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I actually don’t know what to expect when I entered the cinemas yesterday when I watch this film. All I know is that it’s more of a vanity project just so we can call both Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes as all around stars. For what its worth, I enjoyed the film though as it strayed away from the usual tween shit stuff and used the family aspect card more.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of flaws in the movie. It’s as contrived as one can get. However, they tried to make it as natural as they can, so I’ll give them props for that. This is more of a Julia Montes movie than a Kathryn Bernardo one, and though some of the best moments in the film belonged to Kathryn, Julia shined more over all. A bright future is awaiting for them, though I’d bet on Julia more.

This is like a movie version of a Maaalala Mo Kaya episode and the titles will vary from Swimming Cap, Daing, Teddy Bear, Piano, Fried Chicken, Pagong etc. The cast all delivered though aside from Julia, it was Lotlot de Leon who was a stand out. Agot Isidro was great, but I can not understand the intentions of her character as much as I try to. I’m probably one of the few who was bugged by the fail attempt to make Enrique Gil darker.

Overall, an okay film similar to I’ll Be There and Forever and a Day. Decent but you won’t miss a part of your life if you won’t be able to see it.

Grade: B-


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  1. Just watched it, agree parang extended MMK episode nga, bet ko ang title na pagong haha. Okay yung premise pero ang daming nuances ng screenplay, it lacked momentum. L Sayang yung character ni Agot, na flesh out pa sana yung relationship niya with Jessica. Ang daming wasted characters like yung kuya nila and even Tonton.

    Pero I like the musical score and the theme song, nakakadala nung nabitawan na si Joanna.

    I think the best moment was when Joanna remembered na nung bata sila tumabi sa kanya si Ate Jessi nya kasi takot sya sa mumu. Kathryn nailed that dialogue and maganda yung pagpasok nung flashback.

    Ang corny lang nung fish jokes nabwisit ako haha. Miscast si Enrique Gil! Sana ang kinuha nila yung ka age na lang ni Kathryn. And sana nilagay si Kiray para may comic relief naman!

    Anyway, I liked it enough naman, I’m glad hindi sya pa tweetums haha and nasa sidelines lang yung love interests, hindi naman distracting.

  2. Naisip ko din kung gaano kadaming characters ang di man lang binigyan ng attention. Dun sa scene sa sumabog na finally si Julia kay Kathryn, nanonood lang kuya nila samantalang si Yaya andaming lines nun. Gusto ko yung mga silent scenes ni Kathryn. Marunong umarte ang mata niya. And yes, sobrang miscast ni ENrique. They should have stayed with Albie; maliit lang naman ang role.

    And yes, pareho tayo ng sentiments. At least family drama and not tweetums shit (coughTweenAcademycough)

  3. walang kwentang basurang palabas. yun na. kaloka at mega justified para masabing maganda. pweh!

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