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Pinoy Big Brother Big Winners: Worst to Best   14 comments

Now that another season of Pinoy Big Brother is coming to an end (can we all say FI-NA-LLY?), another individual will be crowned as the Big Winner later at the Quirino Grandstand in front of thousands and thousands of fans. Before we welcome the cream of the crop of this very mediocre season,let’s go back to memory lane and relinquish the memorable night as we rank the past Big Winners from Worst to Best.

8. EJAY FALCON (Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus)

Big 4: Robi Domingo, Nicole Uysiuseng, Beauty Gonzalez
Who I wanted to win: Robi Domingo

This one is just a simple case of “What the hell just happened?” All things aside, it was Robi who seemed to be the ideal Big Winner, someone who actually represents the ideal teen as a good role model. However, it was Ejay Falcon (who, arguably, with his sob story and the more marketable one) who sneaked up the title in such a close fight. Methinks it still was Robi (or Rona) who was definitely robbed of the title.

7. RUBEN GONZAGA (Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2)

Big 4: Riza Santos, Gaby dela Merced, Will Devaughn
Who I wanted to win: Riza Santos

Ruben Gonzaga, who also has the title of being the first male Big Winner, was not a bad win per se. However, when you have the likes of Riza Santos (who was such a surprise that season) and Gaby dela Merced (who was seen as the leader of the group), it somehow irks that the primary reason why Ruben was, once again, his sob story.

6. JAMES REID (Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash: 2010)

Big 6: Ryan Bang, Fretzie Bercedes, Devon Seron, Ivan Dorschner, Bret Jackson
Who I wanted to win: Ryan Bang

In one of the most chop suey seasons of PBB, we have witnessed the biggest batch of housemates to reach the finale. Despite six people to choose from, half of them are just cannon fodders. In the end, it was only Korean Ryan Bang who gives life during the last few days of the season. While it is undeniable that James won because of his good looks, it’s not as annoying  since he does not seem as desperate as the others to be a star, and there’s not much to choose from the remaining group.

5. KEANNA REEVES (Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 1)

Big 4: John Prats, Bianca Gonzalez, Zanjoe Marudo
Who I wanted to win: Bianca Gonzalez

It’s very difficult to root against Keanna Reeves, especially since there’s a complete 180 degree perception with regards to people’s perception of her. Before entering the house, she was seen as another trying hard wanna-be sexy star that wants to make it big in the business (her screen name should already warn you about that). However, after her whole stay in the Big Brother House, she was seen not only as a comic relief, but as a person who embodies someone with a good ears (to co-housemate Rustom) but with low tolerance for urination.

4. KIM CHIU (Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 1)

Big 4: Mikee Lee, Gerald Anderson, Claire Cabiguin
Who I wanted to win: Kim Chiu

When my original bet young mom Jamilla Obispo’s chances failed to materialize, there’s no one left to root for but sweet chinita Kim Chiu. Kim’s very sweet and natural aura (together with her amazing acrobatic skills) is what made her the darling of everyone, and as far as I know, one of Philippine showbiz’s sweethearts as well.

3. MELAI CANTIVEROS (Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up)

Big 5: Paul Jake Castillo, Jason Francisco, Johan Santos, Tibo Jumalon
Who I wanted to win: Paul Jake Castillo

This one is a bit tricky. The good side is that the two most deserving candidates are the top two finishers. I guess this one just depends to the taste of the viewer. Exhibit A presents the bubbly, lovely, hard to root against housemate who enjoyed the time of her life during her Big Brother stay. Exhibit B presents the good leader role model who did not sacrifice his own ideologies inside the house. All in all, this is probably the best top two in the history of the Big Brother series.

2. BEATRIZ SAW (Pinoy Big Brother Season 2)

Big 4: Mickey Perz, Wendy Valdez, Gee-Ann Abrahan
Who I wanted to win: Bea Saw

In probably one of the most memorable confrontations inside the Big Brother house, Bea Saw not only increased fans after her fight with other housemate Mariciris, but she was also helped by it all the way to the Big Night. It’s really not hard to fall for this chinitang Bicolana as she stayed her composure and used her logic during her whole PBB stay.

1. NENE TAMAYO (Pinoy Big Brother Season 1)

Big 4: Jason Gainza, Cass Ponti, Uma Khouni
Who I wanted to win: Nene Tamayo

And the Kumander lives on. If there’s anyone who showed and presented the ideal Pinoy during her season, it was commander Nene who really was fleshed out during her entire PBB stint. When she cried, we cried. When she rejoices, we cheer for her. Kumander Nene’s ideals and by simply going with the flow is the key to her PBB victory.

