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Hey everyone! It’s two days before Christmas, and just eight days before 2012 comes to a halt. With that said, there’s no perfect time than this week to publish year end lists. Just two days ago, I unveiled my picks of the local movie posters of the year. Now this one is a concept that was inspired from Entertainment Weekly’s annual list of Entertainer of the Year. This is usually comprised of anybody in the entertainment industry that made an impact during the past year. Whether it’s from film, TV, fashion, radio and even to anything related to pop culture, as long as I think you made 2012 a memorable one, then you’re in. This is the first time I posted an article about this, though I made a list last year and had Anne Curtis as 2011 Entertainer of the Year.

After careful consideration, here are Tit for Tat’s Entertainers of the Year for 2012:

12. janine tugonon

11. paulo avelino

10. dolphy

09. john lloyd -bea

08. iza calzado

07. jodi sta maria

06. kikay barkada

05. carmina-zoren

04. art acuna

03. janice de belen

02. jessica sanchez

01. nora aunor

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12 responses to “Entertainers of the Year 2012

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  1. I think it’s more apt to call the late Dolphy as Newsmaker of the Year or one of the Newsmakers of the Year. He did not provide entertainment this year.

    But I’m glad Nora Aunor is on your list.

    • Hi Joel! I understand where you’re coming from, and I agree with that. With that said, the title Entertainer of the Year is a combination of the achievements and newsmakers for 2012.

      I apologize if I have, in any way, offended you (and other else) with the label. Thanks!

  2. No, of course not. As long as Nora Aunor is on you list, I’m happy. LOL. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for recognizing Nora’s contributions for the year 2012!!!!

  4. Thumbs up for this feature! Well written!

  5. hooray for Ms. Nora … thanks!

  6. Mabuhay si Nora Aunor; salamat!

  7. Thanks for putting the Superstar on her pedestal once again.

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