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“Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo, maraming snatcher.”

Is September the official cheating month? After My Neighbor’s Wife last week, Star Cinema gives their obligatory infidelity drama of the year. This time, it’s Derek Ramsey and Cristine Reyes who plays husband and wife, only to be disturbed big time by Anne Curtis. Ram (Ramsey), a furniture designer,  is married to Sharmaine (Reyes) whose father still does not approve of him even if they are already married for years. He was contacted to be the supplier of a new high posh resort owned by the dad of Cara (Curtis).  What happened enxt is a whirlwind romance that featured a lot of kissing, name-calling, and even an act of poisoning.

The story was set up very nicely. It did not try to add some twist with regards to the storytelling and just presented the story directly. Like in any Star Cinema film, the lead characters always have a problem with any of the member of the family (this time, it’s the father) which served as the B plot back story on why the characters act in such manner. Fortunately, it worked here since the small plots served as real back stories that did not sound forced nor contrived. What I like about the film is that no one claims to be a saint. Everyone knows what they’re doing and that they’re just taking advantage of the situation given to them. The location of the film does look too posh (and costly), and it gave the director and the cinematographer some opportunities for very nice shots, which they took advantage.

Of course, people are gonna be raving about the lines. Oh boy, the audience is really receptive every time Carmi Martin throws her lines. The whole crowd is going crazy. Additionally, it’s the subtle hints that both Anne and Cristine give to each other that will end up in all local movie confrontation lists. In relation to that, the real star of the show is the cast. Derek Ramsey was physically (and emotionally) fit to play the role of Ram. Cristine Reyes was a bit hammy in her supposedly “shining moments” and the audience isn’t sympathizing with her. But she played the role good enough that it didn’t ruin my movie watching experience. Ultimately, it was the Anne Curtis movie. Everything about her screams the role she’s playing. This is an all time best performance from her, and I doubt she’ll be able to top this.

ALSO: The scene where both Cristine and Anne are in their bikinis beside the pool is already worth the admission price!

This is nowhere the best film of all time lists but for the camp factor alone, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this. Everyone will love to watch all the confrontation scenes over and over again. Plus, It’s Anne and Cristine in bikinis! Oh, and the story too. 🙂

Grade: B+

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  1. haha! i died with envy upon seeing the two girls’ bikini-clad bodies by the pool. oh boy!

  2. I agree. It’s definitely an Anne Curtis movie.

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