86th Oscar Predictions: May Edition   6 comments

Who says it’s too early to predict the Oscars? When it comes to Oscar predicting, nothing is too early. After all, with Sundance, Berlin, and other festivals already done for the year, and movie posters and promos have been done left and right, it’s time to do our first predictions on who will get nominated this year. Let’s begin!



lead actor

lead actress

supp actor

supp actress

Who are your predicting to get nominated next year? Add them here below! :)

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6 responses to “86th Oscar Predictions: May Edition

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  1. I was hoping to see Nicole Kidman at your Best Supporting Actress predictions for “The Railway Man.” It is currently being sold at Cannes by Lionsgate and CAA, so it’s definitely going to be released this year.

    • Well there are times that they buy movies to reserve it for the next years, so there’s still no guarantee with that. I think I’ll add them once there’s anything solid plans about the movie.

  2. Exquisite selection! and looking for a dramatic turnover in the upcoming days!

  3. Saving mr Banks: best picture, Actress (Emma Thompson) and actor in a supporting role (Tom Hanks).

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