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Cinemalaya 2012 Predictions   2 comments


1. Best Sound
Will Win: Ang Nawawala
Could Win: Aparisyon
Should Win: Ang Nawawala

2. Best Original Music Score
Will Win: Aparisyon
Could Win: Santa Nina
Should Win: Aparisyon

3. Best Editing
Will Win: Aparisyon
Could Win: The Animals
Should Win: Aparisyon

4. Best Production Design
Will Win: Oros
Could Win: Aparisyon
Should Win: Ang Nawawala

5. Best Cinematography
Will Win: Santa Nina
Could Win: Aparisyon
Should Win: Santa Nina

6. Best Screenplay
Will Win: REquieme!
Could Win: Ang Nawawala
Should Win: Requieme!

7. Best Performance of a Supporting Actor
Will Win: Anthony Falcon, REquieme!
Could Win: Ronnie Lazaro, Ang Katiwala
Should Win: Anthony Falcon, REquieme!

8. Best Performance of a Supporting Actress
Will Win: Anita Linda, Santa Nina
Could Win: Fides Cuyugan Asencio, Aparisyon
Should Win: Annicka Dolonius, Ang Nawawala

9. Best Direction
Will Win: Vincent Sandoval, Aparisyon
Could Win: Emmanuel Palo, Santa Nina
Should Win: Vincent Sandoval, Aparisyon

10. Best Performance of an Actor
Will Win: Coco Martin, Santa Nina
Could Win: Kristoffer King, Oros
Should Win: Dominic Roco, Ang Nawawala

11. Best Performance of an Actress
Will Win: Shamaine Buencamino, REquieme!
Could Win: LJ Reyes, Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino
Should Win: Shamaine Buencamino, REquieme!

12. Best Film
Will Win: Aparisyon
Could Win: Santa Nina
Should Win: Aparisyon

13. Special Jury Prize
Will Win: Santa Nina
Could Win: Oros
Should Win: Ang Nawawala

14. Audience Choice
Will Win: Ang Nawawala

1. Best Sound
Will Win: Kalayaan
Could Win: Kamera Obskura
Should Win: Kalayaan

2. Best Original Music Score
Will Win: Kalayaan
Could Win: Posas
Should Win: Kalayaan

3. Best Editing
Will Win: Posas
Could Win: Kalayaan
Should Win: Kalayaan

4. Best Production Design
Will Win: Kamera Obskura
Could Win: Bwakaw
Should Win: Kamera Obskura

5. Best Cinematography
Will Win: Kalayaan
Could Win: Kamera Obskura
Should Win: Kalayaan

6. Best Screenplay
Will Win: Bwakaw
Could Win: Mga Mumunting Lihim
Should Win: Bwakaw

7. Best Performance of a Supporting Actor
Will Win: Art Acuna, Posas
Could Win: Joey Paras, Bwakaw
Should Win: Art Acuna, Posas

8. Best Performance of a Supporting Actress
Will Win: Agot Isidro, Mga Mumunting Lihim
Could Win: Janice de Belen, Mga Mumunting Lihim
Should Win: Agot Isidro, Mga Mumunting Lihim

9. Best Direction
Will Win: Adolf Alix Jr, Kalayaan
Could Win: Raymund Red, Kamera Obskura
Should Win: Adolf Alix Jr, Kalayaan

10. Best Performance of an Actor
Will Win: Eddie Garcia, Bwakaw
Could Win: Ping Medina, Kamera Obskura
Should Win: Eddie Garcia, Bwakaw

11. Best Performance of an Actress
Will Win: Judy Ann Santos, Mga Mumunting Lihim
Could Win: Iza Calzado, Mga Mumunting Lihim
Should Win: Judy Ann Santos, Mga Mumunting Lihim

12. Best Film
Will Win: Kalayaan
Could Win: Kamera Obskura
Should Win: Kalayaan

13. Special Jury Prize
Will Win: Bwakaw
Could Win: Kamera Obskura
Should Win: Bwakaw

14. Audience Choice
Will Win: Bwakaw
Could Win: Mga Mumunting Lihim

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2012 Cinemalaya Final Recap   Leave a comment

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Now that I am done doing a review of all the films in competition at this year’s Cinemalaya Film Festival, here’s a recap of who were my picks and rankings of all films in general.

1. Kalayaan (Adolf Alix Jr. ) – 4.5/5
2. Aparisyon (Vincent Sandoval) – 4.5/5
3. Ang Nawawala (Marie Jamora) – 4.5/5
4. REquieme! (Loy Arcenas) – 4.5/5
5. Santa Nina (Emmanuel Palo) – 4/5
6. Bwakaw (Jun Lana) – 4/5
7. The Animals (Gino M. Santos) – 3.5/5
8. Mga Mumunting Lihim (Joey Reyes) – 3.5/5
9. Diablo (Mes de Guzman) – 3/5
10. Oros (Paul Sta. Ana) – 3/5
11. Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino (Lemuel Lorca) – 3/5
12. Kamera Obskura (Raymond Red) – 2.5/5
13. Mga Dayo (Julius Cena) – 2.5/5
14. Posas (Lawrence Fajardo) – 2.5/5
15. Ang Katiwala (Aloy Adlawan) – 2/5

DIRECTOR: Vincent Sandoval (Aparisyon)
Runner up: Adolf Alix (Kalayaan)

Marie Jamora and Ramon de Veyra (Ang Nawawala)
Runner Up: Rody Vera (Requieme!)

LEAD ACTOR: Dominic Roco (Ang Nawawala)
Number 2: Eddie Garcia (Bwakaw)
Number 3: Kristoffer King (Oros)
Number 4: Pen Medina (Kamera Obskura)
Number 5: Coco Martin (Santa Nina)

LEAD ACTRESS: Shamaine Centenera Buencamino (REquieme!)
Number 2: Ama Quiambao (Diablo)
Number 3: Olga Natividad (Mga Dayo)
Number 4: Jodi Sta. Maria (Aparisyon)
Number 5: LJ Reyes (Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino)

SUPPORTING ACTOR: Anthony Falcon (REquieme!)
Number 2: Art Acuna (Posas)
Number 3: Ronnie Lazaro (Ang Katiwala)
Number 4: Zanjoe Marudo (Kalayaan)
Number 5: Kristoffer Martin (Oros)

SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Fides Cuyugan Asencio (Aparisyon)
Number 2: Agot Isidro (Mga Mumunting Lihim)
Number 3: Anicka Dolonius (Ang Nawawala)
Number 4: Anita Linda (Santa Nina)
Number 5: Angelina Kanapi (Ang Katiwala)

PRODUCTION DESIGN: Trinka Lat (Ang Nawawala)
Runner Up: Daniel Red, Cesar Hernando (Kamera Obskura)

Runner Up: Kalayaan… joke. Uhm.. Aparisyon.

