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Good day everyone!  It’s TGIF, indeed. 🙂 Here are some things that I’d love to share first before I do my reactions:

1. THANK YOU for spending your time reading my predictions. I just had my “busiest” blog day yesterday as it reached an all-time high number of view pages. 3/4 of those viewed the Emmy predictions I made. It makes me feel like somewhat an “Emmy expert.” Haha.

2. Boy, did I do great with my Emmy nomination predictions! I got lucky this year. Haha! I even won the mini-game over at PinoyExchange.com and though the prize is bragging rights (I actually just guessed that), I’m on a good Emmy company there. 🙂

3. Now since I did pretty well, don’t expect that the same will happen when it comes to predicting the winners. The Emmys is probably the most difficult awards show to predict. The only consistent trend that I noticed was that it’s difficult to guess the winners. Haha.

With that, here are the nominees for this year’s Emmys together with my reactions:


“Boardwalk Empire”
“Friday Night Lights”
“Game of Thrones”
“The Good Wife”
“Mad Men”

HOW I FARED: 6/6 Yay!

Well, it would have been better if Justified replaced the weak season of Dexter. But of course with four acting nominations, I won’t push it that much. Happiest for Game of Thrones because the show made it! 🙂 And good swan song for Friday Night Lights. Expect Breaking Bad to come back next year.


Steve Buscemi (“Boardwalk Empire”)
Michael C. Hall (“Dexter”)
Kyle Chandler (“Friday Night Lights”)
Hugh Laurie (“House”)
Timothy Olyphant (“Justified”)
Jon Hamm (“Mad Men”)

HOW I FARED: 6/6 Another yay!

Best Actor Drama is a sold group once again. Say what you want about Hugh Laurie but I think he still rises above the quality of the show even though (the show) has already passed its prime. Welcome to the club, Timothy Olyphant! Here’s hoping Hall/Hamm/Laurie will end up as the winner this year.


Connie Britton (“Friday Night Lights”)
Julianna Margulies (“The Good Wife”)
Kathy Bates (“Harry’s Law”)
Mireille Enos (“The Killing”)
Mariska Hargitay (“Law & Order”)
Elizabeth Moss (“Mad Men”)

HOW I FARED: 5/6; missed Enos for Sedgwick

It’s weird because I was talking to some friends a few days ago on how Kyra had the perfect track record with the Emmys, Globes, and SAGs then she suddenly missed the nom. It would have been alright actually. What pissed me off was Mariska Hargitay is still polluting the category for four years now, and voters still buy her acting. Poor Katey Sagal, the woman can’t catch a break.


Peter Dinklage (“Game of Thrones”)
Josh Charles (“The Good Wife”)
Alan Cumming (“The Good Wife”)
Walton Goggins (“Justified”)
John Slattery (“Mad Men”)
Andre Braugher (“Men of a Certain Age”)

HOW I FARED: 4/6; missed Braugher and Goggins for Noble and Pitt

Wow they snubbed Boardwalk Empire guys in this category eh? Not even a single Michael got honored. My Peter Dinklage prediction paid off, though it has to be on the expense of another gutsy prediction: John Noble. I’m happy for Josh Charles, and Walton Goggins! Walton, this should have been your third nom already!


Kelly Macdonald (“Boardwalk Empire”)
Archie Panjabi (“The Good Wife”)
Christine Baranski (“The Good Wife”)
Margo Martindale (“Justified”)
Michelle Forbes (“The Killing”)
Christina Hendricks (“Mad Men”)

HOW I FARED: 5/6; missed Forbes for Gless

Aww man, I thought they’ll stick with Gless. I changed my prediction the last minute from Forbes to Gless, only to find out that I should have sticked with it. Oh well. To the person who advised Margo Martindale to submit in Supporting instead of Guest, good job! Here’s hoping Margo Martindale gets the plum.  🙂


Bruce Dern (“Big Love”)
Beau Bridges(“Brothers & Sisters”)
Michael J. Fox (“The Good Wife”)
Paul McCrane (“Harry’s Law”)
Jeremy Davies (“Justified”)
Robert Morse (“Mad Men”)

HOW I FARED: 2/6; missed Dern, Bridges, McCrane, and Davies for Irons, Newhart, Holbrook, and Weller

This is such a weird category. Most of the performances they nominated came from shows they don’t give a damn. Like what I said, it’s Michael J. Fox’s to lose though. So it’s just a matter of who’s joining him.


