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It’s the Golden Globes tomorrow, and while everyone else is busy coming up with their predictions, let’s give focus on the first televised awards show every year (of course one might argue that the Critics Choice Awards is the first televised, but it’s not seen around the world). The Golden Globes is comprised of members from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a group of journalists that gives donations and funds some film related causes and activities. The annual Golden Globe Awards is seen by over 150 countries all over the world. This year marks the 69th celebration of the Golden Globes. Anyway, here are what I consider the five best and worst things  in this annual festivities.


1. They honor those who did not win Emmys

When talking about the most recent and glaring snubs on the Emmys, names such as Steve Carell, Sandra Oh, and Frances Conroy will appear. And while they are (still) criminally snubbed for Emmys, they were honored at the Golden Globes for some of their most memorable TV appearances. Globes rarely rubber stamp when it comes to TV winners (unless you’re Mad Men or Sarah Jessica Parker), but the names mentioned above together with Frances Conroy, Michael C. Hall, Hugh Laurie, Jason Bateman, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Garner, Martin Sheen, and Kim Cattrall were never ignored by the Globes.

2. They honor those who weren’t even nominated by the Emmys

While those people from the previous item all went home Emmyless, at least they got honored with multiple nominations at the Emmys. However, there are those who weren’t even recognized at all, and it was only at the Globes that they got their overdue mention. Chloe Sevigny for Big Love? Check. Katey Sagal for Sons of Anarchy? Check. Ricky Gervais for The Office? Check as well. And they even mention those who give wonderful performance in miniseries and TV movies such as Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Elvis and Uma Thurman in Hysterical Blindness.

3. The division of the drama and the musical/comedy categories

Dying is easy, comedy is hard. That’s one of the most famous sayings that every actor is aware of. And while most award giving bodies prefer dramatic performance, the Globes allot time to expand recognition by doing a musical/comedy category. It’s good since most of them won’t contend for a top five status for an Oscar, but they are worthy enough to get some mentions, so the Globes is the perfect place to reward them. Think of Nicole Kidman in “To Die For”, Reese Witherspoon for “Legally Blonde”, Laura Linney in “The Squid and the Whale” and tomorrow’s nominee Kristin Wiig for “Bridesmaids” for females, and Gene Hackman in “The Royal Tenenbaums”, Hugh Grant in “About A Boy”, Joseph Gordon Levitt in “500 Days of Summer”, and even Matthew Broderick in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. All of them snubbed for other award giving bodies, yet all of them mentioned by the Globes.

4. The no strict foreign language film implementation

At the Oscars, the process of being a foreign language film nominee is so long, that it seems as if we are witnessing a Miss Universe pageant. Only one representative must be sent per country, so those who weren’t chosen won’t be able to contend ever. That gives unfair advantage to those countries who produce multiple critically acclaimed films in a year. That affected movies such as A Very Long Engagement, Malena, Talk to Her, Lust Caution, and I Am Love since they weren’t their country’s representative (and some weren’t even considered at all). The Globes, however, does not apply the same rule; thus, it can reward any foreign language film they think is deserving such as those pictured above,

5. It is the biggest and most fun award giving party body.

Time and again, the one good thing that makes the Globes more fun is that everyone there is just off to have a good time. It lacks the formality of the SAGs and the Oscars, and not as laid back as the Grammys. It is the perfect venue for celebrities to have a good time. That comes with free wine and chocolates of course. Remember Paul Giammatti’s speech about the never ending Godiva chocolates? How about Jennifer Garner’s too much wine to drink? It also gives celebrities to catch up with each other. Who knew that Scarlett Johansson and Helen Mirren are pals? Anne Hathaway and Zach Braff? Weren’t you interested to know what Teri Hatcher is laughing about? What do Christina Aguilera and Cher are chatting about? And wouldn’t you like to be in between Emma Stone and Mila Kunis above? The HFPA knows how to throw a party in good style.


1. Unlimited number of nominees

One good thing when you get nominated in this type of awards is that you belong to a certain distinct club, as it makes you the cream of the crop. However, what if there’s an overloading amount of nominees in your category? It probably is, for the winner, but it makes you think less of the nominees as it lessens the prestige of making it in. Take the case of 2002 Best Supporting Actor nominees with nine(!) nominations. Eventual winner Donald Sutherland (for Path to War) must be proud, but not one of those eight other guys. The Globes are very guilty of this.

