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agimat enteng ako

Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote is probably one of the most overstaying franchise in Metro Manila Film festival history. Enteng Kabisote is now on its seventh outing, while Agimat is now on its third. Its stars Bong Revilla and Vic Sotto has been festival mainstays for a long time now. This is Vic’s eleventh consecutive entry and Bong’s eighth since 1999. The two already previously collaborated on the first Agimat and Enteng two years ago. I really don’t know why I’m giving you all these details, but just so you know, they’re collaborating again this year with an additional companion via Judy Ann Santos in Tony Reyes’s Si Agimat si Enteng, at si AKO.

When they’re not busy fighting off monsters, Agimat (Revilla) finally married long time girlfriend Samara (Sam Pinto). This means that pal Enteng (Vic Sotto) together with his wife Faye (Gwen Zamora) and the rest of the Kabisote gang is also invited. The third person in the crowd is environmentalist Angelina Kalinisan Orteza a.k.a AKO. When technologically savaged monsters are off to conquer the world, it is up to this trio to save the world and call it a day.

Most of the first part of the movie was focused on introducing the three characters. We get to see how it was for Agimat and for Enteng and their respective partners. It was also an introduction for AKO’s character. From there, everything else went down. Now we got a boatload of product placements. Mind you, they’re not just simple product insertion in the background, but actual dialogues containing their individual endorsements. That was probably the movie’s lowest moment. But everyone else was annoying. The storyline with wives getting jealous to Ako was disastrous and annoying. I was thisclose to championing Ako to flirt with both Enteng and Agimat, but then I remembered this is not a mistress movie. Possible sequel next year perhaps?

If anything, there’s not much to look forward to actually. I enjoyed Judy Ann Santos stint as Ako, though it was somewhat obvious that this is just a one time commitment. The three leads have chemistry, and I enjoyed their group hug running joke. The movie tried to fit in everything that they can just to say it’s a family friendly movie by including shallow portrayals of taking care of the environment or an overacting Aiza Seguerra in a group prayer scene. Some technical achievements were also commendable such as the make up and shots of the gorgeous Ilocos Norte.

But amidst all this, these questions still remain: Is this really necessary? Would something have changed if the movie was not made? What can it still offer to its readers? And lastly, when will it end?

Grade: 1.5/5

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6 responses to “REVIEW: Si Agimat, Si Enteng, At Si Ako

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  2. I’ve been following the Enteng franchise since the first movie… It’s some kind of a guilty pleasure since I grew up watching the sitcom. Though things were kinda blurry since I was too young for the sitcom… the first movies well, I might have seen it but it has long escaped my memory… So, when the Enteng franchise came about, I never failed to watched a single movie. Though i might say, I walked out of the Theater in the first Enteng and agimat collaboration… Sam Pinto was way too bland for my taste. Who the hell told her she’s an actress.. anyway, I’m confused with this movie…. Enteng ng Ina mo left the audience with a pregnant Aiza twist…. But in this movie the pregnancy was never talked about. It’s as if the previous movie didn’t exist… The addition of Barbie Forteza in the minor role, as one of tweens who was attack by the squids, is a huge mistake in the casting department. For God’s sake she had a somewhat huge role in the first Enteng and Agimat collaboration. She was Enteng’s bratty inaanak…. they should have looked for another actress other than her… sorry for ranting…

    • Aww Thanks James! Yeah, good catch on the buntis si Aiza. These people probably think no one takes them srsly, so magpapasaya na lang sila ng tao even if it means wala ng storya. Kung pwedeng tumakbo na lang for 2 hours si Vic Sotto tas matatapilok sya every now and then, bebenta pa rin yun.

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  4. The movie is such a waste of money, same jokes, same punchlines and still people would like to watch this junk!

  5. I hate the poster.

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