65th Primetime Emmy Awards Nomination Predictions: May 2013   4 comments

Now that most eligible shows already wrapped up their respective seasons, it’s fitting to start the monthly predictions once again. This time, I added five more categories and covered the miniseries/TV movie as well. What do you think? Enjoy!

drama series

actor drama

actress drama

supp actor drama

supp actress drama

comedy series

actor comedy

actress comedy

supp actor comedy

supp actress comedy

tv movie miniseries

actor tv movie mini

actress tv movie mini

supp actor tv movie mini

supp actress tv movie mini

Any reactions? Pipe them in at the comments below. :-)

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4 responses to “65th Primetime Emmy Awards Nomination Predictions: May 2013

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  1. Freddie Highmore and Matthew Rhys could usurp a leading man spot in the drama, love to see Penny from THE BIG BANG THEORY get some love finally, still struggling whether or not I should start watching American Horror Story.

  2. In my opinion Jake Johnson definitely deserves to be nominated in leading actor for a comedy series. Don Cheadle and Jon Cryer definitely do not belong and I think Johnson will edge them out come nominations.

  3. I would love to see Michelle Dockery to be nominated for best female actor in drama series, she is a fantastic female actor.

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