Mary McDonnell (“The Closer”)
Julia Stiles (“Dexter”)
Loretta Devine (“Grey’s Anatomy”)
Randee Heller (“Mad Men”)
Cara Buono (“Mad Men”)
Joan Cusack (“Shameless”)
Alfre Woodard (“True Blood”)

HOW I FARED: 1/7; missed McDonnell, Devine, Heller, Buono, Cusack, and Woodard for Messing, Aghdashloo, Burstyn, Bergen, and Hewitt

I don’t get why the ATAS played catch up with Mary McDonnell a year after she was supposed to be nominated. Devine, is not a nice surprise as she gets to have only five minutes of screentime on her tape. Heller and Buono were carried with the Mad Men hard-on. Cusack is always one of the spoilers; and Woodard could have shit herself and she still will get a nomination for that. What bothered me was the lack of Law and Order: SVU nominations especially Debra Messing. They finally realized it’s an easy route to win an Emmy nomination, and possibly a win.


“The Big Bang Theory” (CBS)
“Glee” (FOX)
“Modern Family” (ABC)
“The Office” (NBC)
“Parks and Recreation” (NBC)
“30 Rock” (NBC)

HOW I FARED: 5/6; missed Big Bang Theory for Hot in Cleveland

Thank God no Showtime dramedies this year! I’ve always thought that fourth might be the charm for Big Bang (like How I Met Your Mother) but a Betty White name is already enough for them to check off the show. Apparently they did the right thing. I’m so overwhelmed that Parks and Recreation is the little show that could and now they really got nominated. Hope Community finally breaks through.


Louis C.K. (“Louie”)
Alec Baldwin (“30 Rock”)
Steve Carell (“The Office”)
Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory”)
Johnny Galecki (“The Big Bang Theory”)
Matt LeBlanc (“Episodes”)

HOW I FARED: 5/6; missed Galecki for Morrison

Yehey! Probably one of the few times when I thought I’m wrong is right, Morrison was snubbed this year. Oh wait, he wasn’t snubbed because he did nothing nominating-worthy. I finally thought that McHale gets in (I predicted he won’t) and sadly, I’m right. LeBlanc is the fourth Friend to get a nomination post-Friends (Kudrow, Perry, and Aniston got nommed already).


Laura Linney (“The Big C”)
Melissa McCarthy (“Mike & Molly”)
Edie Falco (“Nurse Jackie”)
Amy Poehler (“Parks and Recreation”)
Martha Plimpton (“Raising Hope”)
Tina Fey (“30 Rock”)

HOW I FARED: 5/6; missed McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy, I’mma let you finish but uh… COURTENEY COX DESERVES TO BE NOMINATED OVER YOU!!! Shit this Academy, what does Courteney have to do!?!?!? I was furied though I already saw this coming. Yay for no Lea Michele though. Toni Collette was snubbed as well but at least she already has an Emmy on her mantle. Raise your hand for Martha Plimpton! She deserves it! 🙂


Chris Colfer (“Glee”)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson (“Modern Family”)
Ed O’Neill (“Modern Family”)
Eric Stonestreet (“Modern Family”)
Ty Burrell (“Modern Family”)
Joy Cryer (“Two and a Half Men”)

HOW I FARED: 5/6; missed Cryer for Harris

Hurray for 4 MF guys getting nominated! Finally, Emmy nominee Ed O’Neill! I was so shocked that Harris was snubbed when he could have had a winning tape already. And like Sedgwick, I would have been fine if it was Nick Offerman. But no, it’s JON CRYER. Jon freakin Cryer. Jon “you have NPH’s Emmy” Cryer. I’ll probably cry myself now.


Jane Lynch (“Glee”)
Betty White (“Hot in Cleveland”)
Julie Bowen (“Modern Family”)
Sofia Vergara (“Modern Family”)
Kristen Wiig (“Saturday Night Live”)
Jane Krakowski (“30 Rock”)


Meh. Boring. Wendie Malick should have been nominated.


Idris Elba (“The Big C”)
Nathan Lane (“Modern Family”)
Zach Galifianakis (“Saturday Night Live”)
Justin Timberlake (“Saturday Night Live”)
Matt Damon (“30 Rock”)
Will Arnett (“30 Rock”)

HOW I FARED: 2/6; missed Elba, Galifianakis, Damon, and Arnett for Reiner, Slattery, Lithgow, and Alda

They don’t like the old guys this year. Good set of nominees though Will Arnett is getting tiring already.