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Albert Banzon (Kalayaan)
Runner Up: Nor Domingo (Santa Nina)

EDITING: Jerrold Tarog and Vincent Sandoval (Aparisyon)
Runner Up: Aleks Castaneda (Kalayaan)

SCORE: Teresa Barrozo (Aparisyon)
Runner Up: Teresa Barrozo (Kalayaan)

SOUND: Ditoy Aguila (Kalayaan)
Runner Up: Ditoy Aguila (Ang Nawawala)

ENSEMBLE: Aparisyon
Runner up: Mga Mumunting Lihim

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8th Cinemalaya Film Festival Review: Part 4   1 comment

Today marks the last day of the 8th Cinemalaya Indepedent Film Festival, and my experience has been a blast. I’m still deciding if I’ll attend the awards night later (depends if the rain decides to stop), but I’m hoping you all get to see majority of the films in Greenbelt and Trinoma cinemas this day.

Now, this contains the last part of my Cinemalaya coverage by doing a review of the three remaining films. So far, I have covered Mga Mumunting Lihim, Kamera Obskura, Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino, and Kalayaan during the first batch which you can find here. The second one included The Animals, Bwakaw, Mga Dayo, and Ang Nawawala which you can read here. Yesterday, I reviewed Oros, REquieme, Santa Nina, and Posas here.

Here we go with the last batch:

Director: Mes de Guzman
Starring: Ama Quiambao, Carlo Aquino, Roeder Camanag, Arnold Reyes
Competition: New Breed

Nanay Lusing who lives alone in an old house deals with the different directions and fates of her five sons.

de Guzman does a very interesting job in getting the audience invested with the direction that the film wants to go to, and once it hits its stride, it gives a good portrayal of a mother who’s alone and the five different sons living five different lives. However, the main problem I had with the film was that it took a long time before it reached that point, and the slow pace affected the overall film. Nevertheless, it is filled with good performances from the always capable Carlo Aquino to character actors who played Nanay Lusing’s sons (Aquino, Arnold Reyes, Jose Escobedo, Fredie dela Cruz, and Roeder Camanag), but it was bittersweet to see Ama Quiambao get lead credits and deliver as the matriarch of the family.

Rating: 3 / 5

Director: Vincent Sandoval
Starring: Mylene Dizon, Jodi Sta. Maria, Fides Asensio, Raquel Villavicencio
Competition: New Breed

A life changing incident involving Sister Lourdes (Sta. Maria) and Sister Ruth (Dizon) changed the monastery headed by Sister Ruth (Asensio) with close assistant Sister Vera (Villavicencio).

The moment the movie started, it already gave you a clear atmosphere of the coldness and mystery that’s bound to happen as the film goes on. This one clearly exceeded expectations when it carefully and intricately highlighted the fear, the suspense, and the drama without bordering on boring or preachy territory. I also liked how the movie did not pretend to play safe, it was as intense and arresting as one can get. I’d specifically like to single out the cinematography, and Teresa Barrozo’s haunting score won me over. That and the fact that the four female cast all gave convincing and effective performance that it’s hard to single out who takes the cake. All in all, if this one wins awards later, call it a very deserving sweep.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Director: Aloy Adlawan
Starring: Dennis Trillo, Ronnie Lazaro, Angelina Kanapi, Althea Vega
Competition: New Breed

A caretaker of a former president’s house starts to inhibit the characteristics of his new idol.

There’s way too much potential that lies about the story of Aloy Adlawan’s “Ang katiwala”, but it seems that the filmmaker has no idea to which direction he wants the movie to take, so (imagine Michelle Branch singing this part) he did a little bit of this, a little bit of that. The end result is a mix of historical lessons, action film, a comedy, and drama. Clearly, the movie showed some potential at the start but only to see it go nowhere and as a whole, it is literally just the sum of its parts. It’s good to see Dennis Trillo getting interesting projects again, and his acting is better than what his mainstream project demands him to do, but it was supporting cast Ronnie Lazaro and Angelina Kanapi who stole the scenes every time they’re on screen.

Rating: 2 / 5

That’s it! I’m done covering all ten movies in the New Breed section, and the five films in the Directors Showcase. I’m wishing all the films a good luck at the awards ceremony later, and this has been one fun Cinemalaya experience. Until next year! 🙂

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8th Cinemalaya Film Festival Review: Part 3   8 comments

Hi everyone! How’s your weekend? In case you have no idea how to spend today and tomorrow, I’ll suggest you head over at the CCP (or even Glorietta and Trinoma) to catch the movies of Cinemalaya 2012 for this year. They’re worth the admission price that you”ll pay. In line with that, this part will cover the next four movie reviews of films from this year’s edition.

As a guide, here is the first part of my review covering Mga Mumunting Lihim, Kamera Obskura, Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino, and Kalayaan. The second part is this one and covers The Animals, Bwakaw, Mga Dayo, and Ang Nawawala.

Director: Paul Sta. Ana
Starring: Kristoffer King, Kristoffer Martin, Tanya Gomez
Competition: New Breed

This one gives viewers a look on the business of buying claimed bodies and holding wakes in order to gain more money via different means of gambling specifically sakla and tongits.

Oros gives a pretty accurate and specific portrayal of the topic that it covered, though I can’t help but notice that it tends to go overboard with its poverty porn treatment. For what its worth though, there’s a lot of discovery that one learns while watching the film. Ending is pretty much a give away though; thus, it lessened the actual impact that it was hoping to achieve. Kristoffer King gave a very competent leading performance, while Kristoffer Martin was a surprise as King’s younger brother. I’m not a fan of the shaky camera, but the movie is still serviceable with some commendable highlights in it.

Rating: 3 / 5

Director: Loy Arcenas
Starring: Shamaine Centenera Buencamino, Rez Cortez, Anthony Falcon
Competition: New Breed

REquieme tells somewhat related stories involving a funeral: the first one deals with a barangay captain (Centenera) who wants to bring home the body of a claimed distant relative who is a suspect in the killing of a famous world designer. The second one is about Joanna (Tolentino) who gives a neighbor, who served as his father figure, a deserving funeral. In between this, there’s also a story of a body that can’t seem to find its way home.

This one comes off as a surprise for me, as I certainly loved every minute of it. While the hilarious moments are indeed tummy aching, I find it more as an inspired avenue to tackle, highlight and realize Filipino characteristics especially those that involves connecting one’s name to fame. Anchored by the great Shamaine Centenera Buencamino (who’s 2 for 2 now in terms of giving memorable Cinemalaya performances after last year’s Nino), and a breakout performance by Anthony Falcon (who steals every scene he’s in), REquieme is one of those movies in this batch that definitely stood out.

Rating: 4.5 /5

Director: Emmanuel Palo
Starring: Coco Martin, Alessandra de Rossi, Anita Linda, Irma Adlawan
Competition: New Breed

When Paulino (Martin) discovered that the remains of his two year old daughter Marikit did not even decay a bit, this led to the questions of one’s faith and unraveling of secrets that were kept too long already.

It is difficult to tackle themes of faith in Filipino movies especially since there’s this one movie called Himala that set the bar too high for others to follow suit. However, Santa Nina does a good job in covering the said theme while adding layers of family drama and secrets of the past in the mix. The shots and technical aspects were very commendable; I specifically like the palette that they used in the movie. Coco Martin was serviceable in his job, though signs of too much television drama appear every now and then. His chemistry with Alessandra de Rossi is very natural though. Anita Linda and Irma Adlawan both have vital roles that managed to stand on their own during some parts of the movie.I felt that the movie was some minutes longer, and it could have ended on a different manner, but this one possesses good merits in it for me not to appreciate the film as a whole.

