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So this is the last Golden Globe related moment blog post, and I’m off to a hiatus first before I push through with the SAGs. Anyway, after knowing how well you fared with your predictions and knowing who made your best dressed list, the last thing that completes the post awards show review is a recap of the most memorable moments. Whether it may be acceptance speeches, wacky presentations, or just fancy audience shots, these are twelve of those that will still be talked about and be most remembered even after the show has already ended.

1. Modern Family speech courtesy of Sofia Vergara and Steve Levitan

Finally getting their first victory (after losing twice to Glee), the Modern Family gang proved why they are, indeed, the best comedy champs. Of course we all know that Steve Levitan is a master when it comes to speeches, but doing it simultaneously with Sofia Vergara made it doubly special (and doubly funny) as well. Julie Bowen grabbing Sofia added tot he fun of this good ensemble.

2. Meryl Streep’s surprising speech

It is already a given that Meryl Streep gives some of the best acceptance speeches among actors. And though you already know how she’ll discredit herself despite the greatness that she’s showing, it doesn’t come off as false humility or fake at all. This year, she gets to mention the wide array of good performances by female actors in a leading role from Tilda Swinton to Glenn Close up to Jane Eyre’s Mia Wasikowska and Pariah’s Adepero Oduye. And she also gets to say a curse (when she forgot to have her glasses). Melissa Leo, take notes.

3. Johnny Depp interrogated by Ricky Gervais

One joke that will go down as one of the bests ever in the history of the Golden Globes is the nomination of The Tourist in three categories last year. Of course, it was already beat to death last year by Ricky Gervais. But nothing is better when Gervais asked first presenter Johnny Depp, just to make it clear, if he did see The Tourist. A laughing Depp answered “no” tot he audience. That was the only saving bit in an otherwise blah opening.

4. Peter Dinklage’s acceptance speech

After winning the Emmy, Dinklage gave another heartfelt speech that started with his Mom thinking that Guy Pearce will win. However, the best part of his speech was when he mentioned people to google this certain Martin Henderson in the UK. After actually googling it, the story was about a dwarf man who was abused and mistreated by a group of famous sportsmen. Very touching speech, Mr. Lannister.

Photo courtesy of: Entertainment Tonight

5. George Clooney appearing in a cane

In a traditional act of sporting bromance, Brad Pitt and George Clooney presented each other’s nominated film for Best Picture: Drama. Brad did it first when he introduced The Ides of March appearing in a cane (as he was in a ski accident just days before the event). Later during the program, before introducing Moneyball, Clooney came out with a cane as well, before returning it saying “he (Pitt) couldn;t go to the bar without it”. Clooney really knows how to handle a crowd.

6. Best musical presentation

Two years ago, Felicity Huffman made Globe news when she flubbed across her lines before introducing the HFPA president. However, she knows how to make a good comeback, by singing along the lines of their presentation before announcing Jessica Lange as the winner. Now, someone please cast them in a musical soon.

Photo courtesy of: XposurePhotos.com

7. Madonna fires back to Ricky Gervais

Last year, the audience was still reserved in answering back Ricky’s tirade one after the other. However, people clearly underestimated the audience this year. While the likes of Antonio Banderas and Colin Firth tried to make it funnier, pop queen Madonna took a different approach. After Gervais tried to do a sarcastic cough after introducing Madonna as “like a virgin”, the material girl answered back and said “If I’m still a virgin, Ricky, why don’t you come over here and do something about it. I haven’t kissed a girl in a few years…on TV.” This elicited a thunderous applause, and it made Ricky Gervais chicken out and run on the opposite side of the stage as seen in the photo.

8. The hilarious presentation of Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical

Last year, Robert Downey’s made a Blue Valentine episode with then nominees Annette Bening, Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Julianne Moore, and Emma Stone marked as one of the better presentations of that night. So it’s pretty hard to top that this year. Who would have thought that it will just take Seth Rogen’s penis to do the trick? After being introduced to present with the ravishing Kate Beckinsale, Seth Rogen simply said “Hello, I’m Seth Rogen. And I am currently trying to conceal a massive erection”. The rest, as they say, is premature ejaculation history.

9. Best penis joke of the night goes to…

As if George Clooney’s cane act isn’t enough, George did make the crowd howl once more when he accepted the award for Best Actor: Drama for The Descendants. Recognizing co-nominee Michael Fassbender’s nudity on his film “Shame”, he then quipped “I would like to thank Michael Fassbender for taking over the frontal nude responsibly that I had. “Really Michael, honestly, you can play golf like this with your hands behind your back. Go for it man, do it!” A giggly Fassbender was just laughing in the audience.

10. She’s there behind you. You’ve been warned.

Well who doesn’t love Tina Fey? Even the cameras do! When the camera obligatory panned to Amy Poehler as she was announced as a nominee for Best Television Actress: Musical/Comedy, co-nominee and close friend Tina Fey appeared on the back making goofy faces. If it was Tina  Fey who’ll appear on my back, I’ll be glad to share the spotlight with her. LELZ.

11. The breezy Cecil B. DeMille presentation

Usually, the Cecil B. DeMille presentation is the usual time for actors and actresses to do a re-touch (yes, Angelina Jolie, I’m looking at you). However, this year, it all went so fast. Thanks to the very entertaining introduction of Helen Mirren (who doesn’t love a Dame? Come on, srsly) and the heartfelt speech of Morgan Freeman. Plus it isn’t a bore when you listen to a voice like that of Mr. Freeman’s. Now if only all lifetime achievement presentations are like this one.

12. Uggie shows his tricks to the crowd

Probably the most famous dog this awards season, The Artist’s Uggie went onstage together with the cast and the producers when they were called on as the Best Picture: Musical/Comedy. And while producer was rambling on with his speech, the whole audience was busy being fascinated with Uggie’s tricks as assisted by Best Actor: Musical/Comedy winner Jean Dujardin. Surely, Uggie is here to stay. it makes me wonder how much will jump the Uggie bandwagon within the next few months. Argh.

So what are your favorite moments at last night’s Golden Globes? Care to share? 🙂


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  1. What are you smoking? Meryl Streep is not known for giving some of the best acceptance speeches. And her feigned false humility at this point shows she’s not a very good actress when it comes to being REAL. Her false surprise was insulting and ridiculous. She was, as usual, in a horrid dress… she was, as usual, unprepared without a speech, rambling, sounding ditzy… When I’ve seen her on talk shows, she reveals herself as not very articulate or intelligent. It seems to be true that actors who best disappear into roles are the ones who are bland and boring in real life. The same is true of Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt and Renee Zellweger.

    Now, on the other hand, contradicting myself, Dustin Hoffman is a genius when it comes to disappearing into a role, and in person he is bright, charismatic, poised and interesting. But back to Meryl… her “speech” wasn’t even a speech. It was a rambling train wreck. She needs to take lessons from Jane Lynch, and stop pretending to be surprised when she wins.

    • Meryl is actually campaigning so hard for Viola Davis, and though the shock was somewhat exaggerated, I think she feels Viola has this all the way. I don’t find anything about it insulting and ridiculous though. 🙂 Plus, I think it’s a given that she’s a hit or miss in terms of red carpet fashion. Thanks for the response, though. 🙂

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