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After the very successful No Other Woman (which is officially the highest grossing local film of all time), one might think how Star Cinema and Viva Films will follow that superb path. When in doubt, then go with Vice Ganda. This military themed comedy about how a gay man sacrifices his identity in order to save his family is having the last laugh with its box office success.

Vice Ganda plays Benjamin Santos, the flagbearer of the iconic name that spells machismo and hero at the same time. When his famous grandfather (who holds the same name) figured out that he’s gay, his family was altogether banned from the entire clan. Tables turned when this specific Benjamin Santos, together with a bunch of imperfect friends, became the life saver of the clan that threw his family off.

The movie uses a specific type of humor to carry the film. Sarcasm is their best weapon, and if that’s the kind of humor you are looking for, then you’re in for a very fun ride. Lucky for me, I do well at sarcasm and the film had me rolling in stitches. The dialogues are not deep and relied on the delivery of the actors. There are still some weak and failed jokes that obviously has been recycled to death already. I also do feel that there are no need for cameos and some pop culture references that were mentioned in the film. Most of them failed to give justice to what they are supposed to do.

Still, this is the Vice Ganda show. The role was tailor made for him, and the lines were obviously written for him. Had this been any other actor in the lead role, then  it wouldn’t have had the same success. The supporting cast were good as well, though most of the jokes were straight from their personal life. Everything in the film seems calculated from the actors to the roles. Good thing though is that this is not the type of film that must be taken seriously. So it works.

If you want to laugh out loud like there’s no tomorrow, then I recommend you to watch this one. On the other hand, serious “critic” reviewers must avoid this like a plague. They’ll be missing the point of the entire film.

Grade: B-


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6 responses to “REVIEW: Praybeyt Benjamin

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  1. Nakakabwisit lang si DJ Durano dito, sablay na sablay ang punchlines buti pa yung no-name na 8th member nila mas natawa pa ako

  2. Well, wala na tayong magagawa. Hahaha. Forever na yang andyan! Wenn-DJ na ang next na Guy-PIp. HAHAHAHAHA!

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  4. what a funny movie. . sumakit talaga ang tyan ko dun. . sana may part 2. . medyo bitin kac ako eh. . haha. pero ok na din yun. . nakakatawa c kean dun. . haha.

  5. in fairness nagandahan naman ako kahit medyo malabo ng konti ang kwento.>>>>>>>>>>>…….

  6. This movie is entertaining but should at least be rated PG-13 because of its homosexual references. I don’t understand why the MTRCB gave it a PG only. The movie not only sensationalized homosexuality but subliminally encouraged it. Homosexual relationships may be legal under civil law but it shouldn’t be exposed brutally out in the open where children can easily pick up the behaviour. If the MTRCB will rate this movie PG for uninhibited exposure to homosexual behavior, then it should only give a rating of PG-13 for movies with nudity, gross violence, and other sensitive subject matter like paedophilia and incest. I have nothing personal against homosexuality. But if MTRCB can’t do its job right, then it should be disbanded.

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