Rating: 4/ 5

Director: Lawrence Fajardo
Starring: Nico Antonio, Art Acuña, Bangs Garcia, Jake Macapagal
Competition: New Breed

A day in the life of a thief as we get to see a blow by blow account of what happens once he gets under the fingers of police authority.

I feel this one has a been-there-done-that feeling, as the first film that comes to mind was Brillante Mendoza’s Kinatay. Both movies follow one momentous day in the life of the main character when he gets under a circumstance that he doesn’t want to be into, and he faces the consequences of the said situation. Having said that, this one (like Oros) gives a specific and detailed portrayal of the topic that it wants to cover. The saving grace of the film was Acuña’s terrific acting as the head police officer, and John Lapuz’s storyline as another victim, but it lacks the impact that will make the movie memorable enough once the credits roll.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

12 down, 3 more left. Last batch contains the last three movies left in the festival (Aparisyon, Diablo, and Ang Katiwala). Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter: @nikowl

8th Cinemalaya Film Festival Review: Part 2   6 comments

Here’s the second part of my Cinemalaya reviews. Don’t forget to come over at the CCP to catch the movies for yourself. The first part covered Mga Mumunting Lihim, Kamera Obskura, Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino, and Kalayaan. You can check them out here. Now, here are four other movies that I’ll review:

Director: Gino M. Santos
Starring: Albie Casino, Patrick Sugui, Dawn Balagot
Competition: New Breed

A day in the life of three upper class teenage students who attend a party that will forever change their life. Jake (Casino) is the host of the biggest party before high school ends, Trina (Balagot) is his klepto girlfriend, while Alex (Sugui) is his brother who is applying to a high school fraternity.

As for starters, I love how the treatment focused on the three characters themselves. Movies about a certain generation has been done many times before, but I specifically notice the energy that the film displays in the characters, scenes, and dialogue in the movie. The aforementioned energy is what makes the movie interesting. I also liked how it’s as raw as one can get, and while some scenes can be very predictable, it depicts the truth that lies beyond the characters from puking in toilets, nipslips, and blabbing drivers of rich kids. The parting shot of the film is probably my favorite; it was expected yet it still stays with you and stays true to what the title and the story of the film suggests. Also, Albie Casino, Patrick Sugui, and Dawn Baalgot are revelations in the film and contributed a large part with the depiction of their characters. While it is very easy to accuse that Santos is all style no substance with this one; however, I particularly liked various things about the movie which showed his potentials as a filmmaker.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Director: Jun Lana
Starring: Eddie Garcia, Rez Cortez, Soxy Topacio, Beverly Salviejo, Gardo Versoza
Competition: Directors Showcase

Rene (Garcia) is an old gay man living alone. His only companion is his dog Bwakaw. He has been waiting for a long time, anticipating his death until he  finds both a surprise and a new reason to live.

I’m not a fan of previous Lana works, but I dare say this is his best film to date. I’m a big sucker for films dealing with a person’s loneliness, and I think that the film’s strongest suit lies beyond the writing of the character of Rene. Rene is alone and longing; he is anticipating for his death yet he seems to start a new life when he finds his first love. He does not believe in God, but he leaves his will to a priest. It is with this strong characterization that makes Rene a human being, and that was translated well from the screen to the audience. Somehow, I think that the movie is too long, though it balances comedy and drama perfectly that one won’t really get bothered by the long running time. Eddie Garcia showed no sign of aging when it comes to his performance, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins awards for it. The surprise though is the very good supporting cast from Rez Cortez to Soxie Topacio to my favorite Joey Paras; it shows that while it’s an Eddie Garcia vehicle, the movie can still accommodate the greatness of the rest of the cast. Both funny and touching, I find this as one of the more enjoyable entries of this year’s filmfest.

Rating: 4 / 5

Director: Julius Cena
Starring: Sue Prado, Janela Buhain, Olga Natividad
Competition: New Breed

Set during America’s favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, Mga Dayo features three different stories of women all dealing with their green card. The first one is a hotel cleaner who petitioned her 88 year old Mom to come liver with her in Guam because her mother wants to see America. The second one enters a fixed marriage with a friend just so she won’t be sent back to the Philippines. The third one is a journalist writer who is currently dealing with a broken heart.

For a movie that contains three different stories (not interrelated with each other, aside from the common theme that they all have issues with their green card), it’s not easy to totally be invested with which is which. However, it is pretty surprising that the movie ended quickly, and the revelation scenes of their fate did not leave that much of an impact as what was expected. There were really moments that will get you, opening the way for you to understand but once you start to do so, it suddenly ends. The saving grace of the film are Prado’s and Natividad’s performances, but overall, this leaves you a feeling that there’s still something that can be further covered, but it did not do so.

Grade: 2.5 / 5

Director: Marie Jamora
Starring: Dominic Roco, Felix Roco, Dawn Zulueta, Buboy Garovillo
Competition: New Breed

Ang Nawawala tells the story of Gibson Bonifacio (Roco) who stopped speaking when he was young, and now that he’s back in the country for good, he deals with his broken family, and having his first attempt at love.

Let me start by saying that this is my favorite in the New Breed category films. This film does not require you to be critical of the technical aspects or the script or the acting, but more of tugging your heart with the emotional investment that you’ll feel for the characters in the film. The music served as a critical and necessary addition in exposing and understanding Gibson and the situation that he has been into. This is in no way a pioneer or even groundbreaking in terms of tackling the theme of family and love, but it leaves enough impact once the lights appear at the end of the film. I also like the portrayal of the family with Buboy Garovillo as the passive yet understanding and Dawn Zulueta as the aloof and strict mother. Annicka Dolonius gives a great breakthrough performance, but it was Dominic Roco who holds the whole cast altogether. He is heartbreaking, optimistic, and shy all rolled into one, and Roco exuded all of it in the movie. Once you leave the theaters, you can’t help but smile and get carried with Marie Jamora’s charming effort. Definitely a must see.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

There you have it. Next up: another batch of four Cinemalaya movies. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter: @nikowl

8th Cinemalaya Film Festival Review: Part 1   7 comments

The biggest Philippine independent film festival has already begun, and this year marks the 8th edition of Cinemalaya. I’ve been going back and forth at the CCP for the last few days, so I can watch all the participating movies both in the New Breed and Directors Showcase categories. Here’s the first of my four part Cinemalaya reviews:

Director: Jose Javier Reyes
Starring: Judy Ann Santos, Iza Calzado, Janice de Belen, and Agot Isidro
Competition: Directors Showcase

When Mariel (Santos) died, she left a box to her best friend Carla (Calzado) containing all of her diaries back when she started writing one. As Carla reads all of them, secrets between her, Mariel, Sandra (Isidro), and Olive (de Belen) started to affect their friendship.