That’s it! How will you rank the PBB Big Winners? Here’s rooting so hard for Slater to win later, though my predictions would be Biggel-Slater-Paco-Pamu in that order. Here’s wishing I’m wrong, and Slater gets to join the elite club above.

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12 Unique Records by Women in Entertainment   6 comments

March is International Women’s Month, and I say better late than never. 🙂 Time and again, the power of the female sex has been tried and tested in giving breakthrough recognition in the field of entertainment. However, since this is an entertainment blog, I’ll be putting a twist and focus on some achievements that might be helpful once you had a Trivial Pursuit game. In short, here are some notable trivia by women awards and recognition-wise:



Edie Falco is the only actress in Emmy history who has won both Outstanding Lead Actress honors for both Comedy and Drama genres. For her notable turn as the iconic mob wife Carmela Soprano, she received three Emmys in the Drama categories for The Sopranos. Just in 2010, she won for Best Actress in a Comedy Series Showtime comedy Nurse Jackie.


Kyla is the only Filipina female artist who can brag about having a moonman! In 2001, Kyla won the International Viewer’s Choice Award for the Southeast Asia Region for her breakthrough epic video Hanggang Ngayon. The only other Filipino artists who won this trophy are Eraserheads in 1997 and  Parokya ni Edgar in 1999. Kyla was also the only solo artist that represented the Philippines in that category during the country’s six year run for eligibility.

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There is only one woman in Oscar history who has won the trophy for Achievement in Directing, and that was Katheryn Bigelow who won for the war movie The Hurt Locker. It took 82 years before Oscar finally welcomed a woman with an Oscar in hand for the best Director category. Aside from Bigelow, there have been only three other woman who contended for this Oscar: Lina Wertmuller in 1976 (for Seven Beauties), Jane Campion in 1993 (for The Piano), and Sofia Coppola in 2003 (for Lost in Translation).

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In the history of beauty pageantry, the Philippines has been a hit or miss. While we were able to snatch titles every now and then, there’s one title that will never ever be taken away from one of the Filipina delegates. Melanie Marquez, 1979 Miss International, is the youngest beauty queen in the history of the big four titles. She was 15 years old when she was crowned.

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In the history of the Grammy awards, only two singers have won all the Big 4 categories (Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, and Best New Artist). The first one was Christopher Cross in 1981 where in he swept all four awards in one night. The second one, however, is the only female who accomplished that, and of course, it’s no other than Adele. Adele won Best New Artist in 2009, and as we have witnessed earlier this year, she also swept the Big 3 for her album 21 and single Rolling in the Deep. As a small correction, Norah Jones alsos wept the four categories in 2002, but since she didn’t write “Don’t Know Why”, she’s not credited for that Grammy win.


Lea Salonga is the only Filipina who has the pleasure of performing at the Oscars when she sang A Whole New World in 1993. And if that’s not impressive yet, she also won Tony in 1991 for Miss Saigon. Still, the only Filipina who has one of the EGOT trophies in a major category.


Speaking of EGOT, there have been lots of performers who already belong to this very famous club. EGOT (Stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) is a high mile club which shows how versatile you are by winning four of the top awards for every channel of entertainment may it be film, music, television, or theater. While there are already female achievers of the title, the first woman to do so was Helen Hayes.  Hayes won the Oscar Best Actress in 1932 for The Sin of Madelon Claudet, the Tony for Best Actress in Happy Birthday in 1947, the Emmy Best Actress for Schlitz Playhouse of Stars in 1953, and finally, the Grammy for Best Spoken Word Recording in 1976.

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It is quite hectic for an actor to have more than a movie per year. Having two will totally eat your schedule. However, that’s not the case for Vilma Santos, as she sets the record for the most number of films in a single year with… are you ready…  23 films in 1970. That’s like the filmography for most actor and actresses nowadays. Along with countless more movies and recognitions, no wonder she is one of Philippines’ finest.

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It is very rare for a female artist to get a trophy just for being a collaborator in a single. That’s what Gwen Stefani’s 2001 moonman win was after Eve won for Best Female Video for Let Me Blow Ya’ Mind. Since Gwen was featured in the video, she gets to have a moonman as well. Now I know why you feel as if that’s not an accomplishment yet. Here’s the actual catch: On that same night, not only did Gwen win the Best Female Video VMA, she also won the Best Male Video for Moby’s collaboration with her for Southside. And for that, Gwen made history by winning both Male and Female Video VMAs without even being the main featured singer for both songs.

