoilers I see is Paul Giammatti for Too Big To Fail which will translate this to an all HBO line up. Any of the Brit series supporting actors can also pop up surprisingly.


• Eileen Atkins, “Upstairs Downstairs”
• Melissa Leo, “Mildred Pierce”
• Maggie Smith, “Downton Abbey”
• Ruth Wilson, “Luther”
• Evan Rachel Wood, “Mildred Pierce”

It’s a 2-2-1 prediction for me in this category this year. 2 is for the number of dames we have. Dame Eileen Atkins pulled off an upset win for Cranford three years ago, and can repeat again this year with Upstairs Downstairs. The other dame is Maggie Smith who decided to enter the supporting actress category this year with her riveting performance in Downton Abbey. The other 2 is the number of Mildred Pierce ladies that will be nominated. Evan Rachel Wood is the breakout star who will finally get awards attention as the spoiled daughter in the HBO miniseries. The other one is for foul-mouthed Oscar Supporting Actress Melissa Leo,, whose nomination will be both for this and for Treme as they recognize her in general. The last spot is tricky: Betty White can easily get in due to pedigree alone, and if voters just lazily check off their ballots, then she’s in. There’s also 2 Sex and the City ladies but I’m afraid both Kim Cattrall’s and Cynthia Nixon’s performances will get lost in the shuffle. I expect the last slot to be occupied by Ruth Wilson as I think voters who’l; check off Idris Elba’s name will automatically check off hers as well.


• Antiques Roadshow (PBS)
• Dirty Jobs (Discovery Channel)
• Intervention (A&E Network)
• Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Bravo)
• Mythbusters (Discovery Channel)
• Undercover Boss (CBS)

I actually have no idea how to predict this category so I just chose past nominees and winners as my basis here. I’ll be totally happy if I get to predict at least four of the six. I predict Dog Whisperer as the alternate choice.


• The Amazing Race (CBS)
• American Idol (Fox)
• Dancing with the Stars (ABC)
• Project Runway (Lifetime)
• Top Chef (Bravo)
• The Voice (NBC)

Due to the consistent rubberstamping of the voters in this category, the Emmys decided to nominate six shows instead of the usual five. With that said, I still expect the same five to get repeat nominations in this category. The sixth one, though, is a battle of Mark Burnett shows. On the left side, is Survivor as it aims to be back on this category after so many years. On the right side is NBC’s The Voice which is one of the breakout shows this season. I give partial points to The Voice as I watch the show, and has gained buzz because it’s the show that revived NBC’s popularity.


• Tom Bergeron, “Dancing with the Stars”
• Phil Keoghan “The Amazing Race”
• Padma Lakshmi, “Top Chef”
• Jeff Probst, “Survivor”
• Ryan Seacrest, “American Idol”

This category is still a man’s world, after all. The only change I see is Padma Lakshmi replacing Heidi Klum as the only rose among the thorns. I changed her because Top Chef is the show that surprisingly stopped Amazing Race’s perfect track record, and I assume it has support within the Academy. No issue though as I believe Jeff Probst wins the fourth time. Bleh.


• The Colbert Report (Comedy Cebtral)
• Conan (TBS)
• The Daily Show (Comedy Central)
• Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC)
• Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
• Saturday Night Live (NBC)

I expect the same nominees as last year + Jimmy Fallon because he did a decent job hosting the Emmys last year that the Academy might throw him a bone.

There you go! I hope you enjoyed my three part predictions. Don’t forget to comment for your reactions, and I’ll be happy to talk with you! It sucks because I woin’t be able to watch the nomination announcement later so I’ll be looking at it past midgnight. Good luck to all of everyone’s bets! Happy Emmy nomination announcement day! 🙂


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2 responses to “63rd Primetime Emmy Awards Nomination Predictions (Miniseries, Reality, Variety)

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  1. Boring haha

    I wish Jon Stewart will finally lose though, I like him but Colbert Report is funnier and less politics

  2. Natawa ako sa boring. Haha! Oo eto ang filler genres sa Emmy ceremony. Pero excited ako sa Reality/Competition. Haha.

    yeah, kung natalo ang Amazing Race last year, dapat matalo na rin ang Daily Show. Ha!

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