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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! While I’m not a fan of this specific event (I’m happy for all the couples out there), it’s not something that I celebrate. It’s been years since I got giddy and excited for this day, and I don’t see myself feeling that way again for today. But of course, enough about me. Not because I don’t celebrate Valentine’s mean that I will spoil this day to all those who do. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking of the perfect V-Day list that I can do for this day. I want it to be something that’s not the usual mos t romantic movies list, so here’s something quirky and somewhat new that I’d do today: I listed down my 12 favorite on screen couples that I wish should have been officially together off screen as well. So I don’t count the likes of Dev Patel and Freida Pinto, or Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy since there has been some hook up involved after their individual projects.

With no further ado, here’s my list of 12 couples who I wished have hooked up personally:

12. Bobby Andrews – Angelu de Leon

Probably one of the most famous loveteam of the 90s, I guess I’m one of the few who thinks that they have the perfect chemistry back then. When I was a kid, I always thought that loveteams in TVs and movies are actual couples in real life, so I was shocked when I heard that Angelu was carrying a child from action star Joko Diaz. I was thinking how can she do that to Bobby, until I figured out that it was just a pair made to entertain people. Nevertheless, I’m still a Peachy-Joaqui shipper forevs.

11. Adam Levine – Christina Aguilera

Now this one is just more of the fact that they produce the most sexual tension on television right now. Adam is a no holds barred guy who will tell you what you exactly want to hear. On the other hand, Christina is a diva who firmly stands on anybody’s way to prove her point. The bickering alone is enough to provide the most entertaining tension and chemistry between the two. That, and the Grammy nominated hit Moves Like Jagger.

10. Ryan O’Neal – Ali McGraw

Their movie is one of the most romantic love stories I have ever seen. The story behind it was even more interesting than what we all saw. He likes her, but he’s married and she’s taken. Years and decades later, the chemistry never fizzled a beat. And it only took a single viewing of Love Story to be captivated by them and wish that they’ll actually happen in real life.

9. Gerald Anderson – Sarah Geronimo

Gerald is one half of one of the country’s top loveteam. Sarah is the typical Meg Ryan, whom you can pair with everyone and the chemistry will always be there. Two movies in one year is enough reason to admit that what they had is something special and viewers were able to see that. As for wishing that they’d be a real pair, I don’t want to jinx anything, but it seems we’re on our way there.

8. Shane West – Mandy Moore

The start of the Nicholas Sparks saga was Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan with Message in a Bottle, but the real introduction and trend of his novels turning into movies started with this surprise hit of 2001. It was a typical story of rich jock fell in love with Catholic girl, but the natural chemistry of both West and Moore sealed the deal for the whole movie. Just a few months ago, they tweeted each other when they saw A Walk to Remember being shown on TV. Raise your hands if you know that something will happen the moment Mandy Moore’s Jamie Sullivan uttered “promise me you’ll never fall in love with me” in the movie.

7. Chris Noth – Sarah Jessica Parker

For Sex and the City loyalists, we all know Big is not the most perfect man for Sarah Jessica’s Carrie. It was still Aidan (John Corbett) who will make Carrie the most sane. However, you must admit that we’re all secretly rooting that in the end, it will still be Big she’ll end up with. Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth played a love-hate-love relationship with so much vulnerability that we feel them as humans and not as merely TV characters. To this pair? I’m abso-f*cking-lutely in the club.

6. Aga Muhlach – Agot Isidro

We all know that Aga Muhlach found his real life partner in the set of Oki Doc. And as much as I want it to be Agot Isidro, he opted for equally stunning Charlene Gonzales. I’m probably in the minority here, but I’m a big fan of Aga and Alex. And though the relationship was purely on screen, I’m happy they still are close even after the show ended a decade and two years ago.

5. Leonardo di Caprio – Kate Winslet

To be the romantic lead of then’s highest grossing movie surely means that the moviegoers bought your chemistry. 15 years later, the chemistry is still ever present. And now that Kate has divorced with director Sam Mendes and Leo is just dating the current it blonde model, maybe it will still be the two of them in the end? It tells a lot when Kate won Best Actress at the Globes in 2009 when she kissed Leonardo first before kissing Sam Mendes. Or am I just overreading things? LELZ.

