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Three years after the first Kimmy Dora: Kambal sa Kiyeme movie, we finally get another glimpse on the posh and outlandish life of twins Kimmy and Dora Go Dong Hae via director Joyce Bernal’s sequel Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme.

In this sequel, the Go Dong Haes have been living a successful albeit controversial life. Kimmy now owns an airline company and a hospital among other things, and things are going great for her and her farmer boyfriend Barry from the province. Dora, on the other hand, gets to take bigger responsibilities as well such as being the designer to her sister’s events and her relationship with Johnson on a good turn as well. Tables turned when a historic family secret involving their father’s past was revealed.

The story includes elements of horror and comedy which at times, tends to work well while on some parts falls flat. The last part of the movie even included some action scenes in it which makes the movie more over the top than ever. The script was consistent though; it gave some references to the first movie while being consistent with the transition to this second film. I also figured out how they knew what the firs movie’s strengths were and worked on its advantage on this second one.  The technical aspects of the film were outstanding; the sound was polished while the costumes were very interesting and supports the character build up of both Kimmy and Dora. What I love the most though is the production design of the film; they knew how to make use of both constructed sets and work on built ones. Whether it’s the scenes from Korea, the Go Dong Hae household, the airplane, or the museum, it all built a mark on the viewer’s impression.

While the technical aspects of the film helped the overall outcome of the movie, it cannot be denied that the primary strength is indeed with the acting. Eugene Domingo is still as effective as ever when playing Kimmy and Dora Go Dong Hae. She already knew the perfect treatment to the two characters well enough that the shift from Kimmy to Dora and vice versa was impeccable, and I see no one touching her in that aspect. With that said, the supporting characters were not merely supporting players as they held their own in the movie. I specifically noticed how Ariel Ureta enjoyed doing his character so much that his chemistry with Domingo (as his daughters) is palpable enough that he did not look stiff and instead went with the flow of the movie. The same can be said about Miriam Quiambao’s Gertrude (who was effortlessly funny) and Moi’s Yaya Elena (who cracks you up with her delivery). Then, there’s Mura who was as ridiculous as one can get and a definite scene-stealer from the moment that she appeared. And of course, when looking at the credits, there’s a bazillion miss or you’ll blink it cameo appearances that I’ll even search some of them when I re-watch the film again.

Overall, while this was highly entertaining on its own, this falls into the usual clump of originals being better than the sequel. Had the movie focused on the comedic aspect, I think it could have come up with an overall better film. Nevertheless, it was a worthy and enjoyable follow up.

Grade: B 


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13 responses to “REVIEW: Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme

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  1. ano ba, lalaki si Mura! hahahaha

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  3. It was entertaining but the i did not like how it ended. I wish it could have bee better. I liked the idea that they got married but singing and dancing in the end made it look corny.

    • I think it was done as a throwback to the old comedy films where in viewers become a part of one big celebration. Also, I guess that’s the only way to fit in the whole ensemble in one scene. 🙂

      I’m interested to know what ending would you have preferred, Sweetie.

  4. Ang corny nga nung ending, pati yung final duel, dapat yung yung best scene/pinakanakakatawa eh. Ganito naman yung gusto kong ending, during the reception, magsasalita muna tatay nila, konting drama then ayun aayain ni Kimmy at Dora si Barry & Johnson, tapos papasayaw na sil, biglang bukas ng door ng venue…grand entrance si Tess Antonio (Yung nabaliw nung 1st movie) to make revenge…Magugulat silang lahat…Then cut. Oh di ba? Kinarir ko talaga. Mas bongga sana yun. Kaya lang revenge na naman. Hahahaha. Anyway, agree nga ako, namangha ako sa production. Dun bumawi pati sa acting. 🙂

    • Thanks Fannie! Panalo yung dumating si Tess Antonio. Riot yun. Hahaha. Pero tama ka, revenge na naman. And yes, ang ayos talaga nung production values. Plus of course, Miss Uge herself. Siya talaga eh. 😀

  5. my two daughters 4 and 8 loved the first kimmy dora so much that i bought 2 original dvd’s. but this temple of kiyeme i hate it. we went out for a family tuesday night out and watch kimmy dora 2, the kids were expecting a better one, but then the horror aspect ruins all their love for kimmy dora. bullshit they scare the hell out of my two daughter. never thought that they would be combining comedy to horror. maybe we all are expecting a comedy movie that eugine dominggo has made a brand of. we didnt finished the movie buwisit talaga that my daughter dont want to be alone na in her room…….. email me eugine if in someways aabot tong comments ko sa yo.

    medard from CDO
  6. tulungan po ninyo ako na gumawa ng theme sa movie nato . pls po assignment po kasi namin. Kailangan ko po ng dalawang themes . salamat po talaga

  7. ano po ba ang buod nito.. p help nmn po..

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