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Also regarded as the best Filipino actress ever, Charito Solis is the Philippines’ answer to Katharine Hepburn. And to further highlight her versatile acting skills, Charito Solis is the first actress elevated to the FAMAS Hall of Fame after winning five Best Actress trophies for Kundiman ng Lahi (in 1958), Emily (in 1960), Angustia (in 1963), Igorota (in 1968), and Don’t Cry for Me Papa (in 1983). Impressive isn’t it?

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It is very hard for a woman of color to win the film’s top recognition (see: Viola Davis). However, Hattie McDaniel was the very first woman to accomplish that when she won Best Supporting Actress for Gone with the Wind in 1939. It will take another sixty years before the next black actress to get an Oscar which is the case of Whoopi Goldberg for Ghost in 1990. It has been followed by Halle Berry (the first and only black Best Actress winner) in 2001, Jennifer Hudson (Best Supporting Actress for Dreamgirls) in 2006, Mo’nique (Best Supporting Actress for Precious) in 2009, and just earlier this year, Octavia Spencer (for The Help).

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And lastly, we’ll be including on my list the first ever Pinay cover for FHM Philippines, the ever flawless, Sunshine Cruz. It was April of 2000 and FHM was just on its second issue ever when this mestisa celebrity graced the cover of the now famous magazine. The rest, as they say, is history.

That’s 12 names, 12 different accomplishments. This just goes to show how much women make impact in every aspect of their respective fields. Happy International Women’s month to all the female readers of this blog. 😀

Weekend Update (March 18 – March 24, 2012)   Leave a comment

So here’s a recap of the different things that happened the past week:

 * The Philippines won two awards at the 6th Asian Film Awards last Monday at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Shamaine Buencamino won Supporting Actress for Nino while Eugene Domingo  won the People’s Choice for Best Actress. This is the second time that a Filipino won an acting award after Gina Pareno won in the same category for Serbis way back in 2009. Iran’s A Separation swept the awards this year winning Picture, Director and Screenplay for Asghar Farhadi, and Editing. Eugene Domingo, who was shimmering in gold, was the crowd favorite, thanks to her funny banter with Andy Lau. She also gets to present Best Supporting Actor that night. Hurray for Pinoy pride!

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* FX’s American Horror Story officially campaigns in the Miniseries categories at the Emmys this year. Given the format of the series, this is the logical thing to do in order to earn more Emmy nods. However, their eligible material (13 episodes) is 12 times more than their possible competition this year. While I don’t think Connie Britton will defeat Julianne Moore or Nicole Kidman for the Emmy, she is now guaranteed a nomination. Jessica Lange will transfer her frontrunner status at the Miniseries Supporting Actress category with literally no one having a chance against her.

* In other Jessica Lange news, she now replaces Glenn Close in the Elizabeth Olsen starrer Therese Raquin. For the longest time, Close has been attached to the project despite some names literally coming and going. However, it’s now official that Lange will be replacing her for the role of Madame Raquin. Between this and Sally Field’s role in Lincoln, it’s safe to say that Meryl Streep is NOT hogging all the roles for 60+ aged actresses.

 * For some reality show news, Erika van Pelt finally left Idol stage, as she was eliminated at last Thursday’s results show. Sporting a new  Adam Lambert look-a-like makeover, it seems like the change of look didn’t provide her any luck. While it was Heejun Han who everybody predicted to be a goner that night, it will only take a few weeks before EVP will also be a goner. Take it as a case of foregone conclusion. Next week will probably be Heejun’s farewell unless he turns into a Sanjaya or John Stevens.

 Photo courtesy of gossip,

* Over at The Voice, I’ve witnessed probably the advancement of the worst vocals into the live shows in the longest time that I have been watching singing reality shows. Erin Martin’s butchering over The Garage Brothers of Tina Turner’s classic “What’s Love Got to Do With It” is a big slap to genius Jamie Lono for not making it last week. Dear Erin made it sound as if Ke$ha is a Mariah or a Celine. She’s not even singing! Between this and Chessa three weeks ago, we all know that Purrfect the Cat and not Cee-Lo, should be the one tp choose the victors for his battle rounds.