4. Joseph Gordon Levitt – Zooey Deschanel

Sadly for dear cute Zooey, her marriage ended last year. Happily for us, that means there’s a chance that she and 500 Days of Summer co-star Joseph Gordon Levitt can be together. After that movie premiered, I’m pretty sure everyone was dying that they’ll be together.  Between that, the video of the duet they sang together, and their Golden Globe photo, it’s just too good to be true, yet oe can’t help but wish for it to happen.

3. John Krasinski – Jenna Fischer

When I was fairly new to The Office, aside from Steve Carell, I find myself being excited the most to all PB&J scenes. I foolishly actually thought that they’re a real couple, and I was giddy excited until I learned that they aren’t. Jenna is a happily married woman while John is Mr. Emily Blunt. But the kiss at the end of the Season 2, a wedding in Season 6, and a baby proves that I’m not alone in thinking how effective they are as a reel couple.

2. Zanjoe Marudo – Bianca Gonzales

It was the classic tale that made their batch of PBB more intriguing and interesting. It was the product of adjusting with the situation and environment that they had inside the Big Brother house. What made this controversial was that people know she has someone left outside. However, I’m one of the biggest worshippers of this pair. All of those can be said as something spur of the moment, but one thing they can’t deny was that there was actual spark. Something that makes me still feel kilig until now. 🙂

1. Justin Chambers – Katherine Heigl

There’s something between the chemistry of these two people that just makes you feel for them as an onscreen couple. If you’re in the classroom setting, he is your typical alpha male tough guy who doesn’t give an F and bullies everyone. She, on the other hand, is the tall Barbie girl that everyone underestimates because her beauty overshadows her skills. Now think of him being smitten by her so much that he’s not afraid to show his vulnerability to have her. That’s exactly how I feel with the characters of Alex and Izzie which were played to perfection by Justin Chambers and Katherine Heigl.

Who are your favorite reel couples? And did you also wish that they’d be together in real life? Happy Valentine’s again, and have a good day everyone! 😀


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16 responses to “12 Best Reel Pairs that should have been Real Pairs instead

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  1. “…we’re all secretly rooting…”- dibaaaaaaa akong-ako to kay Big and Carrie, lamoyan!

  2. Kilig ❤ :))

  3. Leonardo and Kate! Sana talaga marealize nilang perfect sila for each other. Haha!

    btw, i love your entries Nicol! Keep posting! ❤

  4. Disclaimer: Barangay ang comment na ito. Gumagawa na rin ako ng sarili kong blogpost dito.

    Una, KIMERALD FOREVER! Hahaha. Honestly nafeel ko sa Kimerald ang kilig way after PBB. Di ko alam yung Sarah-Gerald factor kasi di ko pa napapanood ang 2 pelikula nila.

    Pangalawa, Bianjoe. Yeah. Naniniwala pa rin ako na sila ang magkakatuluyan in the future. Weird thoughts.

    Pangatlo, di ko feel yung Adam – Christina romantically. Ok yung chemistry nila musically, workically (HAHAHA.)

    Pang-apat, agree ako sa Chris Noth – SJP kahit di pa ako nanonood ng Sex and the City.

    Panlima, +1 din sa John – Jenna, Justin – Katherine. Classic TV loveteams na alam mong nagwowork.

    Pang-anim, I honestly think that JGL – Zooey is this decade’s Leo – Kate. Kapag nagkatuluyan ang dalawang couple na yan, parang solved na rin ang buhay ko. (ganun ka-affected)

    Tapos may mga gusto akong idagdag:

    Jon Hamm – January Jones
    Penn Badgley – Leighton Meester
    John Lloyd Cruz – Bea Alonzo
    George Clooney – Julianna Margulies (though yung current husband ni Julianna is a catch as well, wag na niyang pakawalan)
    Ted Danson – Shelley Long (lol, old school)
    Matthew Perry – Courteney Cox

    For a while, Bruce Willis – Jennifer Aniston

    and more…

    • Natawa ako sa barangayan! Pero yehey bring it on!

