85th Academy Awards: Best Original Song Rankings   8 comments

Hey everyone! It’s Part 2 of the Oscar competition analysis this year. Two days ago, I reviewed all Best Picture nominees. Now, we’re off to the second one, and it’s one of my favorite categories every year: Original Song! Below, I’ll rank the five nominated songs (and provide links) as if I’m an Oscar voter. Here we go.

You can click the titles and it will lead you to the YouTube clip of the video.


05. “Everybody Needs a Best Friend” from Ted

This Norah Jones song which is one of the sweetest parts of Ted was penned by Oscar host Seth MacFarlane with Walter Murphy. There’s nothing really bad about it per se, though it belongs to a packed group of nominees this year that all had strong materials to boot that’s why I’m ranking it last.

les mis

04. “Suddenly” from Les Miserables

Now this one is a special song written just for this 2012 film version of the famous musical. Claude-Michel Schönberg, Herbert Kretzmer, and Alain Boublil’s Suddenly was a perfect fit for the song and was on one of the “transitional” parts of the movie. However, the song, as a stand alone, does not appeal much for me, as I think it drowns from all the more established songs in the musical.

life of pi

03. “Pi’s Lullaby” from Life of Pi

The second of the two Best Picture songs in the line up belongs to Mychael Danna’s Pi’s Lullaby, which was a surprise nominee, though in hindsight, it should have been expected. Danna’s music is hypnotic, like a true lullaby, though the song itself could pass as too similar to the musical score of the film. Still, it was able to capture the environment of Pi’s situation.

chasing ice

02. “Before My Time” from Chasing Ice

Probably the actual surprise in this category is this obscure song from the documentary Chasing Ice. What’s more surprising is it features the vocals of Oscar nominee Scarlett Johansson in it! The song was actually good; it was calm yet very haunting! And the lyrics was really good too. This has no chance of winning, but it was surprise nomination that’s worth it.


01. “Skyfall” from Skyfall

And of course, there’s nothing I’d rank here first than Adele’s Skyfall. I really enjoyed her take on the latest Bond film, and probably one of the best Bond songs ever. I specifically love how it’s a throwback to the past Bond songs, and the only Bond song I like since Daniel Craig took over the role. If I get to vote, I’ll rank this one instantly on top.

What’s your favorite from the list? Will we hear Academy Award winner Adele? How will you rank them? 🙂

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8 responses to “85th Academy Awards: Best Original Song Rankings

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  1. Skyfall FTW! Oscar para kay Mareng Adele, please!

  2. May boses pala si Scarlett Johansson, sana mag perform sya sa Oscar Awards mismo 😀

    Yung Suddenly nga walang dating kapag pakikingan mo lang pero kapag sa context ng film ayos sya!

    • Yes to both counts! Kinakabahan ako kasi baka walang performance tong 5 kasi may rumored Les Mis number daw eh.

      The last two times na naglagay sila ng unnecessary number eh nung 2009 na may interpretative dance ng Original Score noms eh walang Song numbers at nung 2008 naman na nagperformn ng tribute to musicals si Jackman eh 30 seconds each lang yung Best Song nominees.

      I’d rather see Adele perform than the cast of Les Mis. Sorryyyyyyyyy.

  3. Naku tanga na ang Academy kung palalampasin nila ang pagkakataon to have Adele perform live

    • Surpriseeee! Academy producers say it will be the telecast with the most number of musical performances BUT they’re still deciding if they’ll have Best Original Song nominees perform too.

  4. Life of Pi song is embroiled in a controversy in India – the lyrics seem to be very similar to a 200 year old famous lullaby. Don’t know whether it can be called original or reworked.

    • Thanks for that update, Rebecca! I doubt the Academy will revoke its nomination though, but it will highly affect its chances. It paves the way for a clearer Adele victory methinks.

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