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Star Cinema’s second installment to the Sarah Geronimo-Gerald Anderson team up faces a tough challenge as it follows the record breaking one two punch of No Other Woman and Praybeyt Benjamin. However, with the good word of mouth that this movie deserves to get, this will definitely be a blockbuster on its own.

As for starters, both Sarah and Gerald are playing new characters. Sarah plays DJ Heidi, a famous radio love adviser, while Gerald is Andrew Escalona, a former playboy slash car lover. When Heidi accidentally convinces a caller to break up with his boyfriend (which happened to be Andrew), chaos and romance simultaneously overlaps giving love an infamous image.

Some disclaimers first: I’m a big Sarah Geronimo fanboy, and I’ve seen all of her starrer films on the first day of showing. There’s really something about her that makes her films appealing and relaxing to watch. Her high pitch delivery, together with her witty facial expressions, did not miss a beat in this film. Gerald Anderson has really came a long way from his Big Brother stint, as he had already mastered the romantic stare and proper angles to the camera. There are times when you can see his Budoy character in some deliveries, but I bet that people will forget that the moment he takes off his shirt. Special mention is given to Joey de Leon, in his most natural and enjoyable role in a while. His rock star character lights up the scene and gives it a natural and charming feeling that complimented Geronimo’s and Anderson’s chemistry.

I’ve learned that this is director’s Raz de la Torre’s first feature, and he did a good job with it. You can feel the enthusiasm and overflowing ideas of the director, yet he did not overdo any of his scenes, something that most first time directors are too conscious about that they miss the point of avoiding it. de la Torre is a good balance to the cast’s overwhelming presence, and hats off that he did not give in to the very tempting “overdone” effect. I’m also interested to know how much of the script was adlib and how much was not. There were a lot of very catchy and memorable lines there.

Don’t get me wrong; this is not a perfect film. Of course, there’s the usual rushed Star Cinema technical difficulties which happened to majority of their films. It’s also somehow long, but it’s not overdone. There were some unnecessary scenes, but it won’t bother you that much.

All in all, this is a good film. You already know what the ending will be like the moment you entered the cinemas, but it’s the journey on the way to the predicted conclusion that stood out here. Won’t Last a Day Without You is a nice, refreshing film that showed some potentials. If you see people not smiling when they came out of the cinema, then they weren’t able to experience love at one point in their lives. 🙂

Grade: B+


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26 responses to “REVIEW: Won’t Last a Day Without You

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  1. i’m a sarah fan too. this movie is way too far from catch me i’m in love. predictable yet i enjoy the movie. i can’t help but smile, laugh and be teary eyed while watching. THIS IS A MUST SEE MOVIE. you’ll understand what love mean to other people and what love can do =).

  2. Most certainly agreed with everything u said. I did not plan to go with the queue yesterday and watch the flick but it was worth it. It made me feel good and it left a big grin on my face after I saw the film. No high expectations but for sure it will be at par in blockbuster sales with its two previous films shown. Bottom line: I love the film. 🙂

  3. korek…..napakaganda ng movie nila sarah super dami ng nkapila yesterday sa opening day ng movie…gudluck sana mag2loy 2loy na ang success.lovu sarah g.

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  5. Disclaimer: I’m in love with Gerald Anderson 4evz!

    I find the film very very effective kasi ang receptive ng audience! As in everyone was laughing, cheering, and kinikilig! Super better than their first one! 🙂

  6. i love sarah geronimo and gerald anderson chemistry
    congratulations 2 ur new movie
    love it!!!!!:)

    more movies and projects to come……!!!

  7. i have not yet watched the movie but i know it will break the box office records. The chemistry between Sarah and Gerald is excellent. And they are very talented indeed. God bless both of you

  8. It is really fun, entertaining movie of the year. I love them both . I’ve watched all the movies of Sarah and Gerald but I believe Catch me I;m fallen and Won;’t last a day are the greatest love story movie I;ve ever seen.

    Congrats Star Cinema. Sana may part three.

  9. This movie confirms that am a certified Sarah-Gerald Fan 🙂 Loved “Catch me…” and loved this too! Won’t be surprised if it breaks the record set by Vice’s movie… The director I believe was the writer of the Sarah-JLC starrers… Saw WLADWY on it’s first day and I intend to watch it again on the weekend… Attention ABS-CBN: We have magic here… 🙂 How about an episode for MMK or why not guest Sarah in BUDOY? 🙂 Or a weekly show of their own? (I was gonna suggest a teleserye but that might be too expensive).

