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This film has sparked my interest the moment I saw its teaser way back in January. For months, I was waiting for it, and I felt that it would already been scrapped since the movie just disappeared like a bubble.  But apparently, patience is, indeed, a virtue. After months of waiting, the movie was finally shown, and much to my delight, it delivered big time. 🙂

Remington (Escudero) is a boy who makes fun of gay people when he was still a child. One time, he finally met his match when a gay man cursed him that he’ll also be gay when he grows up. What follows next is a combination of nightmares and dreamscapes, zombie invasions, and a woman in rolling skates in between.

I’ve always been a big fan of Jade Castro’s previous efforts and while I’m sure that he’ll elevate the material, he still exceeded my expectations. He was able to balance the overall atmosphere of the film while also bringing out the best in his actors. A good director can bring out the best in a mediocre script, but in this case, there’s no problem to cover that anymore as Raymond Lee and Michiko Yamamoto’s script held up on its own.

While, this is an ensemble cast, no one tried to stay safe and as is, the chemistry of the whole cast helped to bring each other’s performances. Roderick Paulate’s role was short but sweet, Eugene Domingo makes the most out of a limited role, and John Regala defied odds with an interesting twist in his role. Lauren Young and Janice de Belen were capable but did not stand out from the cast. However, three people gave the three most memorable performances for me: Kerbie Zamora (who played Remington’s best friend) complimented the character of Remington without overpowering and upstaging him. Indie actress slash my officemate (woot woot! :)) Angelina Kanapi as Mimi, the scene-stealing sidekick of Janice de Belen. This woman really has it in her. I must argue that she has the most memorable start and end scenes among the whole cast. And of course, Remington hismelf, Mart Escudero in a “A star is born” type of performance. How his comedic talent gets to be undiscovered before this is so beyond me. He deserves to collect most (if not all) Best Actor awards so far.

If anything, the weakest aspect of the film is the zombie storyline itself. Somehow, it feels unattached and rushed but not that bothering. The mere fact that it has Zombadings 1 on the title makes me feel assured that if there’s a part 2 out there somewhere, they’ll probably tackle this part more.

While reading the whole credits, I can’t help but feel that this is indeed a major triumph especially for people of the local indie scene. Almost every indie film I can think is a part of this project, and for that alone, I’m thankful and proud that this movie materialized. There is no need to compare which is better between this and “Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank” as both films were done well and are receiving the break that they should really have.

As a whole, there are only rare incidents that a comedy gets to dig more than what it should have. I actually like that the whole gay aspect is interpretative. When Remington tries so hard to fight the demon that is boggling him, it goes deeper than that. It makes him more open to the different relationships existing around him. Whether he’s involved or not is another issue. But at least he recognizes their existence. This is a must for film buffs OF ALL GENDER out there. Highly recommended! 🙂

Grade: A


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