84th Academy Awards Nominees Class Photo   2 comments

So a while ago was the annual Oscar luncheon for all Oscar nominees of the year, or what the Academy president refers to as “the last time where you’ll be friends with your co-nominees.” The good thing about this event is that it lets the nominees unwind with all nominated people not only from their category. As you may all know, nominee seats are assigned by the Academy and a nominee can’t share the table with a) a co-nominee and b) a coworker in the film. It also is the perfect moment to feel that you were actually recognized as everyone gets a moment at the spotlight when they received their own nomination certifiicates.

Of all 20 acting nominees, only Jessica Chastain and Christopher Plummer were MIA. And of course, Woody Allen. However, it was always a blast looking at the photos of the night from Jean Dujardin leaning to George Clooney to Meryl Streep chatting with Rooney Mara. Here’s where the acting nominees were plus some other scene stealers (whether as notable personalities or just scene stealers for no reason).  Take note that the color of the name varies with the acting category where they are nominated.

And here is Awards Daily’s HQ photo of the whole class picture. Did you miss Jessica Chastain? How about Woody Allen? Were you able to figure out why the creepy eyed guy did that!?!?


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2 responses to “84th Academy Awards Nominees Class Photo

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  1. I hope Jean Dujardin will win the oscar, he deserves it!!!
    But just one little question do you have the 76th Academy Awards Nominees Class Photo? Because i just found it here: http://photos.presslist.oscars.org/listanevent.php?events=282&pg=2 and i can’t have access!!!
    Can you help me?
    I Hope you’ll answer me!!!
    Thank you in advance

  2. i know it’s best to have some training and experience when looking for an agent, but jennifer lawrence has said that when she moved to new york at age 14, she had never taken any drama classes or training (and still never has) and the agency took her anyways and now she’s an academy award nominee. soo, if it’s possible for her, then wouldn’t it be possible for others?

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