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Men, you have to sit this one down.

It’s the ladies’ turn this time as Judd Apatow and team take on a cliched yet clever take on the theme of wedding preparations, evil bitches, lifetime friendship, some party pooping, and Brazilian infested food in between. Sounds crazy? That’s because the film is crazy itself. Crazily funny to be specific. In Bridesmaids, Annie (Kristin Wiig) plays a 30-year old single lady who’s still recovering from a failed business and a boyfriend dumping. It was her only bestfriend Lillian who keeps things normal for her. Now when this Lillian suddenly got engaged, Annie plays the maid of honor role, only to find out that someone has been snatching her wigs to get the major role.

The strongest selling point of the film is its script. Despite ticking in at two hours and ten minutes, it’s hard to notice that when you’re already dying and laughing scene per scene per scene. I love how some scenes were too over the top as it gets to blend well with the situation that Annie has been into. Notable highlights were the plane scene where in we see a drunk yet terrified Annie, and the hysterical breakdown that involves some cookie punching. My favorite though is the speech scene at the earlier part of the film where in I was literally laughing like there’s no tomorrow as Annie and Helen take turns in upstaging each other.

The film isn’t as raunchy as one might possibly think. There is no nudity involved, though some sex scenes involving (the very hairy) Jon Hamm and Kristin Wiig were just obviously, terribly funny (and awkward). The most gross part I think is when they were in the bridal gown shop. That alone will make you fart one after the other that it will make you go hysterical and probably poop some. Hahaha. Imagine Maya Rudolph giving runaway bride a new twist in the middle of the street while wearing a wedding gown.

There is something about the way Saturday Night Live women play parts so charismatically that you can’t help but room for them: Julia Louis Dreyfus, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler. Now add Kristin Wig and Maya Rudolph to the list. Rudolph plays Lillian (the best friend) so naturally that her chemistry with Wiig will never ever be questioned. She plays supporting like what she’s asked to but gets to shine on her own as well. Jon Hamm plays a small cameo role, but it makes you so excited to see him venture into comedy as he makes the most out of a limited role. I love how Rose Byrne isn’t the “totally annoying” annoying character in the movie. It makes her somewhat difficult to root against. Glad that she’s up to the challenge of doing her scenes with a comedic pro such as Wiig. I finally understand why Melissa McCarthy received that damn Emmy nomination; it’s all because of this film. She has the scene stealing role and while she gets to steal the scene, she does not let anyone suffer from it. If this is all about effective portrayal, which she totally commits in, then be shocked because yes, an Oscar nomination is really deserved (ala Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder). Of course, at the end of the day, this is still a Kristin Wiig film and she totally delivered. She proved that she’s also worthy to get lead roles and boy I’m so happy that she is now a  movie star!

In a summer filled with sequels, prequels, sci-fi movies, and superhero flicks, it is rare to see a comedy that gets to stand out among the rest. There isn’t anything to dislike in this film; thus, making it my top pick as the comedy of the year.

Grade: A-


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