      1. Mi-Kim ako nung sa PBB House. Naiinis ako kay Gerald nun. Hahaha. kasi kay Nina Jose sya. Hahaha. Pero nagustuhan ko an sila later on. Pero mabenta din si Sarah sakin kasi love ko sya forevs tsaka nakakakilig sila dun sa 2 movies. Panoorin mo!

      2. Natawa ako sa workically. Natutuwa lang ako kasi parang they’re one ac other’s heads kung magtalo. Hahaha. More on work nga siguro. Hahaha.

      3. Hay nako kinikilig pa rin ako sa BianJoe forevs na din ata yun. Sana sila pa rin magkatuluyan. Hahahaha!

      4. Now that you remind me, gusto ko si George-Juliana kasi kinilig ako nung nagbeso sila sa Golden Globes nun. Yung nanalo si Juliana. Hahahaha!

      5. Yay for Tom-Courtney! San yung Bruce-Aniston! Sa Friends mo sila nagustuhan? Si Demi lang ata bagay kay Bruce eh!

      • Sino si Tom-Courteney? Hahahaha.

        kinilig ako kay Bruce at Jen nung sa Friends. Bagay sila sa paningin ko. hahaha.

      • Shet Matthew-Courteney. May Tom ba sa Cougar Town? Yun ata yung OP diba? Hahahaha. Natatakot ako kay Bruce. Masaya naman ako for Jen and Justin. ❤

        Nakalimutan ko pala si John Lloyd at Kaye Abad. 😦

  5. Yes to: Adam-Christina (I will die!), Sarah-Gerald (please lang Lord!), at Aga-Agot.
    Also would like to hook up in real life: Sandra Bullock-Ryan Reynolds; Sandra Bullock-Keanu Reeves (if Ryan proves to be a douchebag that he appears to be), Amanda Bynes-Channing Tatum (She’s the Man)…
    Sa lokal, gustong-gusto ko dati si Richard Gomez at Amy Perez sa Palibhasa Lalake, hehehe.

    • Di ko pa nakita yung blog link na yan Ate Eloise! Thaaaanks! 🙂 Uhm, kinonsider ko yang Sandra-Ryan or Sandra-Keannu na yan kaso di ko maisip sino sa dalawa. Hahaha. Keannu-Ryan na lang. Chos! Hahaha! Natutuwa ako na madaming Aga-Agot fans! Yehey!

  6. Sana payagan na mag BF si Sarah haha 😀 Boto ako kay Gerald hahaha

    Leo and Kate FTW! Tutal i-rerelease na din Titanic, sabayan na nila haha

  7. leonardo and kate winslet 🙂 best love team ever until the day na dumating ang sarah and gerald nothing can bet:

  8. Found this page while searching for Aga-Agot stuff. Hahahaha! Hello from 2017! 😛 I just wanted to share my thoughts relating to your blog post:
    1. Yaaas! Bobby-Angelu forevs. Recently, nag-guest sila (with other TGIS cast) sa Eat Bulaga to play a game, grabe halos maihi ako sa kilig, hahaha
    2. Leo-Kate, Zooey-JGL, SJP-Chris – all agree! ❤ ❤ ❤

    I also wanted to share my own list, if you don't mind, hehe (gaya nung isang commenter, nag-blog na rin ako, hahaha)
    1. Barbie Hsu-Jerry Yan – Jusko, kapag nagkatuluyan sila hindi ko alam kung kakayanin ng puso ko ang kilig, hahaha!
    2. Heath Ledger-Julia Stiles – RIP Heath :(((((( Kat and Pat were such a good couple together, bakit ba hindi sila nag-date IRL, ugh
    3. Matthew Perry-Courteney Cox – Nuff said! 😀
    4. Alyssa Milano-Julian McMahon – From Charmed! Hehe, not sure if you watched the show, but they were sooo good together. Kahit na love-hate din yung relationship nila
    5. Liam Neeson-Julianne Moore – With two movies together, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has noticed their chemistry!
    6. Hugh Jackman-Famke Janssen – The Logan-Jean Grey romance arc in the X-Men movies may not be a fairy tale, but I rooted for them all the way

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