84th Oscar Acting Class? Who’ll Be Back? Who’s Gone for Good?   2 comments

Every year, once the Oscar nominees are announced, we ( or maybe I) wonder who’s gonna be back. Will there be another chance for the perceived front runner who did not win to get a shot at the Oscar again? There are times when losing consecutively makes you the overdue in Oscar’s eyes (Renee Zellweger), or they simply think you still have a shot next time that they’ll take you for granted every single time (Meryl Streep?). So I looked up the history of actors getting repeat nominations after their first one, and here’s what I got for an eleven year span.

NOTE: I did not include last two years’ batch (Bridges-Bullock-Waltz-Mo’nique and Firth-Portman-Bale-Leo), as I find it too short a period to base it. Anyway, here’s what I got:

Out of 20 acting nominees, only ____ returned as nominees,

 72nd Academy Awards: 13 (Crowe, Penn, Washington, Bening, McTeer, Moore, Streep, Swank, Caine, Law, Jolie, Keener, Morton)
73rd Academy Awards: 11 (Bardem, Crowe, Harris, Rush, Linney, Bridges, del Toro, Finney,Dench, Harden, McDormand)
74th Academy Awards:
10 (Penn, Smith, Wilkinson, Dench, Kidman, Zellweger, Kingsley, Mirren, Tomei, Winslet)
75th Academy Awards*:
4 (Day Lewis, Kidman, Zellweger, Streep)
76th Academy Awards:
4 (Penn, Depp, Theron, Hounsou)
77th Academy Awards*:
7 (Depp, di Caprio, Bening, Winslet, Blanchett, Linney, Portman)
78th Academy Awards:
6 (Hoffman, Ledger, Dench, Clooney, Adams, Williams)
79th Academy Awards:
5 (Cruz, Mirren, Streep, Winslet, Blanchett)
80th Academy Awards*:
3 (Clooney, Bardem, Hoffman)
81st Academy Awards**:
6 (Pitt. Leo, Streep, Adams, Cruz, Davis) 

* – only 19 acting nominees due to double nominations **- only 19 acting nominees due to a posthumous nomination

From the looks of it, getting a repeat Oscar nom in a year isn’t as easy as one must expect. I mean who would have thought that Tom Hanks last nomination was already 11 years ago? Same goes for Julia Roberts. And you know we’re still waiting for that second nomination for Imelda Staunton and Keira Knightley. Also, it seems two to three winners per year must expect their win as their last Oscar nomination.  So if we take into consideration those factors, here’s my answer to the twenty acting nominees:

Demián Bichir – Surprisingly, I can see a Javier Bardem type of projects for Bichir, and I can see him being the go to guy for villanous roles. I wouldn’t close his Oscar windows yet, so I’d say YES

George Clooney – Come on, this is Mr. Clooney. He’s one actor the Academy loves to nominate. So YES

Jean Dujardin – Dujardin’s too hammy in The Artist, and while he was perfect in it, I don’t think he’ll get an acclaimed role like this one. He’s one of the frontrunners, so he won’t be bothered once he won, but so far, it’s NO

Gary Oldman – Many people think that since he got in already, it will be easier to reward him again. On the other hand, it can also go to another direction. Now that he got nominated, people can probably stop whining about him being ignored by Oscar. He can still do well with supporting roles so a Christopher Plummer, so I’d flip and say YES

Brad Pitt – He keeps getting better roles, as he ages. I’m sure Oscar will give in soon. YES

Viola Davis – She’s likely to win this year, and basing from Halle and Whoopi, Oscars have a hard time nominating black actresses multiple times. However, she’s slowly building her resume within the Academy. Right now, I’d say NO

Glenn Close – Who knew she’d get in 22 years after her last nomination? However, this was supposedly her best shot. Right now, NO

Rooney Mara – Don’t be fooled as she might be your typical next A-list actress and Hollywood’s future. But we also said that to Keira and Carey and Ellen and Anne. How many of them received follow up noms so far? Nada. So I’d say NO

Meryl Streep – Duh. And I quote Cameron Tucker, “Meryl can play Batman, and she’d still ace it” So it’s a big YES

Michelle Williams – She’s giving me a next Cate and Kate vibes when it comes to nominations, so YES

Kenneth Branagh – He’ll probably get in for another category, but so far, I’d say YES

Jonah Hill – Who could have thought? Jonah friggin Hill. If he gets in for here, then it’s not impossible. Maybe for a movie in 2045 perhaps? I won’t give up with this one. I’d say YES

Nick Nolte – Three noms and counting for Mr. Nolte. He might get in for the future, but so far, I’d say this is his last nom so NO

Christopher Plummer – He’ll be winning come Oscar night. That will be his last. NO

Max Von Sydow – Luckily nominated, but I don’t think it will still be followed. He’s 82, after all. Chances are not on his side so NO

Bérénice Bejo – Foreign film performers (aside from Penelope Cruz) rarely get repeat noms. Catherine Deneuve, Salma Hayek, Adriana Barazza, Rinko Kikuchi, and Marion Cotillard are still waiting for follow up noms so I’d say NO

Jessica Chastain – I see her as the next Amy Adams, redhead that the Academy loves to nominate. I’d be surprised to not see an Oscar for her by the end of the decade. So it’s YES

Melissa McCarthy – I love you so much, but you got lucky with this one. I think you’ll still focus on your TV career so NO

Janet McTeer – It’s a surprise follow up twelve years after her Tumbleweeds nomination. In supporting maybe, but I’m not counting on it much so NO

Octavia Spencer – She’ll be so winning, and like what I said, black actresses rarely get follow up Oscar noms (only Whoopi Goldberg and Viola Davis overcame this). Also, chances are less likely if you’re a black actress who won in Supporting (Jennifer Hudson, Mo’nique) so NO

So I say nine names will hear repeat noms in the next few years: Demian Bachir, George Clooney, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh, Jonah Hill, and Jessica Chastain. My NGNG chocies were Bachir and Hill, while any of the remaining seven might be seeing their names for the last time. I’m actually on the fence about McTeer, Nolte, and Davis, but choosing 12 is a stretch already.

Let’s see what my results are. In the meantime, what’s your say with this? Who do you think will reap follow up noms from this batch?


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2 responses to “84th Oscar Acting Class? Who’ll Be Back? Who’s Gone for Good?

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  1. So far, you’re right about Chastain.

  2. Update: Chastain, Hill, and Streep.

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