64th Emmy Nominations: The Good, The Effin Ugly, and the Interesting   Leave a comment

The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards nominations were finally revealed this morning by ABC star Kerry Washington and eventual host Jimmy Kimmel because first mentioned announcer Nick Offerman can’t make it due to bad weather reasons. First things first, cross out the fact that Offerman skipped because he learned he wasn’t nominated (That’s some bull. Both the idea and the fact that he really wasn’t nominated) or that the Emmys did not nominate him because he backed out (The nominations were already set in stone even before he made the call of missing the nominations). Anyway, Lena Dunham and Downton Abbey turned out to be the stars of the five minute announcement, but here are my detailed reactions classified into three groups:


* VEEP makes it in for series. Damn that was really surprising, and while I predicted it, it’s more of a wishful thinking than a prediction. Never mind the fact that it only got three nods and that it really has no shot of winning, but the thought that it was nominated for comedy’s top award is already enough for me.

* COMMUNITY finally breaks through with its first Emmy nod, and it’s for the season’s best episode Remedial Chaos Theory. I know, I know. This won’t diminish the fact that Community will still be canceled after next season, but being assured that the Emmys know that the show exists is enough for me. Okay scratch that, IT MUST WIN WRITING!

* GLEE’s total nomination is THREE. Yes, that’s half of the number of Modern Family mainstays that were nominated, or the number of female acting nominees that Downton Abbey got, or one less than Lena Dunham’s total nominations. Let me say that Dot Marie Jones still doesn’t deserve that nod, but I won’t contemplate on it that much.

* WE finally bid goodbye to Mariska Hargitay. Yaaaaay! It was 2008 when we started wishing that she’ll leave the group, and our wish was finally granted. The same can be said for Kyra Sedgwick (girl be thankful you won in 2010), Neil Patrick Harris (babye), and Hugh Laurie (no Emmy for Dr. Gregory House).

* THE VOICE scoring its much deserved Emmy nod. I’d argue that it also deserved an Emmy for its pilot episode last season, but I’m just happy that the show is finally recognized on the same year that American Idol was snubbed. I’d say it’s a three way toss up among Amazing Race, Top Chef, and The Voice.

* EMMY NOMINEE NICOLE KIDMAN. I’m slowly accepting the fact that it’s Julianne’s to lose, and that she’s the frontrunner, but inside, I’m still wishing Kidman pulls an upset.

* MUCH DESERVED nominations for Martha Plimpton, Jeremy Davies, Maya Rudolph, Benedict, Cumberbatch, Anna Gunn, Mythbusters, Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, and Uma Thurman.


* WHAT THE EFF IS WRONG WITH THE COMEDY SERIES LINE UP? While I’m fine with Girls, Modern Family, 30 Rock, and Veep, and I don’t watch Curb Your Enthusiasm but have already accepted the fact that it will get nominated a long time ago, I’m gonna throw all my hate bone to The Big Bang Theory. I’m fine with Parsons being nominated and I’m even ecstatic that Bialik got some notice, but come on voters, PARKS AND FUCKIN RECREATION! and even LOUIE! What stings more about Parks (despite last season being better than this one) is that it got a nod when it’s just the little show that could. Now that it managed its way to an Emmyseries nod last year, they suddenly dropped it?

* What does Nick Offerman need to do in order to get nominated? Granted it’s not his best season, but they could have played catch up with him. Latest Emmy nom count: Chris Colfer – 2; Nick Offerman – 0.

* Lots of snubs among expected frontrunners across the board. Matthew Perry dominates Guest Actor, Drama? Nada. Louise Fletcher is frontrunner for Guest Actress? Snubbed! Kelsey Grammer as the one to give Bryan Cranston a run for his money? Not happening.  Betty White upsets Supporting Actress Comedy? Don’t count on it. In general, it’s a bad day for predictors. LELZ.

* The hard on for Jon Cryer. Yes, it was already expected, but it’s his seventh consecutive nomination. Srsly? Where’s the love for Adam Scott, Joel McHale, or even Elijah Wood?

* Excuse me but snubbing Jane Krakowski on her best season yet is unforgivable…unless you give her an Emmy next year.

* FYI EMMYS, THESE SHOWS EXIST: Happy Endings, Shameless and Parenthood (outside of guest acting), Fringe, Southland, Cougar Town, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, and Revenge. Most of them deserve Emmy mentions in major categories.


* Lena Dunham got four nods for acting, producing, writing, and directing. This might still end up with zero wins. Similarly, Louis CK got seven nods (a record!) for writing, directing and acting on Louie then writing, directing, producing, and editing his comedy stand up special. If he goes home empty handed, he’ll also get a record for that.

* Of the 12 series nods, nine came from cable with CBS, ABC, and NBC getting one a piece. This is somewhat alarming, and if before, we think that drama is for cable and comedy is for network TV, the same can’t be said now with HBO dominating 3 out of the 6 comedy series nods.

* There’s finally a Jeff Probst fatigue now to the point of not even nominating him. Who replaces him? Betty White. Now we know who’ll win.

* American Horror Story raked in the most nominations with 17 (tied with Mad Men) after its shift in the Movie/Miniseries category. Even Ashley Judd managed a Best Actress nod. Let’s see if this trend will continue in the next few years.

* Whoever said that it’s the Oscars who gets a hard on to everything British related, let’s all welcome the Emmys as they showered Downton Abbey with a Series, Directing, Writing, and six Emmy acting nods. It’s all or nothing for Donwton Abbey, and the Emmys decided to go all the way. Now, it’s the only series I see unseating Mad Men for that historic fifth Drama Series win.

* Speaking of the Oscars, aren’t you all intrigued that the Oscars, the Grammys, the Golden Globes, and the Tonys are up against each other in the Best Special Class Act program. That means hosts Billy Crystal, LL Cool J, Ricky Gervais, and Neil Patrick Harris are up for the awards as well.

* Based on early response with the nominations, it looks like Mad Men vs Downton Abbey for Drama Series and Modern Family vs Girls for Comedy Series.

* I still have mixed feelings with all these nominations, and I still prefer last year’s group of nominees, but to say that I’m not excited is complete and utter bull. Let’s bring it on with the submissions and off to the winners predictions. 😀

To see the complete Emmy nominations list, click here.


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