REVIEW: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2   3 comments

It definitely is the end of an era.

So yeah, I was able to watch this just yesterday. Probably, this is the best movie to have my first IMAX experience. It was worth it. Every cent of the money I paid for is worth it. I’ll give you a warning though, I’m still suffering from Potter madness so this might be a biased review  piece of appreciation for the decade that Potter gave us.

I actually enjoyed the film. Yes, it’s not a hundred percent faithful to the book. Yes, the fight scenes were too short. Yes, it wasn’t able to include all the details despite that it’s a two-parter. And yes, that did not hinder me from liking and appreciating one of the best Potter films of the franchise.

More than anything, I felt that the overall theme of the film was to convey to us that it is, indeed, the last. There’s no more new book to look forward to, and no more movie to watch. But while it said that it will be the last, I never felt that it was the end. There’s the whole nostalgic atmosphere that you’ll feel when watching the movie. It feels as if every scene indicates that. It’s not forced, as it was genuinely felt.

Anyway, David Yates was at his best when he directed this one. It was a showstopper. All the previous films he did before this is like a preparation as compared to this one. This is his main show, and he certainly delivered. There’s nothing left to nitpick about the technical aspects of the film. There were probably some scenes that were too dark, but not on the IMAX screen. The art direction was top notch. Same goes to the cinematography, and the visual effects of the film. I also love how the original score was already memorable seconds after the movie started.

Daniel Radcliffe was the star of this show. Unlike the previous Potter movies where in he gets overshadowed, he managed to stand out in this one. Emma Watson and Rupert Grint played supporting characters this time, and does it without upstaging anyone else. Matthew Lewis was given something to do, and never overplayed his part. However, three actors really stood out for me: Alan Rickman’s Snape was one of the emotional highlights of the film. And he handled the material very well, thus everyone loved his “scene.” Ralph Fiennes, putting all the prosthetic and make up aside, was able to channel Lord Voldemort perfectly that you’ll realize how much he studied this role, and how much he was perfect in it. My personal favorite though is Dame Maggie Smith’s Professor McGonagall. There’s something about her performance that made me smile every time she appears on screen. She was funny, heartbreaking, inspirational, and effective all at the same time.

I guess whatever the movie ended up, I’d still have loved the film. After all, I’ve already invested a lot of my life with Hogwarts and Potter. But I was actually satisfied with this ending. This gave me enough closure already. 🙂

Grade: A


3 responses to “REVIEW: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

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  1. I think OK nga na Harry vs Voldemort lang talaga ang focus ng final film, intense ang confrontation nila.

    I didn’t like the epilogue, just like how I didn’t like its inclusion in the book, it felt contrived but I understand the need to have it so OK lang

  2. Madami ding nadisappoint kahit na Harry vs. Voldemort nga lang eh. Pero okay na ako sa film. Everyone’s gonna nitpick whatever the results are, so nasatisfy naman ako kaya good job na din! 🙂

  3. Ako! I will nitpick this later, magtatrabaho muna ako… HEH HEH HEH! (Tawang-Voldemort)

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