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Probably the most buzzed about film in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival, Joyce Bernal’s Segunda Mano will try to meet the expectations of everyone in order to make others believe that yes, this is, indeed, the best Kris Aquino horror film, and the one that will make you turn your lights on at night and fails to make you sleep, and be paranoid. So yeah, none of that happened.

Mabel (Kris Aquino), an antique shop owner, bought a second hand bag from her bestfriend Ana (Bangs Garcia). What she does not know is that the owner of the bag is Mariela (Angelica Panganiban), dead wife of Ivan (Dingdong Dantes) who’s now the fiance of Mabel. Ana’s boyfriend, Dindo, has the hots for Mabel as well. Sound twisted already? Wait til you watch the whole movie. It’s like a shoe lace on top of the other with all the confusing and tangled stories one after the other.

Okay, so where does the film succeed? Well as for starters, I appreciate that they try to make the story as complex as possible. It’s simply not a dead wife taking shots at her previous husband’s fiancee. So, I guess I’ll give them that. Was it scary? There are parts that were effectively creepy, as based on the reactions of the audience. However, there’s nothing here that wasn’t done before, and there’s nothing new that they delivered.

Kris Aquino’s acting has stayed the same every single time. From Feng Shui to Sukob to Dalaw, there’s nothing new that she delivered here. Her kunot noo is still present, her maarte screams are still visible, and she still runs as if she honestly wants the ghost to chase her. Dingdong Dantes is a big improvement though SHOUTING DOES NOT MEAN ACTING. He has his moments, and i’s arguably his best performance yet, but nothing award-worthy. Angelica Panganiban is very underutilized. How I wish it was her who swaps roles with Kris. The best performance in the film (and I’m frickin serious here) belongs to Bangs Garcia. Definitely a scene-stealer with all her funny scenes in the movie.

You’ll be confused if this is a comedy or a horror film. If this is a comedy film, this is one of the best comedies of the year. If this is horror, it’s the same old film that you can skip and miss. This is one of the reasons why overhyping a movie fails; 90% of the time, they fail to deliver, as is the case of Segunda Mano.

Grade: C+


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12 responses to “REVIEW: Segunda Mano

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  1. The “bili na, may ari niyan patay na” in the trailer really made me leave the lights on; twas so creepy (especially for a girl who loves ukay). Haha is this a case of trailer beats movie?

  2. Wait, mag-best friend dito si Kris at si Bangs?! Dun pa lang, may suspension of disbelief na…haller?! Pwede na silang mag-ina…

  3. “Segunda Mano” is by far the weakest and the lamest Kris Aquino horror movie. It lacks supernatural scares present in Feng Shui. There is hardly any characterizations. The special effects barely work at all. And, for the record, it is a quintessential example of a miscast film.

  4. Tisa, don’t be fooled. It’s not even in the actual movie.

  5. I have to agree with this review. Pero, medyo creepy ‘yung story para sa akin. Nasayang lang sa pag-execute nito. Exciting para sa akin ang last 20 minutes pero ‘yun lang ‘yun. I also wrote a review 🙂

  6. i agree with this review. siguro nga better ang movie if nag-exchange roles na lang si kris at angelica.

  7. Check to all what the writer said in his/her review. There are some scenes in the trailer that are not in the movie. It was so inconsistent! Kriz Aquino’s acting was terrible. Yes, they have nice storyline but doesn’t make the movie worth the queue and the money.

  8. Oh God. Ang storyline ng segunda mano, parang sa White Lady lang. Same twist – the ghost was actually just trying to protect the person who the audience thought was the ghost was attacking. Plus, si Angelica pa rin ang ghost na ginamit. It was so predictable. About 15 minutes into the film, the part where Dingdong was sad because his wife left him, I already knew that he was the one who killed Angelica.

    Overall, although the effects were well done, it had a mediocre execution and a terrible duplicate storyline. 1.9 out of 5 stars.

  9. “Kris Aquino’s acting has stayed the same every single time.”
    You hit that on the right joint! :))

  10. One of the worst Pinoy horror movies I have seen. Honestly, It was a pain to watch. Kris Aquino underacted, DingDong overacted (and still failed) and Angelica, I agree was underutilized. The story is predictable and the scares are not at all scary. From start to finish the ghost appearances are so-so. I give it 1 out of 5. The film was so bad, I could have done a better one with the same material. 🙂 Not even worth watching on DVD.

  11. Segunda mano is really a big disappointment for me. It lacks scary effects to audience, and the story is very common that an ordinary viewer like me can predict what will happened next.

  12. The worst pinoy horror movie ever! I was so disappointed with the way the movie was made. The story arc has poor justification! example: how is it possible that there’s a child ghost when mariela died at an adult age? If she didnt die when she was a child then why she didnt come back to her sis n mom? So dumb script writer! As to the director…sorry man you had the worst direction of this movie,
    there were a lot of scenes thats so stupid, unrealistic n nonsense just like the way you put frightening background sounds in an unecessary scenes…i think this whole movie project is just using Kris to fool people n make money…this industry just didnt grow up so to say! Shake, Rattle n Roll 13 is even better!

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