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Good comedy usually comes only once in a  blue moon. Usually, they have to be teenage comedies (Mean Girls, Easy A) or they are too intelligent that common people miss the part why it is a comedy (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, A Serious Man). With Crazy, Stupid Love, it gets to single out the comedic parts without sacrificing the storylines of the film.

The writers of the film know what they’re doing when they wrote the screenplay of the film. It’s a movie highlight! There are parts that could have been bettered: I wish they lessened the near end graduation part, and I hope that they give Kevin Bacon some meatier story. There are also too many storylines opened by the film itself, but all that will be forgiven once your each THE scene of the movie. Just when you thought that you know everything about the film already, then I guarantee you that you’re wrong.

Steve Carell continues to prove his gem as an actor. Between this, the gay uncle in Little Miss Sunshine, and Michael Scott, he’s one of the most versatile character actors we have. This is his film and he certainly delivered. Everyone else gave perfect supporting turns. Julianne Moore is the farthest funniest actress we have but she knows how to nail all her dramatic scenes in the film. Emma Stone gets to have the best agent in town as she gets to have the bets resume out of any young actress right now. I personally liked Marisa Tomei’s scenes in the film because she demonstrated what a good actress she is by making the most of her limited screentime in the film. Newcomers Analeigh Tipton and Jonah Bobo also were remarkable in their debut roles.

I’m sorry but I have to give Ryan Gosling a paragraph of his own especially since I’m a big Gosling fanboy. The camera totally loves his face as he looks perfect in the screen. He gets to play a fun character this time around, and his chemistry with Carell is undeniable. He also gets to have the most memorable scenes in the film as summarized by these GIFs:

Anyway, this is a recommended film to everyone. What’s good is that it doesn’t cater to a specific audience only. This is an enjoyable and very entertaining film because of the story, the good ensemble, and that windmill scene. Without  a doubt, one of the year’s bests. 🙂

Grade: A-


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2 responses to “REVIEW: Crazy, Stupid Love

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  1. Yeah yung role ni Kevin Bacon could have been played by anyone although yung character nya was essential to the movie because sya dahila ng break up but still he didn’t leave any impact at all.

    But nevertheless all the cast were great. I’m loving Emma Stone, galing nga ng agent nya Easy A then Crazy Stupid Love tapos sa The Help pa! Then there’s Spider-man next year. Parang naalala ko si Amy Adams sa kanya

    I hope Emmy voters watched this para mas maconvince sila to not miss out rewarding such a great actor Steve Carell. Hindi pa ako nanonood ng The Office when I watched Litte Miss Sunshine and sobrang galing ni Steve dun dapat sya yung nanalo hindi si Alan Arkin 😀

  2. Una, kaya nga. Sana binigyan man lang ng kanyang moment si Kevin.
    Second, di ko matanggap na di naging Oscar voter si Emma Stone this year. I’m sure next year, after ng ganda ng resume niya!
    Third, Emmy for Steve please. And yes, siya dapat ang nanominate, let alone nanalo instead of Grandpa.

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