ANALYSIS: Emmy Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series 2011   Leave a comment

Sorry everyone, I’ve been too busy lately! Anyway, here’s the third part!

*Nominee pictures were taken from their submitted episodes. :)

The nominees are:

• Beau Bridges, “Brothers & Sisters” (Brody)
• Jeremy Davies, “Justified” (Reckoning)
• Bruce Dern, “Big Love” (D.I.V.O.R.C.E.)
• Michael J. Fox, “The Good Wife” (Real Deal)
• Paul McCrane, “Harry’s Law” (With Friends Like These)
• Robert Morse, “Mad Men” (Blowing Smoke)

What a surprising category. Just when you thought that the likes of Jeremy Irons, Hal Holbrook, and Bob Newhart will get in, they are nowhere near the Emmy list this year. Fortunately enough, I enjoyed majority of the tapes that I saw in this category.

Beau Bridges’ role as Nora Walker’s past lover in “Brothers & Sisters” gave him his third consecutive nomination in the guest acting category. He blends with the nature of the cast well, and he gets an ample of screen time in the Brody episode. He benefits by starting and ending his arc on the same episode. All the nominations of Justified this year are acting noms, so that means they have a strong support from the acting community. Jeremy Davies got a surprising but very deserving nod. He gave a strong performance in a strong episode that reminded me of Glynn Turmann and Michael Emerson’s wins. However, he lacks the buzz that would have made him the strong frontrunner this year. Bruce Dern is nominated for the same role that got him into the top ten three years ago. While he gets to showcase good acting stuff in his episode, he got overshadowed by his co-star in all his scenes throughout the episode. It is evident, though, that despite nabbing a Series nom two years ago, Big Love isn’t the Academy’s cup of tea, and no sentiment stuff is helping Dern his case. The moment he was revealed as a guest star, Michael J. Fox has been one of the frontrunners in this category. His episode in The Good Wife is solid and his role gets to play the “disabled” card which is very evident throughout the episode. His major rival was snubbed (Jeremy Irons) and this paves a clearer way towards a second win in this category. From one lawyer to another, Paul McCrane gets to have the baitiest episode among all the nominees; he gets to have a long speech and strips down to his undies at the near end of the episode. This is what Emmy stuff are made of, and given David E.Kelley’s Emmy history, an upset is very well possible in his case. You wouldn’t even realize that McCrane is a guest spot when you watch his episode. Robert Morse gets the unnecessary Mad Men nom once again, as he gets to just stand through the course of the whole submission. He gets a solo scene when he said he quits but even that does not feel like a worthy nomination.

All in all, this is Michael J. Fox’s to lose. An upset could have been possible had Jeremy Davies and Paul McCrane received more buzz but Fox has already been far and away the leader in this race that even though an upset is possible, it’s still Fox’s who’ll get the Emmy in September.

Tape rankings:

  1. Jeremy Davies
  2. Beau Bridges
  3. Paul McCrane
  4. Michael J. Fox
  5. Bruce Dern
  6. Robert Morse

 Prediction rankings:

1. Michael J. Fox, “The Good Wife” (Real Deal)

2. Paul McCrane, “Harry’s Law” (With Friends Like These)

3. Jeremy Davies, “Justified” (Reckoning)

4. Beau Bridges, “Brothers & Sisters” (Brody)

5. Bruce Dern, “Big Love” (D.I.V.O.R.C.E)

6. Robert Morse, “Mad Men” (Blowing Smoke)


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