This is Jose Javier Reyes’ first foray into indie filmmaking, and this shows some potential. I have issues with the treatment of the movie as a whole, and the sound seems to inconsistent at times. However, whatever issues you have with the film won’t bother you that much when you focus on the two greatest aspects of the movie: the writing and the acting. Reyes’s lines seem straight out of his personal journal as well, and it’s pretty obvious that he has a lot of inspiration when he was writing this. While one may think that it may be exaggerated, I claim to say that it is rather truthful. The other strength lies within the acting; the four leads can carry the whole film on their shoulders and yet remain as interesting. The chemistry was prevalent, and whether it was Iza’s stares, Judai’s facial expressions, Agot’s delivery, or Janice’s cussing, it was all very natural. Part of me thinks that they did cast lesser known actors as it’s difficult to hold up with this great ensemble. That alone is worth the ticket. All in all, it was a very realistic portrayal of friendship that is relatable to everyone.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Director: Raymond Red
Starring: Ping Medina, Joel Torre, Nanding Josef
Competition: Directors Showcase

A man locked inside a cell for many years finally makes his way out and as he gets to see the reality of the world when he mysteriously traveled a building with a video camera in hand as he sees activities of betrayal and corruption left and right.

I admit that this is the film that I’m excited the most; thus, it has the highest expectations I have for the whole festival, and it certainly did not live up to its expectations. For one, the potential was there; but the treatment was pretty redundant especially the first and last scene where they almost used the same script, as I feel it did not gel well with the rest of the film. For a silent film, I find it too loud with all the unnecessary sound effects used. Add the fact that it was too wordy as well. I also had issues with the too much “in your face” with the message that it wants to deliver. Still, there were also great spots that the film possesses. One, Pen Medina was charismatic in the lead role and suits with the direction Red wants to be in to. Even his son Ping Medina (who played the young Pen) was a treat albeit short appearance. I also like the visuals of the film, as they were detailed, and parallel to the message it wants to present. For what it’s worth, this one suffers from some issues but still brings in a pretty much enjoyable film watching experience.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Director: Lemuel Lorca
Starring: JM de Guzman, LJ Reyes, Joross Gamboa
Competition: New Breed

Intoy (de Guzman), now living alone, learns that the love of his life Doray (Reyes) is the town’s prostitute. Now he tries his best to earn an extra amount of money so they can both start life anew, until a new set of unsolvable problems lead their way.

At times, the movie tends to be pretty formulaic with the sequence of events happening in the film. I also noticed some repetitive shots in various scenes in the movie. However, the heart and soul of the film is Intoy himself. JM de Guzman was captivating and heartbreaking as the lead character. You can feel the energy, the enthusiasm, the heartbreak, and the innocence in his face. He was perfectly casted, and he definitely delivered. LJ Reyes was also excellent as Doray Langaw, and his chemistry with de Guzman is palpable. I also particularly liked how they made Kalye Marino as another character in the movie bringing it to life and translating it to the audience. The movie somehow can’t prevent itself from going poverty porn at times, but I totally bought the emotions they showed especially the one between the two leads.

Rating: 3 / 5

Director: Adolf Alix Jr.
Starring: Ananda Everingham, Zanjoe Marudo, Luis Alandy
Competition: Directors Showcase

A soldier living alone in Kalayaan Islands deals a daily repetitive schedule as he spends his last few remaining days in the middle of the Erap impeachment trial.

I was surprised to learn that this is already Adolf Alix’s 20th movie, but seeing this shows that he has already mastered his craft and has achieved growth if you go way back to his earlier films. I actually find this film very therapeutic; each scene brings you right where the character is, and the good thing about it is that it lingers. I particularly liked how we just go with the flow with Victor (Everingham) feeling for him, understanding him, and living with him. Once the characters of Zanjoe Marudo (who definitely brought humor and comedic relief) and Luis Alandy, we tend to get more intrigued, yet understand the life that they are living in Kalayaan Islands. This one has part fantasy, part horror, and part comedy, but the sum is greater than all of its parts. I really like the cinematography, and the musical score above everything else. Once the credits rolled, you feel that you’ve known enough yet you ask some more. This is probably my favorite film for this year’s festival, and for the year (so far) as well.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

64th Emmy Nominations: The Good, The Effin Ugly, and the Interesting   Leave a comment

The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards nominations were finally revealed this morning by ABC star Kerry Washington and eventual host Jimmy Kimmel because first mentioned announcer Nick Offerman can’t make it due to bad weather reasons. First things first, cross out the fact that Offerman skipped because he learned he wasn’t nominated (That’s some bull. Both the idea and the fact that he really wasn’t nominated) or that the Emmys did not nominate him because he backed out (The nominations were already set in stone even before he made the call of missing the nominations). Anyway, Lena Dunham and Downton Abbey turned out to be the stars of the five minute announcement, but here are my detailed reactions classified into three groups:


* VEEP makes it in for series. Damn that was really surprising, and while I predicted it, it’s more of a wishful thinking than a prediction. Never mind the fact that it only got three nods and that it really has no shot of winning, but the thought that it was nominated for comedy’s top award is already enough for me.

* COMMUNITY finally breaks through with its first Emmy nod, and it’s for the season’s best episode Remedial Chaos Theory. I know, I know. This won’t diminish the fact that Community will still be canceled after next season, but being assured that the Emmys know that the show exists is enough for me. Okay scratch that, IT MUST WIN WRITING!

* GLEE’s total nomination is THREE. Yes, that’s half of the number of Modern Family mainstays that were nominated, or the number of female acting nominees that Downton Abbey got, or one less than Lena Dunham’s total nominations. Let me say that Dot Marie Jones still doesn’t deserve that nod, but I won’t contemplate on it that much.

* WE finally bid goodbye to Mariska Hargitay. Yaaaaay! It was 2008 when we started wishing that she’ll leave the group, and our wish was finally granted. The same can be said for Kyra Sedgwick (girl be thankful you won in 2010), Neil Patrick Harris (babye), and Hugh Laurie (no Emmy for Dr. Gregory House).

* THE VOICE scoring its much deserved Emmy nod. I’d argue that it also deserved an Emmy for its pilot episode last season, but I’m just happy that the show is finally recognized on the same year that American Idol was snubbed. I’d say it’s a three way toss up among Amazing Race, Top Chef, and The Voice.

* EMMY NOMINEE NICOLE KIDMAN. I’m slowly accepting the fact that it’s Julianne’s to lose, and that she’s the frontrunner, but inside, I’m still wishing Kidman pulls an upset.

* MUCH DESERVED nominations for Martha Plimpton, Jeremy Davies, Maya Rudolph, Benedict, Cumberbatch, Anna Gunn, Mythbusters, Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, and Uma Thurman.


* WHAT THE EFF IS WRONG WITH THE COMEDY SERIES LINE UP? While I’m fine with Girls, Modern Family, 30 Rock, and Veep, and I don’t watch Curb Your Enthusiasm but have already accepted the fact that it will get nominated a long time ago, I’m gonna throw all my hate bone to The Big Bang Theory. I’m fine with Parsons being nominated and I’m even ecstatic that Bialik got some notice, but come on voters, PARKS AND FUCKIN RECREATION! and even LOUIE! What stings more about Parks (despite last season being better than this one) is that it got a nod when it’s just the little show that could. Now that it managed its way to an Emmyseries nod last year, they suddenly dropped it?

