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Now that another season of Pinoy Big Brother is coming to an end (can we all say FI-NA-LLY?), another individual will be crowned as the Big Winner later at the Quirino Grandstand in front of thousands and thousands of fans. Before we welcome the cream of the crop of this very mediocre season,let’s go back to memory lane and relinquish the memorable night as we rank the past Big Winners from Worst to Best.

8. EJAY FALCON (Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus)

Big 4: Robi Domingo, Nicole Uysiuseng, Beauty Gonzalez
Who I wanted to win: Robi Domingo

This one is just a simple case of “What the hell just happened?” All things aside, it was Robi who seemed to be the ideal Big Winner, someone who actually represents the ideal teen as a good role model. However, it was Ejay Falcon (who, arguably, with his sob story and the more marketable one) who sneaked up the title in such a close fight. Methinks it still was Robi (or Rona) who was definitely robbed of the title.

7. RUBEN GONZAGA (Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2)

Big 4: Riza Santos, Gaby dela Merced, Will Devaughn
Who I wanted to win: Riza Santos

Ruben Gonzaga, who also has the title of being the first male Big Winner, was not a bad win per se. However, when you have the likes of Riza Santos (who was such a surprise that season) and Gaby dela Merced (who was seen as the leader of the group), it somehow irks that the primary reason why Ruben was, once again, his sob story.

6. JAMES REID (Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash: 2010)

Big 6: Ryan Bang, Fretzie Bercedes, Devon Seron, Ivan Dorschner, Bret Jackson
Who I wanted to win: Ryan Bang

In one of the most chop suey seasons of PBB, we have witnessed the biggest batch of housemates to reach the finale. Despite six people to choose from, half of them are just cannon fodders. In the end, it was only Korean Ryan Bang who gives life during the last few days of the season. While it is undeniable that James won because of his good looks, it’s not as annoying  since he does not seem as desperate as the others to be a star, and there’s not much to choose from the remaining group.

5. KEANNA REEVES (Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 1)

Big 4: John Prats, Bianca Gonzalez, Zanjoe Marudo
Who I wanted to win: Bianca Gonzalez

It’s very difficult to root against Keanna Reeves, especially since there’s a complete 180 degree perception with regards to people’s perception of her. Before entering the house, she was seen as another trying hard wanna-be sexy star that wants to make it big in the business (her screen name should already warn you about that). However, after her whole stay in the Big Brother House, she was seen not only as a comic relief, but as a person who embodies someone with a good ears (to co-housemate Rustom) but with low tolerance for urination.

4. KIM CHIU (Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 1)

Big 4: Mikee Lee, Gerald Anderson, Claire Cabiguin
Who I wanted to win: Kim Chiu

When my original bet young mom Jamilla Obispo’s chances failed to materialize, there’s no one left to root for but sweet chinita Kim Chiu. Kim’s very sweet and natural aura (together with her amazing acrobatic skills) is what made her the darling of everyone, and as far as I know, one of Philippine showbiz’s sweethearts as well.

3. MELAI CANTIVEROS (Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up)

Big 5: Paul Jake Castillo, Jason Francisco, Johan Santos, Tibo Jumalon
Who I wanted to win: Paul Jake Castillo

This one is a bit tricky. The good side is that the two most deserving candidates are the top two finishers. I guess this one just depends to the taste of the viewer. Exhibit A presents the bubbly, lovely, hard to root against housemate who enjoyed the time of her life during her Big Brother stay. Exhibit B presents the good leader role model who did not sacrifice his own ideologies inside the house. All in all, this is probably the best top two in the history of the Big Brother series.

2. BEATRIZ SAW (Pinoy Big Brother Season 2)

Big 4: Mickey Perz, Wendy Valdez, Gee-Ann Abrahan
Who I wanted to win: Bea Saw

In probably one of the most memorable confrontations inside the Big Brother house, Bea Saw not only increased fans after her fight with other housemate Mariciris, but she was also helped by it all the way to the Big Night. It’s really not hard to fall for this chinitang Bicolana as she stayed her composure and used her logic during her whole PBB stay.

1. NENE TAMAYO (Pinoy Big Brother Season 1)

Big 4: Jason Gainza, Cass Ponti, Uma Khouni
Who I wanted to win: Nene Tamayo

And the Kumander lives on. If there’s anyone who showed and presented the ideal Pinoy during her season, it was commander Nene who really was fleshed out during her entire PBB stint. When she cried, we cried. When she rejoices, we cheer for her. Kumander Nene’s ideals and by simply going with the flow is the key to her PBB victory.

That’s it! How will you rank the PBB Big Winners? Here’s rooting so hard for Slater to win later, though my predictions would be Biggel-Slater-Paco-Pamu in that order. Here’s wishing I’m wrong, and Slater gets to join the elite club above.

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14 responses to “Pinoy Big Brother Big Winners: Worst to Best

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  1. brilliant post I’m a huge BB fan

  2. 1. Bea
    2. Nene
    3. Slater
    4. Kim
    5. Melai
    6. James
    7. Keanna
    8. Ejay
    9. Ruben

  3. Only bests…nothing follows…
    1. Bea
    2. Nene
    3. Slater
    4. Kim

  4. TOP 4
    1.) Bea
    2.) Kim
    3.) Melai
    4.) Nene

  5. the all winners of pinoy big brother is humble,,,,,……………………..

  6. big 4 ejay,kim,slater,melai

  7. Sana maging katulad naman ako sa kanilang maging Big Winner.Heheheh.

  8. gwapo ni ejay grabe sobra

  9. 1)MELAI

  10. Gusto ko pong mag audition sa susunod na PBB. thanks po.

  11. Now that 11 Seasons have ended: This is my personal opinion about whose the best and worst among the big winners:
    ( just my personal opinion)

    11th: Ruben Gonzaga

    10th: Myrtle Sarrosa
    9th: Ejay Falcon
    8th: James Reid
    7th: Keanna Reeves
    6th: Daniel Matsunaga

    5th: Melai Cantiveros
    4th: Slater Young
    3rd: Kim Chui
    2nd: Nene Tamayo
    1st: Beatriz Saw

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