REVIEW: The Adventures of Pureza, Queen of the Riles   6 comments

First, yes I know I’m two weeks late, and by the time you read this, the movie is already out of the theaters. So you can use this small review if you think it’s worthy enough to buy from Manong Dibidi. Anyway, Melai Cantiveros’s having her own Harry Potter curse as her launching movie as a lead star faces Deathly Hallows. If that’s not enough misfortune, the material of her movie is not even passable. I don’t know who she messed up with, but poor woman is put into a very unflattering situation.

Anyway, the movie is okay. Hey, that’s a big compliment already! Hahaha! You wouldn’t miss anything if you haven’t seen it. At the same time, you won’t gain anything if you see it. But, I must commend it simply because I guess people behind the film knew that the material is shallow that even them didn’t take this one seriously. That worked well for the film because you’ll really see yourself laughing, and by the end, you’ll still be laughing because you can’t believe you survived watching it.

Cantiveros was convincing as the lead especially since she was so into the role that she gave her director the permission to play with her. It seemed as if everyone in the cast knew that this is no serious film so they all played their parts lightly, and resulted to a surprisingly passable output. Even though there are times that I feel for Martin del Rosario since he was somewhat exploited with all the unnecessary bath scene and topless shots through the course of the movie. The movie also gave a subtle tribute to the past Redford White and Babalu slapstick films of the yesteryears. All in all, senseless film but miles better than the pretentious Soxie Topacio offering Ded na si Lolo.

Grade: C


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6 responses to “REVIEW: The Adventures of Pureza, Queen of the Riles

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  1. Bakit ba ayaw mo nung Ded na si Lolo?! hahahahahaha

    • Napakatrying hard kasi bisora. Hahaha. Nagpapakadeep. Eh wala namang worthy sa material nila para magpakadeep. Inferness kay Pureza, matatawa ka sa sobrang pagkawalang kwenta.

  2. Hindi ko gets logic ng Star Cinema na i-release ito against Harry Potter, I don’t know para may excuse ba sila since sure flop ito hehe

  3. Actually feeling ko kumita na sila kasi mga 20 million siguro to lahat lahat. Hahaha. Tas ang gastos lang ata dito eh mga 2 million. Theory ko eh harangan ang Temptation Island.

  4. Ah maliit lang pala budget nito? Kung sabagay it looked cheap nga, so yeah kahit maka 10 milion lang sila kumita na sila hehe

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