* What does Nick Offerman need to do in order to get nominated? Granted it’s not his best season, but they could have played catch up with him. Latest Emmy nom count: Chris Colfer – 2; Nick Offerman – 0.

* Lots of snubs among expected frontrunners across the board. Matthew Perry dominates Guest Actor, Drama? Nada. Louise Fletcher is frontrunner for Guest Actress? Snubbed! Kelsey Grammer as the one to give Bryan Cranston a run for his money? Not happening.  Betty White upsets Supporting Actress Comedy? Don’t count on it. In general, it’s a bad day for predictors. LELZ.

* The hard on for Jon Cryer. Yes, it was already expected, but it’s his seventh consecutive nomination. Srsly? Where’s the love for Adam Scott, Joel McHale, or even Elijah Wood?

* Excuse me but snubbing Jane Krakowski on her best season yet is unforgivable…unless you give her an Emmy next year.

* FYI EMMYS, THESE SHOWS EXIST: Happy Endings, Shameless and Parenthood (outside of guest acting), Fringe, Southland, Cougar Town, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, and Revenge. Most of them deserve Emmy mentions in major categories.


* Lena Dunham got four nods for acting, producing, writing, and directing. This might still end up with zero wins. Similarly, Louis CK got seven nods (a record!) for writing, directing and acting on Louie then writing, directing, producing, and editing his comedy stand up special. If he goes home empty handed, he’ll also get a record for that.

* Of the 12 series nods, nine came from cable with CBS, ABC, and NBC getting one a piece. This is somewhat alarming, and if before, we think that drama is for cable and comedy is for network TV, the same can’t be said now with HBO dominating 3 out of the 6 comedy series nods.

* There’s finally a Jeff Probst fatigue now to the point of not even nominating him. Who replaces him? Betty White. Now we know who’ll win.

* American Horror Story raked in the most nominations with 17 (tied with Mad Men) after its shift in the Movie/Miniseries category. Even Ashley Judd managed a Best Actress nod. Let’s see if this trend will continue in the next few years.

* Whoever said that it’s the Oscars who gets a hard on to everything British related, let’s all welcome the Emmys as they showered Downton Abbey with a Series, Directing, Writing, and six Emmy acting nods. It’s all or nothing for Donwton Abbey, and the Emmys decided to go all the way. Now, it’s the only series I see unseating Mad Men for that historic fifth Drama Series win.

* Speaking of the Oscars, aren’t you all intrigued that the Oscars, the Grammys, the Golden Globes, and the Tonys are up against each other in the Best Special Class Act program. That means hosts Billy Crystal, LL Cool J, Ricky Gervais, and Neil Patrick Harris are up for the awards as well.

* Based on early response with the nominations, it looks like Mad Men vs Downton Abbey for Drama Series and Modern Family vs Girls for Comedy Series.

* I still have mixed feelings with all these nominations, and I still prefer last year’s group of nominees, but to say that I’m not excited is complete and utter bull. Let’s bring it on with the submissions and off to the winners predictions. 😀

To see the complete Emmy nominations list, click here.

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REVIEW: The Dark Knight Rises   3 comments

After Christopher Nolan re-introduced us to Gotham City via Batman Begins in 2005, we’ve finally come to the final conclusion of the Batman trilogy, and to say it is epic is some sort of understatement. The Dark Knight Rises certainly lives up to the premise of the first two predecessors while managing to highlight new accomplishments of its own.

The story begins eight years after where the last story finished, and Gotham City, to say the least, has been enjoying the peace and calmness that Batman provided since the tragic accident. Back on his renovated and much improved Wayne Manor, our hero’s alter ego Bruce Wayne has been living a pretty stagnant life, now on a cane, resigning from his Batman duties, and very aloof to others except for his trusty assistant (after all, he was pretty much exiled after taking the blame for what happened to Harvey Dent). It’s not until we’re introduced to Hannibal Lecter look-a-like character Bane that Batman felt the urge to step into his cape and save the day once again.

We were also treated to a plethora of new characters for this Nolan trilogy: Joseph Gordon Levitt as Batman loyalist John Blake, Marion Cotillard as co-executive and love interest Miranda Tate who serves as a perfect distraction to Bruce Wayne, and Anne Hathaway’s devilishly diva Selina Kyle and ferocious alter ego Catwoman. These characters added more interest and enjoyment in the film.

Christopher Nolan is probably one of the most critically lauded directors of the past decade and in the Dark Knight Rises, he leveled up another notch to come up with a good balance of satisfying both the eyes and the mind of the audience. There’s really something with his treatment of storytelling that gives his audience contentment and at the same time, leaving it open for different interpretations. I like how some of the situations can be juxtaposed with different current issues that a lot of countries are experiencing. I read that before he started the trilogy, he already had a planned ending, and I think that helped a lot with the direction he wants to tackle with this one. I know that one of Nolan’s weaknesses is the way he writes his female characters but both Miranda and Selina were probably some of his better outputs.

As for the technical achievements of the film, it definitely delivered. What I love about Nolan’s visuals is that they’re flashy but not over the top. Just take the bridge destruction scene in the first trailer; had it been any other director handling that scene, it would have been the primary focus. With Nolan, he doesn’t focus on the single part but its overall effect in the context of the movie. The cinematography was very pleasing to the eyes and the musical score helps set the mood regardless if it’s an action scene or simply a conversation one. I also took notice on how Nolan set up some scenes to be free of any sound; those quiet moments linger on the impending scene that’s about to happen.

It is noteworthy to mention that this one among the three movies featured Batman the least. However, that didn’t affect the overall movie as we’re being treated to all these other interesting characters. It also helped that the movie had a very capable ensemble with Christian Bale at his best as Batman, and Joseph Gordon Levitt in a pivotal role. All the regulars (Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Gary Oldman) already cemented their roles while still balancing the emotional gravitas with the action packed ones. Tom Hardy wasn’t given the best showcase, and comparisons with Heath Ledger’s Joker is really difficult to avoid, but come on, that is iconic and no one can touch Ledger’s Joker. Given the underdeveloped role, Hardy did the best he could with his Bane character. My favorite though is Anne Hathaway as Selina slash Catwoman who delivered expectations, giving a fun sassy vibe kicking asses and changing characters hysterically while at the same time being very effortless.

All in all, it wasn’t the perfect movie. There were areas that can still be improved every now and then; however, more than attempting to be the flawless flick, it was more than satisfying as a conclusion to this Batman trilogy. Christopher Nolan’s approach is the true gem of these three films with The Dark Knight Rises closing the whole series effectively.

Grade: A

64th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations Predictions Part 4: Drama   1 comment

Hey everyone! This is the last of the four part nomination series that I created in time for the announcement of the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards that will be revealed tomorrow by ABC star Kerry Washington and NBC actor Nick Offerman. We have covered almost everything from reality and variety to TV movie and minsieries and even comedy genres. The last one covers the most coveted genre: drama! Here are my predictions for the nine major drama categories.


