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As for starters, I’ll say this is one of the best movie posters for any romantic movie I have ever seen.

Anyway, Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess play strangers turned bestfriends turned enemies turned lovers turned aliens (okay not the last one) in this romantic movie based on David Nicholls’ best selling book based on the same title. For 20 years, Emma and Dexter always meet every July 15. Whatever happens every year varies, but no matter what, there’s still a progress in their relationship that goes beyond many levels.

I have some problems with the pacing of the film. While i don’t wish nor prefer that they allot the same length of time for every year they they met, there were some inconsistencies with the treatment they used in some of the years in the film. In line with that, some of the transitions were well done while some were so laughably bad. I won’t comment that much on the adaptation though since I know that there are really changes that happen for every book that gets translated into a movie.

If there’s one thing that blends well like peanut butter and jelly, it’s Lone Scherfig and her careful details with views and scenery. She really knows how to play with locations and background of the scenes she used. Some of the simplest places like the swimming pool, and the balcony get to appear in a more refreshing look under her camera. That’s what she did in An Education, in  Italian for Beginners, and here in One Day. I also liked the transformation in the looks of the two leads.

I wasn’t that bothered with Anne Hathaway’s disastrous British accent. It was noticeable in her first few scenes, but you’ll get used to it as the movie goes on. What caught my attention though is the undeniable and sizzling chemistry between Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway in the film. Both played their roles well and made the most out of their characters. And oh boy, I feel as if they were the most good-looking pair I’ve seen in cinema since Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook seven years ago. The camera loves their faces so much that they looked good even in the simplest and most unflattering angles. Patricia Clarkson was, once again, delightful in a very short role. It’s also bitterwseet to see Jodie Whitaker in the screen.

I actually enjoyed the music they used in the film. Every single one of them. I also think One Republic’s Good Life is perfect for the trailer. Haha.

Anyway, yes I got teary eyed at the near end part of the film. I guess it’s because of how Hathaway and Sturgess connected with the audience so much. This is not the most romantic movie of all time, but it’s worth a watch. Hopeless romantics will probably enjoy this.  🙂

Grade: B

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