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Now that we’re finally over with the Metro Manila Film Festival frenzy, the local film industry starts 2012 with a drama that tackles a very familiar territory: OFWs leaving their families. In John D. Lazatin’s “A Mother Story”, Meding (Pokwang) is a make up artist who was invited by a celebrity to join her in the US for a week for her concert. While there, she decided to stay for good as an illegal worker and served as a nanny to two lawyers through the help of her high school best friend, Helen (Beth Tamayo). Seven years later, she goes back to the Philippines, and there, she figured how different and difficult the situation was after she left.

The story was nothing new, as it has been told multiple times before (and was even delivered better than this). I feel the film lacks the necessary oomph to make it stand out on its own or at least even be memorable. Comparisons to more successful movies similar to it were unnecessary, but at the same time, they’re inevitable.  Even the climax has no impact at all, and that was the final straw for people to appreciate the entire movie. I also saw some random inconsistencies within the production design involving the house of Meding’s family as it change from one scene to the other, even when they’re just changing camera angles. The ending was pretty confusing as well, and it just tried to put a period on the different conflicts introduced by the writers.

The only redeeming point of the film is the lead star Pokwang. Her performance is something that we all knew she had in her, but she still wasn’t given the proper material to show it. It was until this movie that she proved she is, in no way, a one note actress. Maybe the material is something that hits her home, or maybe not, but she completely hit it out of the park in this one. Beth Tamayo was good as her former high school bestfriend, and Xyriel Manabat is as consistent as ever. Daria Ramirez, Nonie Buencamino, and Ana Capri were provided supporting characters, though the writing was pretty lacking. Speaking of lacking, Jaime Fabregas was a character I never understood in the film, as I see him as a literal transition among scenes in the film.

All in all, this is a genuine effort, but this is a stripped down, tired version of a story that works better as an episode of a weekly TV drama.

Grade: B-


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2 responses to “REVIEW: A Mother’s Story

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  1. i assume that the a mother story is graded A

  2. she (pokwang) can truly make you laugh and cry.

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