• Boardwalk Empire (HBO)
• Breaking Bad (AMC)
• Downton Abbey (PBS)
• The Good Wife (CBS)
• Homeland (Showtime)
• Mad Men (AMC)

Seventh nominee: Game of Thrones (HBO)

Like what I mentioned yesterday, I’m pretty foolish when it comes to my series predictions this year. As you can see, I left cult favorite Game of Thrones off my top six list. First things first, four time champ and still unbeatable Mad Men is still the safest prediction in this category. Breaking Bad which seems to be increasing its overdue factor and nods as each season passes. Homeland is the most critically acclaimed drama show of the year and its newbie factor will probably serve as a good alternate if there’s a Mad Men fatigue already. I’m predicting Boardwalk Empire despite it being an unpopular choice especially because this show led Emmy wins last year (eight staggering wins) and I don’t think the ATAS will drop it that instant. Also, the second season is more critically lauded than the first and there’s still a visible amount of support in the techs categories. I am also predicting The Good Wife for a nod because it has never happened in the history of the Emmys to have zero broadcast show for the top award, and The Good Wife is the only possible flagbearer of network TV. The last spot is between HBO’s Game of Thrones and PBS’s Downton Abbey, and while both failed to live up the expectations of their freshman season, Downton Abbey’s British factor might give it the watercooler edge over ATAS’ bias against fantasy shows.


• Steve Buscemi, “Boardwalk Empire”
• Bryan Cranston, “Breaking Bad”
• Kelsey Grammer, “Boss”
• Jon Hamm, “Mad Men”
• Damien Lewis, “Homeland”
• Timothy Olyphant, “Justified”

Seventh nominee: Michael C. Hall, “Dexter”

Bryan Cranston, Jon Hamm, and Steve Buscemi all received Globe and SAG awards so it is pretty guaranteed that they’ll earn repeat nominations again. The next two freshman performances were from Golden Globe winner Kelsey Grammer with a very baity role that will show voters his versatility as an actor. This might remind them of an Edie Falco scenario three years ago when she shifted categories from drama to comedy. Damien Lewis is another breakthrough performer who held up his own against Claire Danes in Homeland. He also performed physical transformation and that will give him extra buzz in his category. The last spot is between Dexter’s Michael C Hall especially since perennial Emmy nominees live up to another year of acting nomination despite their show being out of the Series nod (House’s Hugh Laurie and Weeds’ Mary Louise Parker for example), but I’m giving the advantage to Timothy Olyphant’s Justified performance to round up the category.


• Glenn Close, “Damages”
• Claire Danes, “Homeland”
• Mariska Hargitay, “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”
• Juliana Margulies, “The Good Wife”
• Elisabeth Moss, “Mad Men”
• Kyra Sedgwick, “The Closer”

Seventh nominee: Kathy Bates, “Harry’s Law”

What a very strong category this is in terms of range of possible nominees but we all know that this is where Emmy voters are stagnant and lazy to change it. Let’s start with the two front runners last year  including winner Juliana Margulies who lives up the title role of The Good Wife and Elisabeth Moss as Jon Hamm’s trustworthy secretary Peggy in Mad Men. Claire Danes gets the critical newbie who garnered major buzz including a Globe win for her performance in Homeland, and she is even the frontrunner for the win this year. Mariska Hargitay literally defined what overstaying means in this category but I think people should stop excluding her since the voters seem to see something we don’t with her performance and this is another year when she’ll get a filler nomination. The last two that I’m predicting are past winners of this category: first is two time winner Glenn Close who was nominated for her last three eligible seasons and coming off from an Oscar nod earlier this year will solidify her spot as a nominee. I reserve the last spot for 2010 winner Kyra Sedgwick because I believe that the only reason she missed last year as because coming off from a win, everyone though she’s a sure nominee so they extended the choices to other names causing her to be a victim of vote splitting. The same has happened to Alison Janney after her 2004 win, and she came back the year after and I expect Kyra to follow suit. However, I won’t be shocked to learn if Kathy Bates earns a consecutive nod especially since she’s from a David E. Kelley show and we know how much ATAS loves them.


• Andre Braugher, “Men of a Certain Age”
• Peter Dinklage, “Game of Thrones”
• Giancarlo Esposito, “Breaking Bad”
• Mandy Patinkin, “Homeland”
• Aaron Paul, “Breaking Bad”
• John Slattery, “Mad Men”

Seventh nominee: Jared Harris, “Mad Men”

For this category, expect perennial nominee John Slattery to earn his fifth consecutive nod as Roger Sterling in Mad Men. The same can be said for current title holder and show scene stealer Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones. Now that Breaking Bad is back, expect a pair of actors from the show to receive noms this year: 2010 winner Aaron Paul and a first time nod for Giancarlo Esposito. Mandy Patinkin is a respected character actor who will be carried with the Homeland love and this gives him a slot for the final nominee list. As for the last spot, it can either go to The Good Wife’s Alan Cumming or Josh Charles, Mad Men’s Jared Harris, Justified’s Neal McDonough or Walton Goggins, but I guess I’ll stick with two time nominee Andre Braugher since this might be his nom for both of his acting stint last year (Law and Order: SVU), and a swan song for Men of a Certain Age.


• Christine Baranski, “The Good Wife”
• Anna Gunn, “Breaking Bad”
• Christina Hendricks, “Mad Men”
• Kelly MacDonald, “Boardwalk Empire”
• Archie Panjabi, “The Good Wife”
• Maggie Smith, “Downton Abbey”

Seventh nominee: January Jones, “Mad Men”

We might see a lot of repeat nominees in this category for this year. Both The Good Wife girls are already assured bets for nominations this year especially since Panjabi is a past winner here and Baranski seems to be the vet mainstay here. Christina Hendricks just had her best season in Mad Men yet and seems very likely give the show its overdue acting award. Maggie Smith who appears as the early frontrunner is what this category is made of, so it’s no wonder that despite the show changing genres, Smith is still a surefire contender in this category. I’m predicting a repeat nod for Kelly MacDonald since she gained a Globe nod this year and it’s very rare that a Supporting Actress nominee to be a one-time nom here unless they decide to not submit the succeeding year (Katherine Heigl and Cherry Jones). The last spot in this category looks destined to go to Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn as the show seems to expand its Emmy reception this year including more nominations for its actors.


• Jeremy Davies, “Justified”
• Chris Messina, “Damages”
• Michael J. Fox, “The Good Wife”
• Robert Morse, “Mad Men”
• Matthew Perry, “The Good Wife”
• Fred Willard, “The Closer”

Seventh nominee: Jeffrey Wright, “House”

It’s a bit tricky not to include any Law and Order: SVU performance in this line up since they used to dominate the guest acting categories but The Good Wife seemed to replace it and thus I’m starting my predictions with a repeat nod for Michael J Fox and a frontrunner status for Matthew Perry. I’m also predicting a repeat nod for Jeremy Davies as I believe he came in second last year, and he gives showstopping performances this category loves to nominate. Mad Men’s Robert Morse is 30 Rock’s Elaine Stritch in the Guest Actor category. He has been nominated for the last four years so it’s pretty foolish to remove him now. Damages has been a staple in this category as well giving character actors nods, and Chris Messina is the standout among their eligible actors so I’m predicting him to get a nomination. The last one is between House’s Jeffrey Wright and The Closer’s Fred Willard. I’m going with Fred Willard since the Guest Actor category loves bravura showy performances and his Santa Clause role fits that bill.


