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Jose Javier Reyes’s latest offering is a comedy that deals about two ironic situations of cousins Belay (Toni Gonzaga) and Precy (Eugene Domingo). Precy is filing for an annulment after she discovered that her husband, Ben, spent literally everything in their bank account. Belay, on the other hand, comes back to the Philippines to get married with her boyfriend of three years, Oca, the Social Studies teach er of Barangay San Isidro Labrador. What happens in between is a lot of complications in different comedic situations.

Reyes never lost the steam to write a very funny script. While there are times that you know he’s blatantly trying to make a scene funny, you’d be surprised that it actually works. Everyone in the theater is laughing their ass off. The laughter is pretty hysterical. I find myself laughing loud as well. There is wit in the script and as always, it always goes a step farther than what it really should talk about. There are some cliches here and there, but forgivable since Reyes can connect simple situations such as reading paperback novels to love, and pamanhikan to religion.

I was somewhat bothered by the poor technical issues such as transitions, editing, and lighting. I acknowledge the fact that this is not the film’s strongest suit, but a better quality wouldn’t hurt it. There’s literally a scene where in the color of the camera changed during the same scene after it changed angles.

More than the writing, the film’s strongest aspect is the acting. After all, it’s an actor’s film. Eugene Domingo didn’t offer anything new here but was consistent through out the film. She shined during the moments where she needs to and played support if it wasn’t her scene. Toni Gonzaga continues to impress me as the role suits her perfectly. Between this and My Amnesia Girl, she is one underrated actress. Even Toni’s accent literally makes me laugh so much. Her babaeng bakla is every inch effective and consistent. The chemistry between Eugene and Toni is the film’s foundation and they both delivered. Zanjoe Marudo and Wendell Ramos weren’t required to do much but they complimented their partners really well. The whole supporting cast were actually good especially Irma Adlawan’s religious zealot and Odette Khan’s selfish mom. Nikki Valdez plays a very caricature and been there done that character but she wasn’t neded int he majority of the film so I’m okay with that. Teddy Corpuz’s scene stealing role also gets consistent laugh from the audience.

This is no Kasal Kasali Kasalo, but the movie is enjoyable in many levels. Recommended to those who wants to have a good and relaxing time. The movie is effective and is the best mainstream local comedy so far.

Grade: A-


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5 responses to “REVIEW: Wedding Tayo, Wedding Hindi

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  1. Best friend ba si Nikki Valdez?

    “I was somewhat bothered by the poor technical issues such as transitions, editing, and lighting.”

    How about the sound? I had a major gripe sa Way Back Home dun sa sound nila kasi biglang lumakas sa middle portion nung movie

    Lagarian kasi SC movie kaya ayan ang poor ng post production values

  2. Di siya solely bestfriend pero tropa sila nila Toni. Hahaha. 4 sila tas siya at si Toni lang ang artista. So mala-Regina George siya dun sa tatlo. Not the character ha, yung billing lang. Hahahha!

    Okay naman yung sound sa sinehan namin though minsan depende din sa sine yung sounds nila. May times na matining kasi ang tinis ng boses ni Toni lalo na pag bakla mode siya.

  3. “There’s literally a scene where in the color of the camera changed during the same scene after it changed angles”

    YES! If I remember it right it was scene with Eugene and Wendell, biglang dumilim! That was really poor

    And yung isa din when Eugene talked to his son, may na cut na dialogue. Nakakadisappoint yun kasi big outfit na sila dapat yung mga ganun basic na tech stuff pulido

    But otherwise, I agree it was really a fun film (better than Bad Teacher haha!) Would have been a better twist [SPOILER] kung hindi na lang natuloy kasal nila Maribel para ironic ang title hehe 😀

  4. Okay, same scenes! Hahaha! Tama ka, it was during Wendell and Eugene’s scene sa gate yung biglang dumilim na luminaw and vice versa. And putol nga yung eksena nila nung anak niya.

    Pareho tayo ng naiisip also, I wish the ending didn’t happen. Nung narerealize ko na dun papunta, I was saying to myself “Wow ayos yung atake ah!” But then again, it’s a mainstream film. HAHAHA! Di naman masyadong bothering pero still. 🙂

    Si Toni ang stand out dito pero okay ang chemistry nila ni Eugene. Tas sobrang okay sakin si Odette at Irma. Hahaha.

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