Kristin Chenoweth (“Glee”)
Dot-Marie Jones (“Glee”)
Gwyneth Paltrow (“Glee”)
Cloris Leachman (“Raising Hope”)
Tina Fey (“Saturday Night Live”)
Elizabeth Banks (“30 Rock”)

HOW I FARED: 3/6; missed Chenoweth, Jones, and Banks for Stritch, Poehler, and Nixon

Damn Glee voters. If Chenoweth got nomemd then they probably didn’t watch her episode as she did nothing Emmy worthy there. Jones was okay but no winning tape so a wasted filler slot. Banks is the wrong 30 Rock girl: should have been Stritch or Sherri Shepherd.


“The Amazing Race” (CBS)
“American Idol” (FOX)
“Dancing With the Stars” (ABC)
“Project Runway” (Lifetime)
“So You Think You Can Dance” (FOX)
“Top Chef” (Bravo)

HOW I FARED: 5/6; missed So You Think You Can Dance for The Voice

Mark Burnett can’t catch a break. All these Survivor vs. the Voice talk is moot since SYTYCD got in instead. Excited for Amazing Race’s and Top Chef’s battle. Both good episodes.


Phil Keoghan (“The Amazing Race”)
Ryan Seacrest (“American Idol”)
Tom Bergeron (“Dancing With the Stars”)
Cat Deeley (“So You Think You Can Dance”)
Jeff Probst (“Survivor”)

HOW I FARED: 4/5; missed Deeley for Lakshmi

I called it that Klum gets ejected this year and a female replaces her. Still wish it was Padma, but Cat Deeley deserves an overdue nom so good call, still.


“The Colbert Report” (Comedy Central)
“Conan” (TBS)
“The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” (Comedy Central)
“Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” (NBC)
“Real Time With Bill Maher” (HBO)
“Saturday Night Live” (NBC)


Yay but…. BORING.


“Cinema Verite” (HBO)
“Masterpiece: Downton Abbey” (PBS)
“The Kennedys” (ReelzChannel)
“Mildred Pierce” (HBO)
“The Pillars Of The Earth” (Starz)
“Too Big To Fail” (HBO)

HOW I FARED: 4/6; missed Kennedys and Pillars for Carlos and Upstairs Downstairs

I’m mad Carlos didn’t get in. And to add insult to injury, The Kennedys made it. Bleh. Hope Downton Abbey pulls off suprise over Mildred Pierce. And oh, what happened to The Sunset Limited?


Edgar Ramirez (“Carlos”)
Greg Kinnear (“The Kennedys”)
Barry Pepper (“The Kennedys”)
Idris Elba (“Luther”)
Laurence Fishburne (“Thurgood”)
William Hurt (“Too Big To Fail”)

HOW I FARED: 4/6; missed Kinner and Pepper for Jackson and Jones

Like what I said, what happened to The Sunset Limited? Not aware that there are six noms this year but Hurt filled my sixth spot. Yay for Idris Elba’s double nominations! But I’m on Team Edgar!


Diane Lane (“Cinema Verite”)
Elizabeth McGovern (“Masterpiece: Downton Abbey”)
Kate Winslet (“Mildred Pierce”)
Taraji P. Henson (“Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story”)
Jean Marsh (“Masterpiece: Upstairs Downstairs)

HOW I FARED: 4/5; missed Henson for Atwell

Why did I even fool myself that they’ll skip with the predictable nominee in an okay performance!?!?! *coughsTarajiHensoncoughs* Her first Oscar and Emmy noms are underwhelming because she has been snubbed before for better noms.


Tom Wilkinson (“The Kennedys”)
Guy Pearce (“Mildred Pierce”)
Brian F. O’Byrne (“Mildred Pierce”)
Paul Giamatti (“Too Big To Fail”)
James Woods (“Too Big To Fail”)

HOW I FARED: 3/5; missed O’Byrne and Giammatti for Gandolfini and Robbins

Why did they snub Cinema Verite here? Oh well had Giammatti sixth on my preds. Good call on O’Byrne as he’s one of Mildred Pierce’s assets.


Maggie Smith (“Masterpiece: Downton Abbey” )
Evan Rachel Wood (“Mildred Pierce”)
Melissa Leo (“Mildred Pierce”)
Mare Winningham (“Mildred Pierce”)
Eileen Atkins (“Upstairs Downstairs”)

HOW I FARED: 4/5; missed Winningham for Wilson

I predicted the wrong Wi to get nominated. Haha. Too much Mildred Pierce love here. Excited for the Dame Maggie to win just so I’ll see Melissa Leo’s fucked up face.