• Joan Cusack, “Shameless”
• Loretta Devine “Grey’s Anatomy”
• Louise Fletcher, “Shameless”
• Julia Ormond, “Mad Men”
• Carrie Preston, “The Good Wife”
• Jean Smart, “Harry’s Law”

Seventh nominee: Lucy Liu, “Southland”

Current champ Loretta Devine seems to get a safe nod after her win last year as Adel in Grey’s Anatomy. The same can be said for Shameless’s Joan Cusack together with another Shameless star, Oscar winner Louise Fletcher. Her role is attention grabbing and gives her a lot of money scenes to work on. After occupying two slots last year, Mad Men looks like it will be a staple in this category so I’m predicting Emmy winner Julia Ormond to get in this year. Previous winner Jean Smart also gets a baity role in a baity show and with Paul McCrane’s victory last year, she seems safe for a nomination for her guest stint in Harry’s Law. I predict Carrie Preston to grab the last spot as I believe that The Good Wife is the new Law and Order: SVU in the guest actor and actress, though I won’t be totally surprised if Southland’s Lucy Liu, Mad Men’s Alexis Bledel, Smash’s Berandette Peters or Uma Thurman, or Law and Order’s Chloe Sevigny to gain the last spot.


• Boss (Pilot)
• Breaking Bad (Face Off)
• Downton Abbey (Episode 7: Christmas)
• Game of Thrones (Blackwater)
• Homeland (Pilot)

Sixth nominee: Boardwalk Empire (To the Lost)

Pilots tend to be noticed better in the directing categories, so I’m predicting both the pilots of Homeland and Boss to get some notice here. Blackwater is Game of Thrones’ Baelor episode of the season, and this seems to be a better directing showcase than a writing one, so I feel this will get a nomination here. While Breaking Bad managed to submit gazillions of writing episodes (thus eliminating their chances in the writing category) in the Drama Writing, they seem to be safe with the Directing one with Face Off being their surest bet. The last episode I’m putting here is Downton Abbey’s Episode 7 as it is both a showcase of their directing and writing at its best so it can possibly end up with nods here and in writing.


• Downton Abbey (Episode 7: Christmas)
• The Good Wife (Blue Ribbon Panel)
• Homeland (Pilot)
• Homeland (The Weekend)
• Mad Men (The Other Woman)

Sixth nominee: Mad Men (Far Away Places)

As mentioned above, I already predicted Downton Abbey’s Christmas episode here as my first nominee in the writing category. Mad Men has a very good track record in this category winning three of the last four years with multiple nominations every year. This year, I predict “The Other Woman” as their best bet as it is the most universally well received episode of the season between viewers and non viewers of the show. Homeland’s pilot is also a safe bet despite it not being their best episode of the season, but worry not as I also predicted The Weekend to be their second nomination here. The last spot goes to The Good Wife’s Blue Ribbon Panel as it is the most buzzed episode of network television the past year, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Mad Men’s unique way of storytelling in Far Away Places will give them an alternate choice here.

There you have it folks, I have already completed my nominations predictions for this year. Now it’s time just to wait for the official Emmy predictions tomorrow. Good luck to everyone and may the best predictions win. LELZ. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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64th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations Predictions Part 3: Comedy   3 comments

Hello there, and welcome to Tit for Tat! I’m in the middle of coming up with my 64th Primetime Emmy Awards nomination predictions that will be revealed by Kerry Washington and Nick Offerman on Thursday morning in Hollywood. This is the third of the four part prediction series that I’m currently doing. The first part covered the reality and variety genres which you can see here, while the second aprt covered the TV movie and miniseries ones that you can see here.

Now we’re off to the more major ones, this time covering the nine major categories in the comedy genre. Ready? Here we go:


• Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
• Louie (FX)
• Modern Family (ABC)
• Parks and Recreation (NBC)
• 30 Rock (NBC)
• Veep (HBO)

Seventh nominee: The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Yes, yes, I admit I’m pretty foolish not to predict The Big Bang Theory when it’s a guaranteed to get a nomination. I don’t know, but I’m probably in the mood to be riskier when it comes to my series predictions this year. Frost things first, Modern Family will easily reap its third consecutive nomination (and most likely its third win) and probably the safest bet for a nod. The same can be said for NBC comedies 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation who enjoyed positive critical reaction this past season. Curb Your Enthusiasm is HBO’s most successful comedy to get the most number of Series nominations and with another acclaimed season that has passed, it’s also an easy choice for a nomination. As for the last two spots, I’m thinking that voters will be edgier this year by nominating Louie who surprisingly received lots of Emmy love last year in terms of nominations, so I can see them totally embracing this show with a Series nod. The last one is HBO’s Veep which I’m not as confident as Louie but the star power of creator Armando Iannucci and star Julia Louis Dreyfus combo might be too hard to resist for voters. However, I won’t be shocked if Big Bang Theory replaces Veep, but as for now, I’m sticking with the Selena Myers show.


• Alec Baldwin, “30 Rock”
• Louis C.K, “Louie”
• Jon Cryer “Two and a Half Men”
• Larry David, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
• Johnny Galecki, “The Big Bang Theory”
• Jim Parsons, “The Big Bang Theory”

Seventh nominee: Don Cheadle, “House of Lies”

I’ll start this one by saying that I miss predicting Steve Carell here. LELZ.  Anyway, this is somnewhat a weak year for lead comedy actors in terms of range of who to nominate so the past two winners Alec Baldwin and Jim Parsons are sure bets for nominations. Past nominees Larry David and Louis CK are also too loved by ATAS so they get easy access to noms as well. I’m predicting Jon Cryer especially since it has been tested how much the Academy loves his Alan Harper role getting nominated the last five times and even netting one upset in 2009. The last spot is up for grabs between House of Lies’ Don Cheadle and Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki, but I’m being safe choosing Galecki since the love for Parsons might extend to his castmate.


• Laura Dern, “Enlightened”
• Lena Dunham, “Girls”
• Tina Fey, “30 Rock”
• Laura Linney, “The Big C”
• Julia Louis Dreyfus, “Veep”
• Amy Poehler, “Parks and Recreation”

Seventh nominee: Edie Falco, “Nurse Jackie”

If Lead Actor is pretty limited when it comes to options, Lead Actress is pretty much stacked. There’s literally a plethora of names that can be considered to get nominated here. Good friends and SNL alums Tina Fey and Amy Poehler can be counted to easily reap noms this year for their consistent hilarious performances week in and week out in 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation respectively. Then there’s Emmy favorite Julia Louis Dreyfus in another hilarious and star making performance as the Vice President of the country in Veep. The next pair that I’m predicting is a pair of Laura. Laura Linney can easily gain a repeat nomination as cancer-stricken Cathy in The Big C especially with a good history with the Emmys (her loss last year was a first after a perfect 3/3 Emmy record). I’m pretty skeptical predicting Laura Dern but this batshit type of role is something that Emmys love to nominate, plus her staggering star power might be too hard to resist for them. As for the last spot, I considered current champ Melissa McCarthy but she’s a likelier frontrunner in another category, New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel but it seems too fluff for the typical Emmy voter’s age range, Raising Hope’s Martha Plimpton but she seems to be the victim of the overload of contenders this year, and Nurse Jackie’s Edie Falco who I can still see making it this year. Instead, I took the riskier bait of going with Girl’s Lena Dunham who seems to be enjoying the same amount of critical exposure that Louis CK got last year which might tend to lead with both an acting and a writing nomination.


