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This film is more appreciated if you don’t take this seriously at all. LOL. In Jake Kasden’s latest film, Cameron Diaz plays a straight up bitch who is in dire need of money to greenlight her breast implant plans. How she does it (getting the money, that is) is what drives this comedy altogether.

Yes, the script is contrived, and while most jokes worked, there were others that fell flat. Justin Timberlake’s character has no purpose at all (and he looked incredibly bad in this poster. LELZ). However, I love how free flowing the film is; it doesn’t seem to care  how ridiculous the whole output looked like. It worked for them, I guess.

Diaz is an underrated actress, and once again, she showed that she can carry a movie by herself. I love it every time she uses her sexiness and spunk to her advantage without resorting to the dumb blonde stereotype. Lucy Punch served her purpose well as the rival teacher, and the fact that I was annoyed every time I see her on screen pretty translates to how effective she was. My favorite, though, is Jason Segel who gave a layered and balanced performance in this film. The acting in this film covered for the inconsistencies of the story.

All in all, this is a good and enjoyable film worth watching especially when you want to unwind.

Grade: B-

Posted August 6, 2011 by Nicol Latayan in Reviews

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2 responses to “REVIEW: Bad Teacher

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  1. Is R18 really necessary with this film? Malamang kasi R13 na dito yan

  2. Hindi. No nudity, one dry hump scene lang with clothes on. Hehe.

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