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Star Cinema’s 19th anniversary offering is a team up of the country’s premier bachelor Piolo Pascual with one of her generations’s best actresses Angelica Panganiban. Helmed by director Mae Cruz, Every Breath U Take is a perfect entertaining rom-com that lives up to what its genre promised to achieve.

Leo Dimalanta (Pascual) is your typical handsome guy who does not take love seriously. He does not remember the names of the women he slept with, he does not remember how many times he took the girl out for a date, and he does not call his girls back. On the other hand, Majoy (Panganiban) is a woman who is a believer of signs. She’s waiting for the signs to appear before she believes that this is finally it. After learning a harsh reality that she needs to face, Majoy became more persistent than ever to meet the man of her life. However, chaos ensues in her journey of finding it.

I have to admit that the story is really crispy thin. That’s already a given. We know how these local rom-coms pattern work. We know that how despite everything that will happen in the middle, we’d have that piece of happy ending to satisfy the watchers. However, what makes it refreshing is the journey on its way to the end of the movie. A series of subplots that others might deem as too TV-ish surprisingly worked its way well in resolving the story.

Piolo Pascual wasn’t required to do much except to look handsome for 100 minutes. That’s no easy feat when you don’t look like Piolo. But Piolo Pascual really has this certain movie star charisma that is undeniably present throughout the movie. Girls are really swooning every time he’s on the screen, and the director knows how to use that as a strength in the movie. But I must say that this is really Angelica Panganiban’s movie. If you still have doubts about her acting capabilities, you really have a problem then this will surely answer your questions. Her versatility as an actress to shift from comedy to drama in one scene is pretty much evident the whole film. The rest of the characters were too sitcom-y but I don’t think there’s really a worst offender type of character that prevents you from enjoying this movie.

Overall, what helps this movie is that it sticks well to the simple idea that it wants to present. It gives you equal kilig, equal comedy (at times even simultaneously), and that formula, while safe, tends to live up to its expectations. That’s Every Breath U Take’s primary strength and it surely translated well with viewers.

Grade: B+


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4 responses to “REVIEW: Every Breath U Take

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  1. Very enjoyable movie. Kung MMK episode ito the title will be “KOTSE”

    I actually like the subplots connecting with each other sa ending, may sense of unpredictability for me. Nung nanghiram ng kotse si ketchup kay piolo I hear people in the theater thinking out loud about will happen to Ketchup pero nag iba yung direction nung arc na yun. Yung kila Smokey could have been improved pero it has its funny moments naman. Annoyed ako kay Ryan Bang pero pwede na din.

    Yung romance part is really week kasi yung signs, signs ek ek ni Majoy is too silly and di naman na flesh out yung character ni Leo (aside from the obligatory “parent issues” ng Star Cinema romcom movies na dinaanan lang ng movie)

    Pero nevertheless such a funny movie, halos hikain ako dun sa prisinto scene. Angelica is so good 🙂

    • Nabasa ko nga sa PEx thread na com-rom daw ang promotion dito dahil mas angat daw ang comedy dito. I guess yung treatment sa huling part ang naginject ng too much comedy dito ala Crazy Stupid Love. Ang hirap ngang maging sobrang critical pag dalang dala ni Angelica yung buong movie. Haha.

  2. True kasi kahit may flaws ang movie eh the bottomline enjoy pa din coz of Angelica so it erases all that hehe

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