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Happy Sunday everyone! Aren’t you all loving the cold weather now! It’s really comforting and makes you want to go under your blankets and just do a movie marathon. As for me, that’s what I did yesterday when I did a back to back to back viewing of all the five movies nominated for Oscar Best Animated Feature. One thing you have to know about me is I’m not a big fan of animated features. I don’t know why but I rarely survive them. Of course, there are lots of AF films that I like (and love!), but when pressed, they’re not my usual cup of tea. So consider this a big challenge done when I saw all of them (four of them in one sitting!). Anyway, this is not my predictions, but how I would rank the five nominated features. Let’s begin!

Director: Peter Lord

Just like a true misfit, I have no idea how this got in the final group considering that the primary snub last year, Spielberg’s Adventures of Tintin, primary cause was the stop motion approach. Regardless of that though, while I laughed certain times in the movie, I just don’t find it engaging enough, and by the first 30 minutes, I was already grasping at straws with boredom. I’m a firm believer that animated feature films do not solely cater to children, as adults can equally enjoy them, but there is nothing to root for here in Pirates that will make it either memorable or enjoyable. For what it’s worth, there were some cute colors in it though. 2/5

Director: Tim Burton

Burton, forever will be classified as the one who does this gothic dark-themed films, once again stays in his familiar territory with Frankenweenie. And while I find the whole watching actually good, I just felt that there’s nothing new he offered here. It’s his comfort zone, and he stayed there the entire time. There were some good scenes here and there, but for the most part, it was just typical Burton to me. And for a director his caliber, he is capable of delivering more. He’s good, but he’s being too in the zone. Frankenweenie was good mind you, but it was just good. I’m probably in the minority too, but I preferred Corpse Bride3/5

Director: Mark Andrews, Steve Purcell, Brenda Chapman

There’s probably something wrong with me, but I like it? LOL. I don’t think it’s up there among other Pixar classics (hell no), but it was engaging and I was hooked for the most part. It was not groundbreaking, but I was glued while watching it. Probably that’s what happens when Pixar has done a string of back to back classics, expectations will definitely be much higher, so possibility of failure is also higher. But with one, it was just chill and in the middle. So there, I enjoyed it. LOL. 3.5/5

Director: Sam Fell and Chris Butler

Now this one, I love! Paranorman offered a lot of interesting characters that there’s no need to rely solely on Norman (who was actually interesting too)  in moving the story. I love the variety of the characters here, and I know that the usual focus given to the film was its inclusion of a homosexual character, and while I find that really groundbreaking, I won’t take away the fact that it worked on a solid script which was entertaining and felt fresh. 4/5

Director: Rich Moore

Am I that predictable now? Hahaha. But yeah, I looooove this one. There were no dull moments in this one, to think that I’m no fan of video games (though I had my share of playing those). Ralph wasn’t difficult to like, and Vanellope was a good addition to his journey. I can go on and on here with what the film’s strong points were, but I’d rather sum it up that it’s the one movie in the line up that had me smiling the most. It has this very natural approach that’s easy to like and relate to. 4.5/5

Yay! So how did you find the animated feature nominees this year? What are you rooting for the most from this group?

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3 responses to “85th Academy Awards: Best Animated Feature Film Rankings

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  1. Same ranking. Pirates bored me too, by the way yung Tin Tin eh motion-capture na stop motion unlike Pirates na claymation and I heard that some animators don’t feel na yun motion captured na stop motion is really animation and just a visual effect kaya may bias against sa genre na yun. Claymation is rare na these days and it’s tough to do kaya respected and I guess that alone is the reason bakit nakapasok sya over Rise of Guardians which I think was 6th place.

    Agree with Frankenweenie and I almost shed a tear nung nabangga si Sparky kaso yun nga the story is too plain but I’m actually OK if it wins because I love the black and white animation

    Brave is unfairly judged IMO. Agree not one of Pixar’s best but it’s above average and feeling ko talaga may effect pa rin yung Cars 2 plus production drama sa movie when Brenda Chapman was fired. I consider this the best rendered animated film this year. For that amazing craft, it deserves the nomination or even a win.

    I both love ParaNorman and Wreck-It Ralph!

    I’m actually OK with anything but Pirates winning. Exciting year sa category kasi walang frontrunner

  2. Hi forg! Thanks for clearing the stop-motion/claymation difference! Either way, I wish it was another move in its place. I’m surprised with the lack of foreign language film here since it’s such a common occurrence here. I’d be okay with either Paranorman/Wreck It Ralph winning. Hahaha. But I don’t think Brave deserves the hate, and Burton better find another inspiration.

  3. for me..

    5TH- PIRATES (nice story, funny but then..it was a little bit boring :-p)
    ->should be placed by LE TABLEAU

    4TH- BRAVE (nice story, great animation, but there are some boring parts :-p)
    ->should be placed by RISE OF THE GUARDIANS

    3RD- PARANORMAN (great story, but it was the worst animation)

    2ND- FRANKENWEENIE (great story, unique animation, but for me, it is better if it was colored)

    1ST- WRECK-IT RALPH (unique animation and story, and the designs are beautifully made)

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