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After months and months of predicting, it all boils down to this. Tomorrow, we’d figure out who the 85th batch of nominees for Hollywood’s top film awards were. This year has been pretty weird with the early announcement date, so precursors can be hit or miss this year. So before host Seth MacFarlane and the lovely Emma Stone mention the nominations tomorrow, here are my predictions on whose names will be called. For the record, I’ll be putting my sixth choice in a parenthesis just to see how coward am I in case the sixth spot eventually gets nominated (but I would not count it in my official tally score). Let’s start!

• Argo
• Beasts of the Southern Wild
• Django Unchained
• Les Miserables
• Life of Pi
• Lincoln
• Moonrise Kingdom
• Silver Linings Playbook
• Zero Dark Thirty

10th (but not predicted): The Impossible

For the second year in a row, we’d have the unsure number of Best Picture nominees in the top Oscar category. Last year, I predicted only seven though we got nine (and a surprising Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close) films all in all. As for this year, I’m sticking with nine films as well. Argo, Django, Les Mis, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Silver, and Thirty  are pretty safe bets and I won’t be surprised if it stops there. However, Beasts (while underperforming at the precursors) still got a PGA nod and Moonrise Kingdom with all the talent involved in it can easily land too. Both also benefits from the 5% rule. Lastly, if there’s a tenth spot this year, I’m thinking The Impossible gets in as it really resonates well with what Academy goes for: a sappy true to life fare that rekindles the faith in the human spirit.

• Ben Affleck, “Argo
• Katheryn Bigelow, “Zero Dark Thirty
• Ang Lee, “Life of Pi
• Steven Spielberg, “Lincoln
• Quentin Tarantino, “Django Unchained

Ain’t that fifth slot a bitch? Affleck, Bigelow, Lee, and Spielberg are sure bets now. And yes, despite the Spielberg BAFTA snub, it’s not as if they’re actually fond of him in the first place. The fifth slot I guess goes to Tarantino who, despite missing a DGA nod, got in for Globe and BAFTA. It’s a flashy work that voters might actually appreciate and be compelled to rank first. In sixth place, I’d probably go with Tom Hooper who got boosted by the DGA earlier in the day only to be shafted when his own BAFTAs dismissed him. Most of the negative crticisms re: Les Mis was pointing to the direction, and that will probably cost him the nod.

• Bradley Cooper, “Silver Linings Playbook
• Daniel Day Lewis, “Lincoln
• John Hawkes, “The Sessions
• Hugh Jackman, “Les Miserables
• Denzel Washington, “Flight

Truth be told, aside from DDL, no one is safe. And I can see a scenario where each of the four remaining contenders miss. After all, there’s a viable contender with The Master‘s Joaquin Phoenix. But with no one really solid that can easily be eliminated, I guess it’s safe to stick with the SAG line up.

• Jessica Chastain, “Zero Dark Thirty
• Marion Cotillard, “Rust and Bone
• Jennifer Lawrence, “Silver Linings Playbook
• Helen Mirren, “Hitchcock
• Naomi Watts, “The Impossible

Chastain and Lawrence are locks here. Then I’m also confident with Helen Mirren here. After all, this is the type of performance and role that makes these Academy voting bloc’s wives relatable. Plus, she got in in 2009 with only GG + SAG, and she even had a stronger backbone now. I’m also confident about Naomi Watts. She’s really hitting the campaign trail like crazy, and had the likes of Reese Witherspoon publicly endorsing her. As for the last spot, I see it as a battle of the Frenchies. On one hand, one must not doubt Marion Cotillard. After all, she even had a better precursor run that Mirren and Watts. But then, you have Emmanuelle Riva who’s slowly gaining momentum despite Globe/SAG snubs. I really want to predict Riva, but there’s no one I can replace here, so I’d stick with Cotillard in my final line up.

• Alan Arkin, “Argo
• Philip Seymour Hoffman, “The Master
• Tommy Lee Jones, “Lincoln
• Ewan McGregor, “The Impossible
• Christoph Waltz, “Django Unchained

And this is where gets messy. Hoffman, Jones, and Arkin are in hitting all the necessary precursors. di Caprio was the more buzzed Django contender on paper, but I see it as a The Departed scenario (woops another Leo film) where in two guys from the film got nommed for the Globes (Nicholson and Wahlberg) and both being snubbed at the SAG, then the lesser expected contender gets in at the Oscars. With that said, Waltz is stealing all of the thunder, and it’s enough for me to predict him. I just don’t see Leo getting in with solely a Globe nod. And while the logical fifth slot goes to a comeback Robert de Niro, this can also be room for a surprise contender, and with that I’m going with my NGNG prediction Ewan McGregor. in The ImpossibleI feel that voters might check both him and Watts easily especially since they got sappy Oscar clip moments in the movie. Anybody supporting Watts can easily list him for a nod as well.