2. The very wide variety of the Supporting Actor and Actress categories

One main reason why there’s an overlapping number of nominees in some categories is because there are ridiculous ones such as the Supporting Actor (and Actress) in a TV, TV movie, or miniseries category. The HFPA just lumped them altogether in one category where there are probably 250-300 eligible performers. Besides, how do you even classify which is the best especially since acting for a comedy series and a drama series are very different. In 2006, you got Sandra Oh (nominated for a drama where she is funny), Elizabeth Perkins (nominated for a comedy, and is funny and dramatic), Candice Bergen (nominated for a dramedy), then Camryn Manheim (playing support as Elvis Presley’s mom), and Joanne Woodward (on Paul Newman’s last effort). Crazy right? This is also the category that’s difficult to predict nomination-wise.

3. The confusing mid season recognition

Since the eligibility of the Globes is from January 1- December 31, it is confusing how much of a season are they recognizing in terms of series nominees (and even performer nominees). There have been lots of times when a series does not live up from the greatness of the previous season, and it still gets rewarded at the Globes. Think of Grey’s Anatomy latter part of Season 3- early season 4, House (late season 5-early season 6) getting noms, and the likes of Desperate Housewives and Glee (latter of Season 1 – early Season 2), even getting repeat wins.

4. The Cecil B. DeMille Award

The giving of the Cecil B. DeMille Award is the part every Golden Globes that is closely related to the “Lifetime Achievement Award”. Of course, they have given a lot of very deserving mentions and accolades the past few years such as Alfred Hitchcock, Audrey Hepburn, Sir Laurence Olivier, and Robert Redford. However, the past three years, the recipients chosen were coincidentally people who have something to promote. In 2009, Steven Spielberg was chosen (originally for 2008 until the ceremony was canceled because of the Writers Strike) and he has the new Indiana Jones film that time. In 2010, Martin Scorsese was awarded and he has Shutter Island to promote. Last year, Robert de Niro was awarded, and he has a movie coming up. Now this year, Morgan Freeman gets the award, and as we all know, the Dark Knight Rises is showing this summer. Not saying any of those men were undeserving, but it just degrades the “credibility” of the award.

5. The HFPA are certified star whores

Since it is already given that they give the “movie star party of the year”, it is a big pressure to the HFPA to get the stars coming up to attend the Globes. As you may know, these stars have lives on their own, and unless they are nominated, they rarely go and attend awards ceremonies since it is a big hassle on their part (especially those who weren’t living in LA). So what the HFPA do is give them “nominations” to have big stars attend their event. Remember in 2005 when Renee Zellwegger got nommed for Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason? Or in 2009 when Tom Cruise got in for Tropic Thunder? The year after, Julia Roberts got a surprise nom for Duplicity. The Globes are also notorious in giving nods to those who have possible “Oscar chance” in order to give credibility to their name. Most of the time, it works, other times it didn’t (that pathetic nom Halle Berry got for Best Actress last year). However, the biggest case of starwhoring that they did was when they nominated box office and critics flop The Tourist for 3 categories: Best Picture (Musical/Comedy), Best Actor for Johnny Depp, and Best Actress for Angeline Jolie.  Even spokesperson from the film was shocked that they got in for Comedy category. Globes got what they wanted though when the stars attended the event.

Later, I’ll be posting my Golden Globe predictions in all categories. So what are your favorite Golden Globe moments? 🙂


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6 responses to “The 5 Best and Worst Things About the Golden Globes

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  1. Haha. The only reason why I watch GG is to keep my Oscar predictions more informed. LOL

  2. I like the fact they separate the comedies (but I don’t get why they have to lumped musical pa) but i hate the best supporting for everything for TV!

  3. Yeah! Good didea yung comedies na yun, though bakit nga may musical part pa? Hahaha. And yes, sobrang laking achievement na pag nanalo ka ng Best Supporting for Anything. Hahaha.

  4. May musicals na dramatic naman at sana totoong musical talaga hindi tulad ng My Week with Marillyn haha

  5. Fantastic write up. Keep up the very first rate work.

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