* The women of Wisteria Lane a.k.a the Desperate Housewives get one last time to cover Entertainment Weekly as a group. As the nearing series finale comes, we get to see more juicy and interesting storylines among the four Housewives. While the show was never able to regain the glory of their first season heydays, I think that they were still able to come up with decent to good seasons and the performances of the Housewives has been underrated in terms of awards consideration. For the first time, they’ll be talking about that infamous Vanity Fair cover in 2005. Very juicy, indeed!

* The Hunger Games is now in theaters, and while this hasn’t topped any box office records, it’s slowly joining the bandwagon. In fact, with a good ratings from the critics and impressive box office returns, it is safe to say that it is the new book to film sensation that will keep everyone gaga. Catching Fire, though, is premiering to theaters much later than usual on November 2013.

* Oscar winner Taylor Swift? Not gonna happen folks. While T-Swift’s efforts with another T (T-Bone Burnett, that’s who) gets critical praise, together with the whole Hunger Games soundtrack, it won’t be hearing it’s name come Oscar time, as it was the second song to be featured at the credits of the movie. Oscar contenders for Best Original Song must be played in the course of the movie, up until the first song in the credits. This is the same thing that happened to Madonna’s Golden Globe winning song “Masterpiece” for W.E. Luckily for Swift though, she can count on a Globe and Grammy nods in the Original Song categories.

* Kate Winslet wants that EGOT title right? Winslet is set to appear on her first Broadway show: a play written by two time Oscar nominee (The Hours, The Reader) playwright David Hare. There is no tentative date yet for this play, but Winslet is probably going gaga over the thought of her achieving the EGOT now. If she managed to accomplish that, she’ll be the youngest member of the club whose latest inductee is producer Scott Rudin.
 * Lastly, it’s the Golden Screen Awards tonight. This is the closest to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Golden Globes, as they separate the awards into Drama and Comedy categories. While I’m hoping for an Angel Locsin repeat win in the Best Actress: Drama category, that and Best Actor are the most difficult to predict. Martin Escudero (Zombadings), Eugene Domingo (Babae sa Septic Tank) are the frontrunners for the Comedy Lead acting while John Regala and Nonie Buencamino are the most buzzed for Supporting Actor. Nino stars Raquel Villavicencio and Shamaine Buencamino are the frontrunners for Supporting Actress while both Solenn Heusaff and Rocco Nacino might have repeat victories in the Brakthrough Acting categories.

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That’s it for this week’s report of Weekend Update! 😀

REVIEW: The Hunger Games   1 comment

“Welcome, welcome!”

As Effie Trinket, in her best Lady Gaga impersonation, welcomed the people of District 12, director Gary Ross has visually welcomed us all to the wonderful world of The Hunger Games. This is Suzanne Collins’ first book in her best selling trilogy that is somewhat  reminiscent of Takami’s Japanese novel Battle Royale.

It’s the time of the year again, where in two individuals (a boy and a girl) serve as representatives of their districts to the annual Hunger Games, a survival of the fittest where in only one emerges to be alive in the end. District 12’s representatives are Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) who volunteered as replacement to younger sister Primrose, and baker’s son Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson). Once there, they’ll receive help from drunk Haymitch (Woody Harrelson), eccentric Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks), and fierce stylist Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) they will undergo a series of pageant-like preliminaries (such as a costume showoffs and interviews) in order to get sponsors when the actual Games begin. And once it started, one by one, people die left and right in order to find out who will be the victor of the Games.

First things first, I am pretty confident in saying that the movie was loyal to the book. Sure, there are details that were changed here and there (I won’t say which for the benefit of those who haven’t seen it yet), but any moviegoer knows that there is no such thing as 100% faithful interpretation. The medium of book is different from the medium of film; thus, there will actually be changes. So in that aspect, I can say that the movie is faithful.

Director Gary Ross was successful in re-telling Suzanne Collins’ novel, and I like that he strayed away from the 3D effects. I saw some parts that would have benefited from it, but they’re not too vital and the 2D version works perfectly fine. If anything, it was very fast-paced, and you wouldn’t realize that it had been 2 1/2 hours since the movie started. While some camera shots were over the top (we get it, you’re running), I specifically love the colors in the earlier part because they made us feel as if we’re being introduced to the their world. Ross was successful in setting the right mood and atmosphere of District 12 to the viewers, and he was able to maintain it until the end of the movie. Cinematography was astonishing, but my favorite (aside from Effie’s costumes) is the art direction. It was just magnificent.