• Ty Burrell, “Modern Family”
• Jesse Tyler Ferguson, “Modern Family”
• Neil Patrick Harris, “How I Met Your Mother”
• Nick Offerman, “Parks and Recreation”
• Ed O’Neill, “Modern Family”
• Eric Stonestreet, “Modern Family”

Seventh nominee: Max Greenfield, “New Girl”

This is probably the easiest category to predict since the four Modern Family guys seem to be safe again for another year of nominations. Nick Offerman’s buzz seems to gain as each season passes and between Parks and Recreation’s increasing number of noms each year and him being tasked to announce the noms, a nod seems logical the most this year. The last slot can still go to Glee’s Chris Colfer if they really, really love him, or New Girl’s Max Greenfield though I think it’s a tag team between him and Zooey Deschanel meaning if one gets noticed, the other gets in too and vice versa. However, I think Neil Patrick Harris will get in this year especially after another marvelous Tony performance and an increased ratings for How I Met Your Mother this year.


• Julie Bowen, “Modern Family”
• Jane Krakowski, “30 Rock”
• Cloris Leachman, “Raising Hope”
• Sofia Vergara, “Modern Family”
• Betty White, “Hot in Cleveland”
• Kristen Wiig, “Saturday Night Live”

Seventh nominee: Jane Lynch, “Glee”

Another category that seems to be static this year, here’s hoping that we’ll get a surprise nod but so far, I think it’s between the seven ladies. Like in the supporting actor categories, both Modern Family women are easy bets for nominations this year regardless of their season performances. The love for Betty White doesn’t seem to die down so a nod for her is assured. Now Oscar nominee Kristen Wiig who spent her last season in Saturday Night Live not only locked her chances for a nomination, but increased her chances for a win as well. The newbie I predict to be welcomed in this club is the real Emmy queen Cloris Leachman who is Emmy’s most loved comedienne (yes, even more than Betty) and after her Guest Actress nod last year, it is safe to say that she’ll easily land another nod as Maw Maw in Raising Hope. The last spot is between the two Janes: Jane Lynch in Glee and Jane Krakowski in 30 Rock. I’d just base it on the fact that this is Jenna’s best season yet while it is Sue’s worst. With that, I stick with Krakowski for my sixth prediction here.


• Alan Alda, “The Big C”
• Will Arnett, “30 Rock”
• Matt Bomer, “Glee”
• Jimmy Fallon, “Saturday Night Live”
• Michael J. Fox, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
• Mick Jagger, “Saturday Night Live”

Seventh nominee: Greg Kinnear, “Modern Family”

Will Arnett is 30 Rock’s perennial nominee in this category, so I’m feeling that he’ll easily get another one this year as Alec Baldwin’s arch rival. Michael J Fox is also one of the most buzzed about guest performances this season, and he seems to be a regular in the guest acting categories the past few years so he might be seeing another nod again this year. Jimmy Fallon has one of the most buzzed about SNL hosting stint this year, and I think the Emmys love him so much so a nod for the past Emmy host is guaranteed as well. Matt Bomer is one of the year’s breakout stars and between Magic Mike, and White Collar, I guess he will receive a nod for his Glee stint especially since Glee does well in the Guest Acting categories. Alan Alda is also another Emmy darling and The Big C is also nominated here last year so that seems such a positive sign for an Alda nod. The last spot is between Modern Family’s Greg Kinnear and Saturday Night Live’s Mick Jagger and I’m giving Jagger the edge since he might receive a Betty White type of easy nom since it’s his first hosting stint and SNL’s season finale together with Kristen Wiig’s departure. That might eb enough for him to be carried with an Emmy nod.


• Ellen Barkin, “Modern Family”
• Kathy Bates, “Two and a Half Men”
• Blythe Danner, “Up All Night”
• Melissa McCarthy, “Saturday Night Live”
• Maya Rudolph, “Saturday Night Live”
• Elaine Stritch, “30 Rock”

Seventh nominee: Patricia Clarkson, “Parks and Recreation”

Okay let’s start this one by saying that Elaine Stritch probably will get back especially since she’s been nominated four times for this role with one win as Mrs. Donaghy. I’m predicting two Saturday Night Live hostesses this year: the one being current Emmy champ Melissa McCarthy’s tour de force performance and the other one being past alum Maya Rudolph. Tony winner Ellen Barkin seems to be getting a lot of buzz for her Modern Family stint, and that’s the only reason why I’m predicting her. Kathy Bates as the soul of Charlie Harper might be too baity and hard to resist for voters so I’m expecting a nod for her. The last spot is between two Oscar nominated actresses: the first one is Blythe Danner’s performance as Christina Applegate’s mom in Up All Night and the second is Patricia Clarkson as Tammy 1 in Parks and Rec. I went to predict Danner because her role is showier and a past Emmy favorite in this category.


• Curb Your Enthusiasm (Palestinian Chicken)
• Modern Family (After the Fire)
• Modern Family (Aunt Mommy)
• 30 Rock (Live From Studio 6H)
• Veep (Baseball)

Sixth nominee: Louie (Duckling)

Like last year, I’m predicting to have multiple Modern Family episodes in this category, and Aunt Mommy and After the Fire are their two best bets for nominations here. The 30 Rock Live Show episode was nominated last year, and I see the same happening this year with their Live From Studio 6H episode. The Palestinian Chicken episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm won the DGA for Comedy Episode this year, so it seems a safe bet and even the frontrunner for the win. The last prediction I give to Veep’s Baseball since it has the Bush 9/11 reference plus Armando Iannuci’s best shot for a nod though I wouldn’t be totally surprised if they give Louis CK the full treatment with acting, writing, producing, and directing nominations this year. Among those four though, directing is the least likely.


• Community (Remedial Chaos Theory)
• Girls (Pilot)
• Louie (Pregnant)
• Modern Family (Aunt Mommy)
• Modern Family (Leap Day)

Sixth nominee: Parks and Recreation (The Debate)

Like in the directing category, I think the Modern Family love will lead them to be the only multiple nominated series this year. This year, I’m predicting Aunt Mommy and Leap Day as their entries here based from their writing submissions. Also, I see them rewarding both Louis CK and Lena Dunham writing nods as recognition to their overall performances as the leads in Louie and Girls respectively. The last one is pretty much a longshot as Community is off Emmy’s radar, but the episode is too big to ignore and if ever the show manages to have any breakthrough at the major categories, I’m expecting that the writing branch will be the first one to recognize the show. Once this won’t work though, maybe Amy Poehler can add a writing nomination to her acting one for The Debate episode of Parks and Recreation.

How about you? What are your predictions? Will Girls make a scene in the nominations scene? Can Community really make a breakthrough? And can Chris Colfer gain a third consecutive nod? Pipe them in at the Comments section!

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