So how did you fare? And what are you excited about? Overall, I think these are good nominations. 🙂



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7 responses to “63rd Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations reactions

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  1. Nalungkot ako na snub si NPH 😦 Pero yun nga when NPH hosted nanalo si Cryer so hindi rin nakakagulat na Cryer stays while NPH is out. Babalik naman sya ulit next year for hosting the Tonys pero mukhand hindi na sya mananalo as Barney 😦 Pero grabe nagulat ako HIMYM got a nod for DIRECTING! It was a well-directed episode though

    Correction: Showtime “feeling” comedies hindi dramedies haha So happy with the comedy series nods. I’m okay with Glee, expected naman kasi.

    Gusto ko sana makisimpatiya sa pag snub sa Community pero the online fans are obnoxious kaya I can’t warm up to this show completely lol. I would’ve pick McHale over Galecki pero Galecki is a bettter choice than Morrison so OK na din 😀

    Na nominate na naman si Beau Bridges lol At least may final nomination ang Brothers & Sisters.

    I love Melissa McCarthy! It’s residual Gilmore Girls love so I’m happy she got nominated! 😀

    Courtney’s best shot was last year sadly

    na snub ang mga SVU guests pero hindi nag tuloy tuloy kay Mariska lol

    Na nominate nga si Woodard pero sa guest actress pala haha. I think kung di sya nag guest dun, matutupad yung predix ko na nod for her Memphis Beat role

    Wala na talaga Grey’s Anatomy, nakalimutan na for good, well at least may guest actress sila for Devine

    I underestimated “The Killing” and Martha Plimpton

    Poor Survivor buti na lang laging winner si Jeff Probst haha

    Good for FNL, finally!

  2. I really don’t read your entire posts on noms and all that (i’m more of the best-dressed post kind of reader, haha), but I really love it when you do this. This is your world. And your really good in it! I’ve never met anyone as obsessed noms and over awards as you . hahahahaha

  3. forg: rereplyan kita by number ha:

    1. OMG please. The year after they gace NPH two Emmys, then they suddenly throw him under the bus. That’s the Eric McCormack syndrome. Nabiktima sila ni Kyra Sedgwick this year. Hahaha.

    2. Okay lang sakin manominate ang Glee kasi aasa ang fanboys tas di naman sila mananalo. Hahahaha. *evil laugh*

    3. I’m rooting for Joel this year pero more on the fact na para lang magka-Emmy nominee siya na label. He really deserved it last year. Wala siyang tapes this year eh.

    4. Swan song nga rin pala ng Brothers & Sisters! Sige matutuwa na ako sa nomination ni Beau Bridges. Third consecutive na niya yan sa guest acting categories (DH, and The Closer)

    5. I’m happy for Melissa. Nakatyamba siya pero mas may deserving. 😉

    6. Bitter pa din ako sa Courteney snub. Both her and Busy Philipps deserve mentions already!

    7. I’d rather have a boatload of SVU Guest Actress noms than Mariska for another year.

    8. Sana may manalo ng iba over Jeff Probst. Team Keoghan ako! Hahaha!

  4. BISORA: OMG NATATOUCH AKO NG TODO! Hahaha. Thanks, thanks! Sana umattend si Molly Ringwald sa Emmys! Hahaha!

  5. Threat sa Emmy ni Steve Carell si Louis C.K, para syang Ricky Gervais Part 2 for me.

    May chance si Cat Deely to beat Probst. Pero feeling ko si Probst ulit mananalo

    In fairness hindi na zero ang Desperate Housewives this year, salamat sa random voice over nod kay Brenda Strong.

    I would love na manalo sana Parks para mabawasan naman ang backlash sa Modern Family haha but I’m happy either way na manalo.

    Dapat pinagsupporting na lang si Cloris Leachman para mahati boto nila Betty White

    Sana umalis na sa SNL si Kristin Wiig para mabawasan ang perennial nominees haha

  6. 1. Kawawa ang mananalo sa Lead Comedy Actor na hindi Steve Carell ang pangalan, sobrang forever na siyang kamumuhian ng mga Office fans and Carell fans na rin.

    2. Mukhang Probst pa rin talaga pero may tatlo na siya eh! Sana Keoghan. 🙂 Okay lang si Cat. May SYTYCD love ang panel ngayon.

    3. Hindi pa naman nazero ang DH! Nanominate si Kathryn Joosten last year! Hahaha!

    4. Kebs sa backlash. Kapag di nanalo MF this year, di na sila mananalo ulit. Hahanap na ng bagong aawardan ang Emmys kaya haters gonna hate pero deserving ang MF ng 2x Emmy winner for Comedy Series

    5. Kawawa naman si Wiig, bakit mo pinaalis! Haha! Sana ibalik na lang dati nilang category! Di naman siya kasing established ni Tina or Amy.


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