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Sossy Problems

GMA Films’ solo horse in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival  is a female driven comedy that derives its title from the conyos and the sosyal upper class people  and their problems in life. Starring the foursome of Rhian Ramos, Heart Evangelista, Bianca King, and Solenn Heusaff, Sosy Problems is directed by Andoy Ranay.

In the movie, we were introduced to four friends: Lizzy (Rhian Ramos) is the self proclaimed leader of the group, a spoiled daughter that will pass as an heiress. Claudia (Heart Evangelista) and Margaux (Solenn Heusaff) are daughters of two rival beauty queens. Despite that, the two are best friends despite their clashing mothers. The last one to complete the group is Danielle (Bianca King) whose father is a former congressman that dealt with some issues while in position causing the demise of their power and money. In the beginning, we see a TV exec planning to do a feature on them ala Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but the main sosy problem is for them to save their hangout place which is a polo club now bought by Bernice (Mylene Dizon), a promdi social climber who married someone famous that caused her instant rich status.

The writing of the movie is a combination of overused and confused. It is overused with its recycled plots and lazy writing. A young woman tempted to keep up with her friends despite being  financially incapable? Done! A rich daughter with a mother who has the accent of other dialects for? Done! Thing is, being original is not the strongest suit of most movies nowadays, but the writing here is terribly lazy that they didn’t even bother. It was confused in the sense that the first part dealt with the concept of getting them for a reality show when the second part dealt with them fighting for the polo club.

I admit, there were probably one to two scenes, mostly involving the four leads in it such as their tea party and their rally to save the polo club, but when they’re individually on screen, they were relegated to these uninteresting characters that were been there done that. It seemed to me that the four women are having fun though, and I enjoyed Solenn Heusaff and Heart Evangelista the most. Rhian Ramos and Bianca King were okay too, though I did not buy Agot Isidro and Cherie Gil even for a second, and Mylene Dizon was a bit fun though I somewhat imagine Kris Aquino’s Sisterakas character to cross over their film. And I’m sorry but who’s giving Tim Yap the right to act? I really don’t know why he keeps on getting hired. He’s not an effin actor and is probably worse than all the other characters combined. The way he felt as if he’s the fifth sosy lady here is so annoying.

The film took what could have been an interesting concept with the sosyal and the conyo people with a more interesting take in it. Sadly, though, even the writers had no interest of going there. They went easy way out of with the generalizations and the over the top portrayals of such. With that, it’s really hard to find anything that I can recommend to you to watch this movie.

Grade: 1/5

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7 responses to “REVIEW: Sosy Problems

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  2. I loved the movie. o.o

  3. hahaha.. ang panget!!!!!

  4. Sosy Problems was a really funny and entertaining movie. Made me laugh and smile! Go see it! Rhian and Heart were great but so were Bianca and Solenn with lots of support from the briliant Mylene who should have been Best Supp Actress, Agot and Cherie as the moms of Heart and Solenn. Also good to see Nova Villa.

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  6. I particularly enjoyed the movie. The punchlines were new & funny, without the actors resorting to overacting.

  7. Pakealam mo ba sa movie! Mas marunong ka pa sa director. Baliw lang? Director yan e. Alam nya gagawin nya. Wag ka makealam. PUTANGINA MO. Ang ganda kaya ng movie.

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