As for the auditory aspects, I specifically am giving notices to the musical score of the movie. Haunting is the perfect term to describe it. There were moments of silence, and it gives the readers time to breathe (as it was specifically fast paced).  And as a segue, the whole soundtrack is cool too, so I hope you give the whole album a spin! 🙂

The casting was mostly effective. I love how they brought all these character actors and gave them characters that fit like a glove. I don’t think it’s enough to specify her once again, but I’m just in love with Elizabeth Banks’ Effie Trinket. Woody Harrelson’s Haymitch, Stanley Tucci’s cobalt haired intriguing host Caesar Flickerman, Lenny Kravitz’ Cinna, and Donald Sutherland’s Coriolanus Snow were just exactly what you had in mind while reading the novel. And boy didn’t I recognize Wes Bentley. The casting of the representatives were very diverse as well, and though we don’t get to see a lot of them, the important ones stood (Cato, Foxface, Glimmer, Thresh) enough. Rue, true enough, was a definite crowd favorite among the watchers. I have no issues with Josh Hutcherson’s casting, but I don’t think the chemistry with Jennifer Lawrence was effective enough to be translated from the book to the movie. Liam Hemsworth, on the other hand, despite minimal screen time elicits response from the crowd every single time.

But ultimately, it was the Jennifer Lawrence show. This reminded me of her Oscar nominated Winter’s Bone performance. Her Katniss was gritty, raw, and effective. What I like the most about Lawrence’s portrayal was that she was remarkable enough to stand out and give us a challenging female lead character to root for. Together with Lisbeth Salander, they’re this decade’s descendants of Ellen Barkin and Clarice Starling: iconic female characters that will stand the test of time.

All in all, this was an effective visual version of an action packed literary piece. It might seem too fast-paced especially for those who have read the book; nevertheless, it was successful in capturing what the novel was about. For that alone, I give this two thumbs up, as it molds another craze that is here to stay. The Hunger Games have officially begun, and we’re now witnesses as how it will transcend in the long run.

Grade: A-

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REVIEW: Corazon Ang Unang Aswang   2 comments

With a very interesting premise on one of Filipino folklore’s most famous characters, the unveiling of “supposedly” the first aswang Corazon left viewers wanting..errr waiting for more, in Richard Somes’s latest tale.

It was the aftermath of the Second World War, and the fictional barrio of Magdalena is slowly recuperating from it. Young couple Corazon (Gonzales) and Daniel (Ramsay) have long since wanted to have a baby of their own, but neighborhood abhors her (because she is the daughter of a prostitute) the same way they abhor crazy woman.. Deandre.. I mean Melinda (Agbayani). Through the help of a healer, she advises Corazon to carry a statue of the patron saint for those longing to have an offspring. All things went well until the moment that Corazon’s baby died just when she was giving birth, and both Corazon (the woman) and Corazon (the film) went downhill from there.

The story sparked interest to a whole lot of people, especially in a country with a rich historical background and folklore is a recurring topic that never gets old. However, it seems as if there was no room for  any expansion in terms of the writing of the main character. Corazon was supposedly a woman that was just tested with a lot of overwhelming circumstances, but instead, we saw a woman overwhelmed with a lot of make up. Melinda is a character that existed just for the “scare” factor, but truth be told, you can remove her part altogether in the movie.

Even the technical aspects of the film were very underwhelming. The barrio setting of the film was probably one of the most unrealistic I’ve ever seen, with roofs that looked newly built, and even the arrangement of the “barrio” itself was pretty unbelievable. The cinematography leaned a lot on sepia just to show off that it’s from the past, and the hues and palettes that the movie used changes from scene to scene. There were a lot of unnecessary love scenes between the two leads that you’d get confused if they were actually trying to conceive a baby or shooting a music video. Speaking of music videos, the editing was also wicked to the point that Corazon, instead of being scary, brought out a surprising amount of laughter from the crowd. There were also obvious signs how Somes was clearly trying to bring the “indie” moments in the film with raw shots of animal killings, but like the film, it failed to materialize.

