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There’s always something mysterious and captivating about addiction. At first, it can be harmless. The less harm you think it brings, the opposite it actually does to you. Whether it’s internet usage, alcohol, or pornography, all of them starts with curiosity. That curiosity keeps on growing, and before you know it, you’re already into it. After you realize that, you try so hard, and do every single thing you can to avoid it, until you yourself realize that the mere act of avoiding becomes the new habit.

Last Saturday, we lost one of the most amazing talents we have. Amy Winehouse was found dead and unperceptive in her own apartment. At a very young age of 27, Winehouse already managed to be a legend. To be honest, I already sensed that this day will probably come, but never this early. I guess everyone is aware how much she struggled with her fight against all the demons that have lived inside her. But despite that, there’s still this glimmering sign of hope in me that this is just a phase, and she’ll get over this and fix everything.

Apparently, it was already late. As a fan, I am devastated. From what I’ve known of her, she is a sweet, hardworking girl that was troubled. She needs help, and for some unknown reason, she can’t fight all of these storms that brave her way. It breaks my heart that she was a laughing stock to most people because of her addiction to substance. It’s a shame that she wasn’t given the chance to redeem herself and show others the Amy that her fans learned to love and appreciate.

Whatever made her dependent on substance is something that we’ll never know. It can be depression, it can be pressure, it can be frustration, or it can be fame. But what I did know was that the world should know more of her talents. Her vocals were amazing and unique. Her songwriting skills were some of the rawest, and most honest I have ever heard. She opened the doors not only for British female singers to make a name for themselves in the US, but more than that, she made us embrace her and her music despite her imperfections. If anything, her music is nearly flawless. It’s sad that the world won’t be able to hear new music from her.

It has always been clear to her fans that Amy is not the most good-looking singer out there; nor the sexiest one like every pop star we see nowadays. If anything, she isn’t manufactured like them, but that didn’t stop people from loving her. She has always been transparent, and her songs reflect her personal look in life. She has SOUL. The same can’t be said about any of her contemporaries.

Her album Back to Black made me fell in love with her. I even made a review about it three years ago, and indicated that I hope she gets to fix her personal issues because the world needs more of her talents. I gave the album a spin a while ago, and it never lost any inch of magic that she inserted into the record. I still remember her genuine reaction when it was announced that she won the Grammy for Record of the Year, and how tearful she was when she made her speech. She deserved the recognition fair and square, yet I can’t believe how humble her reaction was.

While it was Back to Black that introduced her to me, it was her underrated album Frank that made me know her more. Adele summed it best when she said that “ i don’t think she ever realised just how brilliant she was and how important she is, but that just makes her even more charming.”

We only get to see a talent like hers once in a blue moon. Though I can’t explain more how much I’d love for her to come back, I still thank Amy for sharing her talents to us. Your music is and will always be remembered.  I know that you’re watching us now from heaven, and you don’t want us to be devastated, and if anything, we’ll celebrate your short existence and how you’ll always be an inspiration to all of us.

You’ll surely be missed, Amy!  Thank you for everything! 🙂


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  1. Thank you for everything talaga ang nasabi mo ha. hahahahah

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