    To Sarah and Gerald, Sir Joey, Sweet, and the rest of the cast, Direk Raz…Congratulations!

    More projects please! 🙂

  10. Grabe ang kilig 🙂 SASA & GEGE :))) as in Dj heidee ( baby girl) and Andrew Escalona hahahaha. Cute movie ever!

  11. am also a fan of sarah..and i really2 like her..actually bagay cla ni gerald.hehhe..sana cla na ang magkatuluyan..

  12. It was a great movie. I watched it yesterday that I still want to do it again! It was a different kind of story which is much better than their first movie..It is true that this movie is amazing..You’ll laugh, cry and feel it..:P Sarah and Gerald’s acting is superb!

  13. My friends and i watched this movie yesterday at trinoma cinema 6. grabe jampacked pila palang panalo na. nakakatuwang nageenjoy mga tao sa loob of all ages and guess what? Boss Vic del Rosario was sitting in front of us listening to the happy and cheering crowd. Sarah ang Gerald for the win!

  14. It was a very nice movie. Sarah and Gerald have this chemistry that it would make you fall in love with the story.They were both good actors, i hope there would be next time again that would make “madlang pipol” be “kilig kilig”. Good job both of you!!!Congratulations!!!

  15. super nice movie. I watched it twice already and I plan to watch it for the third time 🙂

  16. sige na nga manonood ako…

  17. i don’t like the movie because its a typical love story..It’s not a unique, inspiring movie..It’s just a waste of time and money..They should try to level up to the foreign movies like The Notebook, A walk to remember, 5o first date and etc…Dig deeper guyz…

  18. Correct!!!! sayang lang ang pera nyo sa panonood….im not happy with the ending, its very common, right??? mas marami pang magagandang indie film na love story na mas less pa ang budget s paggawa ng movie…pls stop watching, else your a fan of sarah and gerald…

  19. its da best movie of sarah and gerald ive ever watched…..gumanda na lalo ang pag arte ni sarah..galing na nya…its a worthy movie to watch for……kya dapat watch na para kiligin din kau..haha.. ung mga bitter sa LOVE watch na kau para mawala ang bitterness nyo..korek????

  20. i love the story naman! Ang ganda ni Megan Young

  21. It is a rip-off of the movie Accidental Husband. What a shame. I wish they try to actually think of an original story and not just shape movies from the hollywood ones. And everyone wonders why the Philippine movie industry is declining. Seriously?

  22. no comment :)) i haven’t watch yet haha but i really like gerald he`s really Good and cute 😀

  23. everyone is entitled to their own opinion… but for me i enjoyed the kababawan and the leasson about love is just oerfect!

  24. for me….di ako masyadong satisfied – typical love story na dati ng ginagawa ni sarah geronimo. walang effort as in para lang masabing may movie na nagawa. at the same time, di pa rin nagimprove ung pagarte ni sarah, though i like her but when it comes to acting patweetums pa rin. anyway, we all are entitled to our own opinion ika nga!
    VERDICT = watch nyo na lang kung wala na kayong ibang mapagtiyagaan 😉

  25. Me and my husband watched Sarah and Gerald movie in Hawaii. It was a great movie. The movie got extended for another week due to people’s demand. The movie is always full…some people are just standing coz no more chairs available. Hope both of them will have a teleserye. I’m avid fan of Sarah. When I went home last year…went to see her concert with Martin. Good Luck Sarah and Gerald…more projects to come and sana kayo na!

  26. Yes,this movie isn’t perfect,but is there such?Anyway, I simply liked this movie, ito yung tipong lalabas ka ng sinehan na nakangiti. Stress-relieving and worth-watching, kudos to sarah and gerald. Its better to still be proud of what we Filipinos have to offer…cguro me similarities nga s previous movies,pero mali naman ata n sbhn n ginaya n kaagad yun, sa dinami-dami pa nman ng movies nowadays. Anyway,we have different opinions pro we better shut up if we do not havd anything good to say.
    haha.peace to all.just sayin. May God bless sarah and gerald. 🙂

    Andreanna Morales

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