This would have been the perfect vehicle for Gonzales to shine especially since she has already proven she has the chops as a TV actress. However, the crazy editing and the inconsistent character failed her despite how much I tried to see her save it. She actually was like Rihanna in the music video of Disturbia. That was how the editing failed her big time. Ramsay was the typical leading man with big arms, and it was pretty obvious that it was the casting director’s idea to cast him because his color reeks someone who has been farming for some time now. While they have chemistry as a couple, there’s this part that seemed they were both miscast for their characters. Losing a baby is something that an actual mother’s forte, and while Erich showed moments of brilliance during that scene, the latter just paled in comparison.

Richard Somes came up with a very interesting starter for the film, and it shows how much of his trademark storytelling was present. Sadly, it really didn’t just work this time. This is one perfect example of a movie that has a lot of could have beens. It could have been better if the movie only stick through the weirdness of the premise. It could have been better if there was a consistency in the characterization of Corazon. It could have been better if the movie’s direction did not open a lot of hanging subplots. Sadly for the film, it ended there. Just a big case of could have been

Grade: B-

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64th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations Predictions: March   7 comments

Now that Hollywood’s already done rewarding the best of the best and the cream of the crop when it comes to films and music, it’s time to regain our focus into mentioning who are in the lead when it comes to television recognition. The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards won’t be held until September, but since most eligible shows are already half past their current seasons, it’s never too late to predict whose names will be called this year. Here are my current predictions:

1. Mad Men (Season 5)
2. Breaking Bad (Season 4)
3. Homeland (Season 1)
4. Boardwalk Empire (Season 2)
5. Game of Thrones (Season 2)
6. Downton Abbey (Season 2)
7. The Good Wife (Season 3)
8. Justified (Season 3)
9. Luck (Season 1)
10. Smash (Season 1)
11. Boss (Season 1)
12. Dexter (Season 6)

1. Bryan Cranston, “Breaking Bad”
2. Jon Hamm, “Mad Men”
3. Steve Buscemi, “Boardwalk Empire”
4. Dustin Hoffman, “Luck”
5. Damien Lewis, “Homeland”
6. Kelsey Grammer, “Boss”
7. Timothy Olyphant, “Justified”
8. Michael C Hall, “Dexter”
9. Hugh Laurie, “House”
10. William H. Macy, “Shameless”
11. Hugh Bonneville, “Downton Abbey”
12. Patrick J. Adams, “Suits”

1. Claire Danes, “Homeland”
2. Julianna Margulies, “The Good Wife”
3. Elisabeth Moss, “Mad Men”
4. Glenn Close, “Damages”
5. Mariska Hargitay, “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”
6. Kyra Sedgwick, “The Closer”
7. Kathy Bates, “Harry’s Law”
8. Mireille Enos, “The Killing”
9. Debra Messing, “Smash”
10. Madeleine Stowe, “Revenge”
11. January Jones, “Mad Men”
12. Elizabeth McGovern, “Downton Abbey”

1. Aaron Paul, “Breaking Bad”
2. Peter Dinklage, “Game of Thrones”
3. John Slattery, “Mad Men”
4. Mandy Patinkin, “Homeland”
5. Nick Nolte, “Luck”
6. John Goodman, “Damages”
7. Walton Goggins, “Justified”
8. Alan Cumming, “The Good Wife”
9. Josh Charles, “The Good Wife”
10. Giancarlo Esposito, “Breaking Bad”
11. Michael Pitt, “Boardwalk Empire”
12. Andre Braugher, “Men of a Certain Age”

1. Jessica Lange, “American Horror Story”
2. Maggie Smith, “Downton Abbey”
3. Anjelica Huston, “Smash”
4. Archie Panjabi, “The Good Wife”
5. Christina Hendricks, “Mad Men”
6. Rose Byrne, “Damages”
7. Kelly Macdonald, “Boardwalk Empire”
8. Christine Baranski, “The Good Wife”
9. Michelle Forbes, “The Killing”
10. Madeleine Stowe, “Revenge”
11. Anna Gunn, “Breaking Bad”
12. Morena Baccarin, “Homeland”

1. Modern Family (Season 3)
2. Parks and Recreation (Season 4)
3. Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 9)
4. The Big Bang Theory (Season 5)
5. 30 Rock (Season 6)
6. Louie (Season 3)
7. Glee (Season 3)
8. The Office (Season 8)
9. Enlightened (Season 1)
10. Veep (Season 1)
11. New Girl (Season 1)
12. Raising Hope (Season 2)