• Amy Adams, “The Master
• Sally Field, “Lincoln
• Anne Hathaway, “Les Miserables
• Helen Hunt, “The Sessions
• Nicole Kidman, “The Paperboy

The triumvirate of Hathaway, Hunt, and Field can sleep safe and sound for tomorrow. They’re easily in. I see Amy Adams going fourth place with her fourth nom (and loss) with The Master. Despite missing the SAG, she has built enough momentum for a filler nomination. Speaking of SAG, Maggie Smith was once supposed lock Smith seems to be the fluke nom this year when even BAFTA did not recognize her for such an Oscar baity role. You know who got the BAFTA nod? Judi Dench. But then again, Oscars have such a hard time recognizing anything major for the Bond series. I seriously would have wanted Ann Dowd to get in, but her film’s theme is something that’s uncomfortable for these conservative voters. In the end, I went with my mind (and mostly my heart) and predicted Nicole Kidman to close the category. Globe + SAG is enough for an Oscar winner and three time nominee like her to get in the final list.

• Michael Haneke, “Amour
• Quentin Tarantino, “Django Unchained
• Paul Thomas Anderson, “The Master
• Wes Anderson, “Moonrise Kingdom
• Mark Boal, “Zero Dark Thirty

This seems to be the final line up, but it breaks my heart that there exists such a Joseph Gordon Levitt curse in this category as his films probably always ended up in sixth place in this category like what happened in 2009 (500 Days of Summer), 2011 (50-50), and the same can be said this year for Looper. The only time his movie got in was in 2010 for Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

• Chris Terrio, “Argo
• Lucy Alibar and Benh Zeitlin, “Beasts of the Southern Wild
• Tony Kushner, “Lincoln
• Stephen Chbowsky, “Perks of Being a Wallflower
• David O. Russell, “Silver Linings Playbook

I’m taking a risk here with Perks of Being a Wallflower over Life of Pi. However, the writing branch isn’t as lazy as the others, and they might go and reward an author who successfully translated his own writing into another film thus giving him a nomination. If all else fails, then yeah, expect David Magee getting in here.

Amour  (Austria)
• The Intouchables  (France)
• A Royal Affair  (Denmark)
• Sister (Switzerland)
• War Witch (Canada)

Austria, France, Denmark, and Canada seems shoo-ins already. As for the last spot, I’m going with Switzerland’s entry Sister over the Chilean Gael Garcia Bernal starrer No.

• Brave
• Frankenweenie
• The Painting (La Tableau)
• The Rabbi’s Cat
• Wreck It Ralph

This category is one that embraces foreign films the most (after FLF duh), so I’m predicting the pair of La Tableau and The Rabbi’s Cat in the top five. I won’t be surprised to see Paranorman get in over one of the two though.

• The Gatekeepers
• How to Survive a Plague
• The Invisible War
• Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God
• Searching for Sugar Man

I just listed those that performed the best among the precursors to get nominated here. With that said, Bully can still get in here.

• Django Unchained
• Life of Pi
• Lincoln
• Skyfall
• Zero Dark Thirty

• Anna Karenina
• Django Unchained
• Les Miserables
• Lincoln
• A Royal Affair

• Argo
• Les Miserables
• Life of Pi
• Lincoln
• Zero Dark Thirty

• Les Miserables
• Lincoln
• Men in Black 3

• Anna Karenina
• Argo
• Life of Pi
• Lincoln
• Zero Dark Thirty

Ancora Qui (Django Unchained)
Learn Me Right (Brave)
Skyfall (Skyfall)
Still Alive (Paul Williams: Still Alive)
Suddenly (Les Miserables)

• Anna Karenina
• Argo
• Les Miserables
• Life of Pi
• Lincoln

• The Avengers
• The Dark Knight Rises
• Django Unchained
• Les Miserables
• Skyfall

• Les Miserables
• Life of Pi
• Lincoln
• Skyfall
• Zero Dark Thirty

• The Avengers
• The Dark Knight Rises
• The Hobbit
• Life of Pi
• Prometheus

The following categories, I have no idea what they are so I’m just picking random names out of the list.

• The Education of Mohamma Hossein
• Inocente
• Mondays at Racine
• Open Heart
• Paraiso

• Adam and Dog
• Dripped
• The Fall of the House of the Usher
• Maggie Simpson in the Longest Day Care
• Paperman

• Curfew
• Death of a Shadow
• Kiruna-Kigali
• The Night Shift Belongs to the Stars
• when you find me

13 – 
10 –  Les Miserables
8 – Django UnchainedLife of PiZero Dark Thirty
7 – Argo
4 – Silver Linings Playbook, Skyfall
3 – Anna KareninaThe Master
2 – Amour, The AvengersBeasts of the Southern Wild, Brave, The Dark Knight Rises, The Impossible, Moonrise Kingdom, A Royal Affair, The Sessions

That’s it! Who are you predicting tomorrow? Will McGregor pay off? Can Nicole Kidman finally get a fourth nod? How many Best Pic nominees do you think will there be? Pipe them in below!

And as always, you can follow me on Twitter: @nikowl

14 responses to “85th Academy Awards Nominations Predictions

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  1. Yang siyam na BPs na yan yung napredict ko rin! HAHAHAHA.

  2. Hey great article 🙂

    I’ve wrote a review about King Kong, which got tons of awards back in 2005 but I’ve only just seen it! – http://thedavidryan.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/finally-got-round-to-watching-king-kong/ see what you think of my review.

  3. “Chastain and Cotillard are locks here.” –> You mean Chastain and Lawrence?

    And pareho tayo ng Lead Actor and Supporting Actress list. Hehe.

  4. I predicted both Looper and Perks, I’m setting myself for a disappointment haha

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