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First things first: this is not a gay movie. Nor is it a film about homosexuality. It saddens me to see people who feel that way. When I saw this months ago in a film showing in a top university, the crowd was going crazy wild thinking it was some sort of a soft core porn. If anything, the film is sensual and stimulating to the mind. ūüôā

Sayaw is the story of Marlon (Avelino) who likes his¬†literature¬†professor Karen (Garcia). Since he’s not doing great in her class, he decided to compensate it by enrolling in Karen’s another class: dancing. But in order for him to do well, he asked the help of fellow classmate and Karen’s dancing class assistant, Dennis (Nacino). What happened next is a combination of a bizarre relationship among he three characters, with some dancing and poetry in between.

Initially, I have reservations with how the filmmaker and screenwriter tried to¬†spoonfeed ¬†the viewers on how they should interpret the poems. Every line is being explained by the teacher in her own interpretation; there’s no room left for the audience to interpret it in their own way. But of course, I spoke too soon. I love how the filmmaker balances the feat of giving too much and still holding back to the audience. That’s probably one of the reasons why I admire this film.

As for the technical aspect, I commend on how the film translates the intricate and delicate choreography through the cinematography. It was delightfully captured on screen. The editing is passable with some brilliant moments and some that could have been better. The music is a vital component in this film, and it finds its rhythm together with the rest of the film.

Surprisingly, the acting is nothing to be ashamed of. Jean Garcia is a given already, but her compassionate performance as the teacher makes you appreciate how dedicated she was not only in that role, but as an actress in general. The two young actors did not outdo each other. With every move and every dance, the undeniable chemistry is sizzling right there in your eyes.

Films that tackle art in various forms only come once in a blue moon. This is one of those films. For that reason alone, it deserves to be seen by more people.

Grade: A

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3 responses to “REVIEW: Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa

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  1. Wrong release date sa mainstream cinemas sayang na-pull out agad.

  2. Sadly. Tsk tsk. Sobrang sayang. Sana a week earlier man lang. Nakasurvive man lang sana. Di ko alam kung may nagpapalabas pa eh. Maganda pa naman.

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