1. Jim Parsons, “The Big Bang Theory”
2. Alec Baldwin, “30 Rock”
3. Larry David, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
4. Louis CK, “Louie”
5. Don Cheadle, “House of Lies”
6. Johnny Galecki, “The Big Bang Theory”
7. Jon Cryer, “Two and a Half Men”
8. Will Arnett, “Up All Night”
9. Ashton Kutcher, “Two and a Half Men”
10. Ed Helms, “The Office”
11. Elijah Woods, “Wilfred”
12. Joel McHale, “Community”

1. Laura Dern, “Enlightened”
2. Amy Poehler, “Parks and Recreation”
3. Tina Fey, “30 Rock”
4. Julia Louis Dreyfus, “Veep”
5. Laura Linney, “The Big C”
6. Melissa McCarthy, “Mike and Molly”
7. Zooey Deschanel, “New Girl”
8. Edie Falco, “Nurse Jackie”
9. Martha Plimpton, “Raising Hope”
10. Kaley Cuoco, “The Big Bang Theory”
11. Christina Applegate, “Up All Night”
12. Courteney Cox, “Cougar Town”

1. Ty Burrell, “Modern Family”
2. Eric Stonestreet, “Modern Family”
3. Ed O’Neill, “Modern Family”
4. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, “Modern Family”
5. Jon Cryer, “Two and a Half Men”
6. Nick Offerman, “Parks and Recreation”
7. Chris Colfer, “Glee”
8. Ricky Gervais, “Life’s Too Short”
9. Neil Patrick Harris, “How I Met Your Mother”
10. Bill Hader, “Saturday Night Live”
11. James Spader, “The Office”
12. Max Greenfield, “New Girl”

1. Sofia Vergara, “Modern Family”
2. Julie Bowen, “Modern Family”
3. Betty White, “Hot in Cleveland”
4. Kirstin Wiig, “Saturday Night Live”
5. Cloris Leachman, “Raising Hope”
6. Jane Lynch, “Glee”
7. Jane Krakowski, “30 Rock”
8. Maya Rudolph, “Up All Night”
9. Mayim Bialik, “The Big Bang Theory”
10. Diane Ladd, “Enlightened”
11. Wendie Malick, “Hot in Cleveland”
12. Busy Philipps, “Cougar Town”

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10 Most Bitter Oscar Reactions   7 comments

Now that most of the major hoopla regarding’s the 84th Oscar Awards last Sunday night, there’s one thing that is still buzzed about in different forums and conversations by award prognosticators. With Meryl’s possible-but-expected-yet-people-are-acting-it-was-an-upset upset for the Best Actress trophy, people have been buzzing how Viola Davis was robbed, how Meryl stole Viola’s Oscar, and how bitter Viola looked when it was not her name that was called (refer to the photo above). However, in Viola’s case, when the whole world pretty much said that you’ll win this already, it’s really difficult, despite an actress of her great caliber, to fake a very happy reaction.

And with that, I made a tribute of ten Oscar reactions that made us realize how much actors wanted that Oscar, and how good they are to conceal their looks once they hear that it wasn’t their name inside those golden envelopes. Based on their faces alone, they really deserve to lose the Oscar for not being able to act upon the most caught off guard scenarios. LOL. Enjoy!

10. Burt Reynolds lost to Robin Williams (1997)

The category was Supporting Actor, and Burt Reynolds was nominated for Paul Thomas Anderson’s provocative Boogie Nights. Robin Williams, on the other hand, was in the Best Picture nominee Good Will Hunting. The consensus was that Reynolds was good in his role,  but Williams was an Oscar overdue figure (with past nominations) who is in a serious Oscar baiting role. In the end, Williams pulled off the expected victory, and Reynolds bitter heavy clapping reached viewers all over the world.

09. Salma Hayek lost to Nicole Kidman (2002)

This one is a bit trickier since Salma didn’t win any precursor that year, and it was clearly obvious that she got the filler position for a passion project (Frida). When Nicole Kidman (who won for The Hours) was called, Salma Hayek did this fake “Oh” reaction with matching slow claps, as if Kidman wasn’t one of the two frontrunners that year. It’s clearly just her last moment to catch the attention. Now if we’re talking about Renee Zellweger’s constipated face all throughout the category…

08. Jessica Lange lost to Sally Field (1984)

Long before the “You like me. You really really like me” speech that Sally Field delivered when she won her second Lead Actress Oscar, it was a clear of plain bitchiness on Jessica Lange’s part when she didn’t clap and gave THAT look once Sally Field’s name was called. Maybe it was jealousy, maybe it was a sign of relief, but one thing’s for sure: she wasn’t happy that Field got thats econd Lead Oscar before Lange got her first.

