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The most buzzed about film in this year’s Cinemalaya gets a mainstream distribution and deservingly so. Marlon Rivera’s Septic Tank is a brief yet playful take on the irony of the current local indie film industry. Three film graduates spent a day of planning and brainstorming on their latest indie movie entitled “Walang Wala.” This includes a meeting with potential lead star Eugene Domingo, and a site visit of the location they want to use for the film.

This is not your typical slapstick comedy film that will make you laugh out loud scene after scene. If anything, this capitalized on the writing and the treatment that the film used to bring the laughs. Chris Martinez proved once again that given the right material, he’ll definitely do aces. The sequence of the events that the three aspiring film people  had to endure is certainly one of the movie’s highlights. There were scenes, though, that went too long and dragged the rest of the movie (even though the film is so short.)

I love the humor that they used in the film. The combination of irony, reality, physical, and verbal comedy blended well with the satiric approach that they did. Acting is not the best aspect of the film, but all the characters were good. I don’t think that this is the Eugene Domingo show especially since the writing upstaged her, but when she portrays the Eugene Domingo the actress role, she nails it. IMO, this is Domingo’s career-best performance. She wasn’t the star of the film but every time she’s on screen, she commands it like no one else can.

My favorite scene, however, is the Cherrie Pie Picache-Mercedes Cabral-Eugene Domingo scenario. The editing in that part was magnificent.

This is in no way a perfect film, but it definitely had its moments of brilliance in it.

Grade: A-


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3 responses to “REVIEW: Ang Babae sa Septic Tank

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  1. The musical part was dragging but otherwise I love this movie!

  2. I love how the musical part started but it went too long and felt dragging nung asa kalahati na.

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