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In order to maintain a healthy relationship with others, it is a BIG MUST that you maintain one with yourself. Therefore, it is indeed needed to spend some “me time” with yourself. Not only does it make you do some crazy things that only you can understand, it also keeps you sane and grounded. 🙂

After hearing some negative things about me earlier this day, I have decided to give myself a treat. After all, the only person who can understand me the most is myself. I hurriedly left the office and went to Alabang Town Center to pamper myself. I was on the verge of watching Real Steel and/or What’s My Number, but both have already started when I reach the mall. I just decided to roam around with my jumbo Cookies and Cream Blizzard and canvassed for a new external hard drive (because my laptop is begging me to have one).

I must admit that it was a big relief; although I must say that it was at the expense of my huge belly. But what the hell? If an ice cream will give me the much needed companion for that afternoon, then so be it. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that I was looking for. I was ready to go home and continue work over there when impulse suddenly controlled me, and the next thing I knew, I was already at Festival Supermall. I looked for books, magazines, and some other stuff that will make me forget the bad things that I have heard. I left my phone unreachable so that I won’t be bothered with anything. At that time, I was just enjoying the moment.

I also stopped by a Church and went for a quick moment with God and Mama Mary. I just said thanks for all the blessings that I, my family, friends, and loved ones are receiving. I also thanked Him for the progress that the Given Grace Cebanico case had. Furthermore, I prayed for YOU; that you may be guided into thinking and doing the correct things. 🙂 I went to a last stop and had a haircut so that my “tour” will be worth it. Once home, I had my hair cut and a new external hard driver to boot! (Yay!)

Of course, this does not mean that you need tons of money to make yourself feel happy (though it can be helpful. HAHAHA).  To be honest, the most fulfilling part of my day was when I talked to God. A close second of course was when I had a new EHD. LOL. Bottom line is, it’s not bad to take yourself out every once in a while. How I wish there’s mandatory date yourself day every day. Trust me, this is necessary because how people see you starts with yourself. After this day, I actually feel more loved. Why will I focus myself on one person who does not like me when there’s a looot out there who loves me? 🙂

Also, never ever focus on the negative things. If any focus is given on such, then turn them into anything positive. It definitely helps a lot. Actually, I’m already looking forward to my next date with myself. 🙂

Posted October 17, 2011 by Nicol Latayan in Personal

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