07. Fernanda Montenegro lost to Gwyneth Paltrow (1998)

Always a regular at the worst Best Actress wins, Gwyneth Paltrow’s victory is always one of the most contested, and most heated debate at all Oscar related discussions. Sadly, even the nominees weren’t much in awe of the overall champion. Cate Blanchett was clapping for her friend Gwyneth, and Meryl Streep was her usual grateful look (not as jolly like the ones for Cher and Susan Sarandon). Emily Watson looks somewhat pissed, but it was Fernanda Montengero who clearly stole the spotlight with her Odette Khan look once Gwyneth was called.

06. Kathy Bates lost to Catherine Zeta Jones (2002)

The presenter was past Supporting Actor winner Sean Connery. Connery is indeed known to be a co-star of one of the frontrunners and eventual winner Catherine Zeta Jones. After opening the envelope, Sean said “And the Oscar goes to… Catherine.” Now while the other three nominees are already clapping, Kathy Bates was caught confused and pissed, and had the theme of Chicago not been played in the background, I’m pretty sure she would have had contested that it was “Kathy Bates” and not “Catherine.”

05. Lauren Bacall lost to Juliette Binoche (1997)

Lauren Bacall is an old Hollywood legend that is overdue for an Oscar thus sweeping all the precursors away. Juliette Binoche is an international French actress who stars in a Best Picture nominee. In probably one of the biggest upsets ever in the history of this category (just look at the faces of the three other nominees), I’m giving legend Lauren the right to get pissed. The one sitting beside her upstaged her though, as if he has her speech on his tux.

04. Samuel L Jackson lost to Martin Landau (1994)

Men mostly get free passes with bitter looks, as they are good in hiding how they actually feel, but there seems to be an exception every now and then. In 1994, Samuel L Jackson wasn’t able to contain his regret of losing to Martin Landau that he uttered the S word to fast while the camera is still on him. Until now, that still gets the record for the most vocal someone was after losing the Oscar.

03. Julie Christie lost to Marion Cotillard (2007)

In a classic Best Actress cat race, this is pretty much closest to what happened to Best Actress this year. Golden Globe Musical/Comedy and BAFTA went to Marion Cotillard, while Golden Globe Drama and SAG went to Julie Christie. It has been 42 years since Christie prevailed the top man, and everyone know that’s fine already to give her second one. Marion Cotillard is a French actress  who is not in an English language film, and only one performance of that kind has been recognized before (that would be Sophia Loren). Christie plays an Alzheimer’s victim, while Marion played Edith Piaf. It was a nailbiter indeed, and aside from Cate Blanchett’s sudden gasp of emotions, it is noteworthy how delayed Christie’s reaction was. She was even seen not clapping when Cotillard was on stage already. Please raise your hand if you agree with me that the reason Christie was looking down before the winner was announced is that because she’s looking for her speech.

02. Bill Murray lost to Sean Penn (2003)

There’s only a certain limit of emotions one can contain to feel happy for other. Meanwhile, some other people doesn’t have any limit at all. Take the case of perceived frontrunner Bill Murray in 2003. It was his first bid as has been star Bob in Lost in Translation. He was against four time nominee Sean Penn. Even Penn knew that he’ll win as it was his first time (after passing over his three bids) to attend the Oscars that year. Murray’s disappointment can’t be denied which prompted back then Oscar host Billy Crystal to note afterwards “Bill don’t go. Bill, don’t go. No, it’s okay. We love you!”

01. Sally Kirkland lost to Cher (1987)

And the winner for the most bitter goes to Sally Kirkland. It was a heavy set of nominees that year, and from the looks of it, both Sally Kirkland and Cher are on the verge of vanishing into thin air with their nervous faces. Now, I’d like to take a moment to honor the lovely Meryl Streep as she was so excited and was the first one to stand up for colleague and good friend Cher. Right then, we saw Sally Kirkland clean her teeth and flash a very fake smile that even piracy supporters will see how fake it was. I’m not saying she has no right to get upset. After all, her nominated performance in Anna is the only remaining good thing that has happened to her right after. But I can’t help notice entertainment when I see one.

Do you agree with this list? Or are they just misunderstood? Who do you think was left out? Was Viola Davis actually bitter? Pipe them in at the Comments section.

*videos courtesy of the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences YouTube account

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