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Regal Films has its own tale of infidelities and wife swapping in My Neighbor’s Wife. In the film, two couples, the superior a.k.a the rich (Jake Cuenca and Carla Abellana) swaps partners with the inferior a.k.a the struggling (Dennis Trillo and Lovi Poe), in this stuck in the 90s melodrama about trust and betrayal.

The film, though very predictable, has some good moments in it. There are scenes that highly explained the reason why the characters act such way, but it was overpowered by the contrived attempt of the director to dig deeper than what the film actually can carry. The wife swapping scene in the middle of the film was already predictable once you see how they resolved the first one in an earlier scene in the movie. Also, there are times where in you question what the agenda of those characters are in order to believe their actions. I feel bad for Lovi Poe’s character as I don’t get why she’s being treated as the most pathetic character in the film.

The acting in the film is also half baked. Despite being pathetic, Lovi Poe squeezes everything she can to play her character and comes off as passable in the film. Jake Cuenca showed off his rare buns; sadly, it was at the expense of a film that’s not worth it. Dennis Trillo’s acting has been the same for years. I wouldn’t hold it against him because his material didn’t give him anything to do. Carla Abellana is the obvious weakest link of the four. It is very obvious how much she wants to step up and I give her credit for that, but most of the time, she comes off as a constipated comatosed ham actress on screen. I give props to Dimples Romana who was effortlessly the scene-stealer of the whole movie. She is a breath of fresh air with her comedic relief as Abellana’s business partner.

All in all, this was better as a filler episode for some melodramatic once a week TV movie. The premise is there, but everything else isn’t. Had they tried to go the other direction, then we’d probably see a much better film.

Grade: C


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